6 amazing seo trics....


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6 amazing seo trics....

  1. 1. ==== ====Seo secrets do you really want to learn ! or do you want a monster?http://www.seolinkmonster.nl==== ====Want to increase your sales? Im willing to bet the answers "yes." After all, thats what SEO(search engine optimization) and getting traffic is all about. But if your visitors arent buying oncethey arrive at your site, your hard works going down the tubes! Use these 6 SEO conversionsecrets to convert your visitors into sales...SEO Secret #1: Create a compelling listing Your sites description in the search results is your firstchance to make a good impression with prospective buyers. So make sure it grabs your visitors bythe eyeballs! Rewrite your title tag and meta description tag - the parts that show up in the searchengine listings. Experiment with new ways of describing who you are and what you do. Repeatuntil you hit on the combination that persuades the most people to click through to your website.Just make sure your main keyword phrase appears first in both tags.SEO Secret #2: Create a powerful headline The average visitor to your site will spend just FOURseconds deciding whether your site has what theyre looking for. A headline that intrigues, excites,or inspires will leave your visitors in no doubt... so theyll stay long enough to see what else youhave to offer. Start by stating the main benefit of what your page is offering. Will your customerslearn money-saving tips, for example? Then frame your main benefit with a power statement like"How to..." or "Discover..." or "Uncover the Secret to..." (And dont forget to include your mainkeyword in your headline and subheads!)SEO Secret #3: Create keyword-specific pages Create groups of related keywords for each pageor section of your website (e.g., an article, blog post, or salescopy). When people land on a pagethat focuses on the keyword they searched for, theyre much more likely to stick around - and buyyour products! Just include a lead-in or link somewhere to your main sales page. Sometimes just akeyword-rich link is enough, especially when youve impressed them with your content.SEO Secret #4: Use images and multimedia to your advantage The best images help yourcustomers understand what your website is all about. The more directly they relate to your productand content, the more theyll reassure your visitors theyve come to the right place. Audio andvideo can also be great sales tools when used correctly... so long as your listeners are ready forthem. Turn off the auto-start feature on video or audio you include on your site. If you can createan optimized page for each video or podcast, your conversions will be even better.SEO Secret #5: Include an internal search box Adding a search box is an easy way to help yourvisitors find what theyre looking for. (And according to MarketingSherpas Ecommerce BenchmarkGuide, 43% of consumers use an internal search box if its there.) And a search box offers a primeSEO opportunity, too! Using tools like Google Analytics, you can find out the exact words yourmarket is typing to search for things they expect to find on your site. Use these keywords tooptimize other pages of your website, and to test using pay-per-click.
  2. 2. SEO Secret #6: Encourage immediate sales A call to action is whats going to get your customersto buy today. But is yours full of keywords that will reassure your visitors that their problem will besolved? There you go - six SEO secrets to help you turn your visitors into customers. Try them outand watch your sales soar!About the Author:Derek Gehl, CEO of The Internet Marketing Center, shares the SEO secrets he uses to keep hissites ranking at the top of the search engines.Now you can discover the proven SEO strategies Derek uses to quickly, easily, and automaticallymake $10.42 for every $1 he invests in online marketing!To find out more, visit IMCs Search Marketing LabArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Derek_G.==== ====Seo secrets do you really want to learn ! or do you want a monster?http://www.seolinkmonster.nl==== ====