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I\'ll be a presenter at two sessions for the Performance Conference May 3-5 in Chicago, IL.

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Performance Conference

  1. 1. May 3–5, 2011 | Chicago, ILImplement Dynamic Strategies for Driving Growth, SustainingResults, and Managing Organizational PerformanceFeaturing 12 Comprehensive traCks:1 Define, Redefine and Execute Strategy 2 Establish the Strategy-Finance Connection for OptimalBottom Line Results 3 Risk Management and Mitigation for A New Set of Business Threats 4Measure, Monitor and Manage Performance for Positive Business Results 5 Customer ManagementPractices for a Sustainable Competitive Advantage 6 Profit Through Process — Utilize SixSigma Tools for Operational Excellence 7 Innovative Corporate Performance ManagementMethods and Practices 8 Enhance and Improve Organizational Intelligence 9 Methods andMetrics for a High Performing Workforce 10 Build Project Management Capability and Maturity11 Leadership for Innovation and Change 12 Stimulate Growth in a Growth-Inhibitive EnvironmentEarn up to 20 CPE Credits 1
  2. 2. Business executives from across the country will gather to explore ways to overcome challenges in business performance and discover the latest innovations in performance management, process improvement, customer experience and business intelligence at the annual Performance Conference. Led by speakers from the upper echelons of performance-based companies and organizations, The Performance Conference will focus on performance management systems, measures and metrics, employee performance and customer experience. Join best-in-class performance management and business analytics professionals at The Performance Conference 2011 to drive results and improve organizational performance and profitability. Who Will Be Attending TITLE FUNCTION INDUSTRY ƒ C-Level Executives ƒ Strategic Planning ƒ Financial Services ƒ C-Level executive direct ƒ Information Technology ƒ Retail/Consumer Goods report teams ƒ Customer Management ƒ Healthcare and ƒ Chief Performance Officers ƒ Business Analytics Pharmaceuticals ƒ Presidents ƒ Finance ƒ Technology and ƒ Vice Presidents Telecommunications ƒ Marketing/Research/Product ƒ Directors Development ƒ Travel, Hospitality and Entertainment ƒ Managers ƒ Sales/Business Development ƒ Industrial Manufacturing ƒ Analysts ƒ Project and Program Management ƒ Education … and anyone involved in business planning, corporate ƒ Corporate Development ƒ Automotive and performance, and strategy Transportation ƒ Human Resources execution. ƒ Energy and Utilities ƒ Operations ƒ Risk Management2 Follow us at
  3. 3. Let ter from the ConferenCe ChairDear Colleague: STAyThe economic climate of the past few years has taken business on a very bumpy ride.Organizations that prevailed through the economic downturn are now faced with the challenge ConneCTeD...of growing with fewer resources, smaller budgets and wary consumers. To face these challenges,organizations have heightened their focus on performance management to optimize financial Get the latestand operational performance. updates and news forMost organizations have developed ways to best cope with the current economic conditions The Performancethrough strategic budgeting, workforce initiatives and innovation efforts. However, organizations Conference by:must do more to stay competitive. They must leverage new performance management systemsand develop effective business intelligence programs to improve the bottom line.To help you respond to the evolving economy and to advance your organization’s performance,you are invited to join us at The Performance Conference, May 3–5, 2011 in Chicago. followinG us on TwiTTer:At this national event, our goal is to help you increase your responsiveness to the businesschallenges and trends of today. You will learn how to execute strategies that align with corporate @PerformanceCongoals and drive performance across all key business functions, including finance, HR, operationsand more. Experts in the field will discuss various performance management strategies andbest practices in business analytics. They will provide solutions that offer valuable informationand data such as predictive indicators to increase sales, reduce costs, improve profitability and JoininG Theidentify new leads for more business opportunities. GrouPLeaders in performance management will be on hand for The Performance Conference 2011. asMi: TheJoin them and you will emerge with powerful lessons and tools for driving real and immediate Performanceperformance improvements in your organization through measures, metrics and business analytics. Conference onI look forward to seeing you in Chicago! linkedinBest Regards, beCoMinG a fan of asMi: The Performance Conference on facebookRoy Barnes 3
  4. 4. agendaaT-a-GlanCe Pre Conference Seminars: Tuesday, May 3, 2011 8:00 Pre-Conference Seminar Registration & Continental Breakfast 9:00 seMinar a: Develop and Implement a seMinar b : Business Analytics seMinar C: Lean Six Sigma White Strategy-Aligned Balanced Scorecard Fundamentals— Effective Use of Data Belt Certification and Information to Drive Positive Business Performance 4:00 Seminars Adjourn Day one: Wednesday, May 4, 2011 7:30 Conference Registration, Continental Breakfast & Exhibits 8:00 Welcome Address & Opening Remarks by Chairperson 8:10 KeynoTe Address: Optimize Risk to Successfully Execute Strategy and Maximize Growth 9:10 GenerAl session: Redefining Strategy, Revitalizing an Organization – How Will Your Organization Distinguish Itself in a Hypercompetitive Business Environment?   TRACk A: Define, Redefine and TRACk B: Establish the Strategy-Finance TRACk C: Risk Management for a Execute Strategy Connection for Optimal Bottom New Set of Business Threats Line Results 10:00 Develop and Execute a Sound Strategy for Align Budgets to Business Performance Integrate Performance and Risk Achieving Business Goals Planning with Well-Conceived Measures Management as a Closed-Loop Process for and Objectives Maximum Results 11:10 Networking Break & Exhibits 11:20 Define and Articulate How Your Identify Key Business Drivers and Perform Build an ERM Toolkit with Clear, Manageable Company Will Create Value Through Its Scenario Analysis to Ensure a Strategically and Meaningful Key Risk Indicators Strategic Objectives Aligned Financial Function 12:30 Networking Luncheon & Exhibits   TRACk D: Measure, Monitor and Manage TRACk E: Customer Management Practices TRACk F: Profit through Process – Utilize Performance for Positive Business Results for a Sustainable Competitive Advantage Six Sigma Tools for Operational Excellence 1:40 Identify and Manage the Metrics and Understand the Value of Customer-Centricity Integrate Six Sigma Tools to Drive Efficiency Measures that Will Keep Your Organization and How to Integrate it Within Your in Executing the Strategic Plan on the Shortest Path to Success Organizational Culture 2:50 Networking Break & Exhibits 3:00 Monitor and Report Key Metrics for Implement an Effective Voice of the Customer Using Rapid Improvement Events (Kaizen) to Improved Performance, Decision-Making (VOC) Framework to Optimize Your Achieve Dramatic Results and Transparency Customer Connectedness 4:10 Exhibits & Networking Cocktail Reception 5:30 Day 1 AdjournsTop 10 Reasons to Attend: 1 DEvELOP Competitive Strategies that 2 DEvISE Measures and Metrics that 3 AChIEvE Customer- Centricity for 4 IMPLEMENT Lean Six Sigma Tools 5 DRIvE Growth and Performance Will Drive Great Explicitly Greater ROI and and Methods with Innovative and Sustainable Link Business Bottom Line to Strengthen Performance Results Objectives to Results Operational Management Strategy Strategy Practices4 Follow us at
  5. 5. agenda ConTinued Day Two: Thursday, May 5, 2011 7:30 Continental Breakfast & Exhibits 8:00 Opening Remarks By Chairperson 8:10 KeynoTe Address: Next Generation Strategy— A PSEG Case Study 9:10 GenerAl session: Formulate Quick, Dynamic and Agile Strategies in Response to Industry Disruptions 10:10 Networking Break & Exhibits   TRACk G: Innovative Corporate TRACk h: Enhance and Improve TRACk I: Methods and Metrics for a high Performance Management Methods Organizational Intelligence Performing Workforce and Practices 10:15 Learn Best Practices for Developing a CPM Deliver High-Impact Business Intelligence Achieve Meaningful and Manageable Metrics Framework that Maximizes Results (BI) for Improved and Value-Added that Align Workforce Performance with Decision Making Business Goals 11:20 Leverage the Balanced Scorecard for Optimal Competitive Intelligence: Dive Deeper than Integrate an Effective Talent Management and Continued Performance Data to Become a Superstar Strategist System to Capitalize on Workforce Performance Potential 12:25 Networking Luncheon & Exhibits   TRACk J: Build Project Management TRACk k: Leadership for Innovation TRACk L: Stimulate Growth in a Capability and Maturity and Change Growth-Inhibitive Environment 1:25 Develop Project Management into a Strategic Initiate a Broad and Sustained Effort to Engage In Organic Growth Initiatives Tool for Competitive Advantage Establish a Culture of Innovation to Sustain the Organization’s Long-term Viability 2:30 Networking Break & Exhibits 2:35 Utilize Benchmarking to Achieve Project Understand Transformational Change Discover the Critical Success Factors in Management Excellence as a Necessary Component of Developing and Executing Ambitious Organizational Growth Growth Plans 3:40 ChAirPerson’s ClosinG remArKs: Turn Information Into Action — High-Impact Approaches to Improved Performance 4:10 Conference Adjourns It was the first time I attended one of your events and I found it very worthwhile for our organization’s endeavors.” — SChOOLSFIRST FEDERAL CREDIT UNION6 IMPROvE Long-Term Viability 7 ENhANCE Your Organizational 8 REALIzE Innovation as a Fundamental 9 MEASURE and Improve the 10 INCREASE Your Competitive Intelligence with a Well- Intelligence for Driver of Productivity to Achieve a Conceived Risk More Accurate Improved of Your Sustainable Management and Meaningful Business Workforce Competitive Framework Decision Making Performance Advantage 5
  6. 6. Pre-conferenceseMinarsTuesday, May 3, 2011 Choose seminAr A, B, or C:Pre-Conference Seminars are hands-on, interactive sessions with specially designed exercises that have immediateapplication. With these full-day application sessions, you will enhance your training experience by establishing areference point of knowledge, language and methodologies for the rest of the event. These sessions will dive deep intoBalanced Scorecard, Business Analytics and Lean Six Sigma to increase your expertise and gain knowledge of practicaltools gleaned from field experts. 8:00 Pre-Conference Seminar Registration & Continental Breakfast 9:00–4:00, with a Networking Luncheon 12:00–1:00 seminAr A develop and implement a strategy aligned balanced scorecard A successful company knows that without a strong focus on strategy, performance and profitability suffer. Using the right methodology to align strategy as it aligns with overall corporate goals should be a top priority for any decision-maker. With the correct tools, organizations can execute strategy while confronting the challenges of the business world. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) has become a fundamental performance monitoring and measuring tool with the proven ability to execute strategy and monitor performance. The concepts and practices surrounding the BSC lay the foundation for accomplishing objectives and achieving business performance excellence. The hands-on exercises will help you learn, through experience, the necessary tools to manage performance and drive strategic initiatives. You will discover the best practices in the latest BSC advancements to accelerate your results towards becoming a strategy-aligned organization. During this seminar, you will: ƒ Learn how to use established tools and templates to help accelerate your results ƒ Discover a roadmap for the journey to developing, deploying and cascading strategy maps and scorecards ƒ Hear best practices from organizations that achieved BSC success ƒ Obtain practical tools that you will utilize to help your organization manage performance and execute strategy BoB paladino aSmI Senior fellow founder, Bob Paladino associates Very good application and examples. Good detailed explanation.” — S.S.; hEWLITT-PACkARD6 Follow us at
  7. 7. Pre-conference seMinars Tuesday, May 3, 2011 Choose seminAr A, B, or C:9:00–4:00, with a Networking Luncheon 12:00–1:00seminAr B seminAr Cbusiness analytics fundamentals: lean six sigma white belt Certificationeffective use of information to drive Positive Eliminating waste as a strategy to improve organizationalbusiness Performance performance is one of the key factors in any Lean Six SigmaResearch shows that companies using business analytics, initiative. Our intensive White Belt Certification seminarpredictive tools and root cause analysis as part of their is a basic course allowing executives to understand thescorecard and BPM efforts achieve greater performance underlying concepts, methods and tools needed for Leanimprovements than those using only scorecards. This Six Sigma deployment. Attendees of this seminar will gaininteractive course introduces attendees to concepts of a solid understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodologybusiness intelligence, business analytics, data visualization, and how it can be applied to various projects. You will alsoand how to effectively leverage information for business learn how to utilize the key tools and techniques neededadvantage. It covers collecting the data required for for a Lean Six Sigma deployment. Each attendee will bebusiness analytics, common challenges and how to required to take a 30-minute examination at the conclusionovercome them, and best practices for implementing of the course to ensure they have a working knowledge ofbusiness analytics to achieve improved business the information provided.performance. Case studies demonstrate how leading During this seminar, you will:companies use business analytics and the benefits theyderive from doing so. Exercises provide an opportunity for ƒ Understand the history and background of Leanattendees to apply analytic concepts to their own situations. Six SigmaLive demonstrations will present leading-edge analytic tools ƒ Learn how to develop a project charterand actual techniques. ƒ Evaluate the core concepts of Lean and Six SigmaDuring this seminar, you will: ƒ Maximize your understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology (focus on DMAIC – Define, Measure,ƒ See highlights of a recently completed research study on Analyze, Improve, Control) how companies are using analytics in conjunction with ƒ Learn how to identify non-value added steps in their BPM program to achieve superior business results your processƒ Hear examples of how successful organizations can ƒ Develop skills needed to manage the culture change leverage analytics for competitive advantage ƒ Understand how to use data properly to effectivelyƒ Identify essential elements of a business measure, analyze, improve and control performance analytics program ƒ Evaluate Voice of the Customer (VOC) techniquesƒ Discover common business and technical challenges to implementing business analytics ƒ Examine the Cost of Poor Quality (CPQ)ƒ Understand the role of data visualization in “telling the ƒ Learn key data collection strategies story” contained in data ƒ Receive basic statistics, graphical analysis and Statistical Process Control (SPC) training Charis grossman, pmp®, six sigma Black Belt Sr. consultant, St. Petersburg college, State college of florida and the Performance Institute4:00Seminars Adjourn 7
  8. 8. dayoneWednesday, May 4, 2011 7:30 Conference Registration, Continental Breakfast & Exhibits 8:00 welcome address and opening remarks by Chairperson roy Barnes aSmI Senior fellow former Sr. VP – marriott Vacation club International (Balanced Scorecard hall of fame Winner); Principal – Bluespace consulting 8:10 keynote address optimize risk to successfully execute strategy and Maximize Growth Enterprise risk management (ERM) should be viewed not as a separate process or activity but as a competency that is embedded within the organization. The mitigation of risk to optimize business performance is an inherent part of any business looking to grow and execute its strategic plans. A well-integrated ERM function will help organizations to increase efficiency and make smarter business decisions. In this keynote address, you will learn the importance of identifying and optimizing risk to facilitate growth and strategy execution. marCelo Brutti Sr. Business Leader head of enterprise risk management for north and Latin america, VISa 9:10 general session redefine strategy, revitalize organizational Performance — how will Your organization distinguish itself in a hypercompetitive business environment? The hypercompetitive landscape has changed the way companies do business. Faster, more agile companies succeed by implementing and executing hypercompetitive strategies— those strategies that provide the basis for sustainable differentiation. In light of this dynamic, achieving a “sustainable” competitive advantage is becoming less realistic. To meet today’s challenges, companies are implementing competitive strategies that will help them sustain a distinguishable identity amongst their competitors. This keynote address will discuss the current marketplace that many organizations are facing and how to effectively formulate a competitive business strategy. roy Barnes aSmI Senior fellow former Sr. VP – marriott Vacation club International (Balanced Scorecard hall of fame Winner); Principal – Bluespace consulting8 Follow us at
  9. 9. TraCK oVerViewsTraCK a: define, redefine, and execute strategyFormulating strategy is about finding alternative methods to allocate resources in the most effective andefficient way in order to accomplish business goals. On the other hand, the execution of strategy is aboutleveraging the organization’s core competences and transforming them into strategic capabilities in order toachieve intended outcomes. The ability to handle both of these tasks is essential to the company’s long-termviability. Learn the best approaches in formulating, implementing, and executing strategy to move yourcompany in the right direction.TraCK b: establish the strategy-finance Connection for optimal bottom line resultsAccording to research by the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, 60% of organizations do not prioritize alink between corporate strategy and budgets. Budgets are an intricate part of the closed-process we call‘performance management’. In this context, the budget drives the efficient allocation of resources in order tofacilitate the execution of strategy. Identify new methods to ensure that your organization is effectively utilizingits budget process as a foundation for accomplishing tactical objectives.TraCK C: risk Management for a new set of business ThreatsChanging business dynamics will always present a new set of threats that could potentially derail strategicinitiatives. Prudent organizations take care to minimize risk at every opportunity by creating a clearcomprehensive risk management process. A good risk management system is a continuous process foranalysis, communication, and strategic planning. Improve your organization’s agility with a well-conceived riskmanagement framework.TraCK d: Measure, Monitor, and Manage Performance for Positive business resultsWhat are the “right” measures that will help drive your organization to a high level of performance? Thetendency for companies to measure everything undermines the ability to effectively manage performance. Yet,measures are meaningless without SMART objectives. Learn how to identify the measures and objectives thatwill anchor and drive your performance management framework.TraCK e: Customer Management Practices for a sustainable Competitive advantageCustomer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any business activity. The customer’s direct impact on thefinancial bottom line should be at the forefront of every company’s decision-making process. Consumers arevery well-informed and have high expectations. Therefore, the ability to connect with and understand howto deliver value to the customer is a critical success factor. Implement value-added approaches to developingcustomer relationships.TraCK f: Profit Through Process – utilize six sigma Tools for operational excellenceContinuous improvement and the elimination of waste in processes are the foundation of Six Sigmamethodologies. Process excellence leads to the minimization of costs and, in effect, helps maximize profits andthe value derived from business activities. Ultimately, a decrease in your process variation will result in greatercustomer satisfaction— the most critical business driver. Integrate Six Sigma practices into your organizationto help eliminate the impediments to maximizing profits. 9
  10. 10. day oneConTinuedWednesday, May 4, 2011 Choose sessions in TrACK A, B or C: 10:00 TrACK A: define, redefine, And TrACK B: esTABlish The sTrATeGy- TrACK C: risK mAnAGemenT for A exeCuTe sTrATeGy finAnCe ConneCTion for oPTimAl new seT of Business ThreATs Maintain a Competitive BoTTom line resulTs integrate Performance advantage by developing a align budgets to business and risk Management as sound strategy for achieving Performance Planning with a Closed loop Process for business Goals well-Conceived Measures Maximum results ƒ Formulate a strategy that addresses and objectives ƒ Implement measures that accurately the pertinent business dynamics ƒ Evaluate which measures and link your risk framework to the ƒ Execute strategy through metrics are necessary to streamline performance management objectives commitment, communication, and the planning process ƒ Clearly define and reinforce performance management ƒ Become a “sense and respond” effective and strategic risk ƒ Benchmark your business strategy organization that is flexible despite performance management goals approaches to ensure that you are the demands of the ever-changing ƒ Utilize contingency planning competing against the best-in-class business environment as a means to properly prepare organizations ƒ Use budgets and forecasts to your organization for threats and John evelyn translate strategy into a coherent set unintended outcomes President, trident Leverage group of initiatives and operating plans gregg anderson, Cia James lum director— crowe horwath director of finance (Sr. consultant), Bart kimmel mtV networks director, risk consulting Services – crowe horwath 11:10 Networking Break & Exhibits 11:20 TrACK A: define, redefine, And TrACK B: esTABlish The sTrATeGy- TrACK C: risK mAnAGemenT for A exeCuTe sTrATeGy finAnCe ConneCTion for oPTimAl new seT of Business ThreATs strategy Mapping: define and BoTTom line resulTs build an eMr Toolkit articulate how Your Company identify Key business with Clear, Manageable will Create Value Through its drivers and Perform and Meaningful Key risk strategic objectives scenario analysis to ensure indicators ƒ Use the four perspectives (customer, a strategically aligned ƒ Identify various types of key financial, internal, learning & financial function risk indicators based on your growth) to align the strategic ƒ Identify key drivers that can be organization’s objectives objectives of the organization quantified within the budget ƒ Implement succinct and accurate ƒ Utilize strategy mapping as a model and link them to financial risk indicators to add to the vitality powerful communication tool that measures and objectives of your ERM toolkit enables enterprise-wide alignment ƒ Conduct scenario analysis to test how ƒ Review the effectiveness of with strategy potential changes to these drivers your chosen key risk indicators ƒ Formulate the beginning foundations might affect the company’s budget as an evaluation tool for your to build your own map as a template ƒ Assess what factors affect revenue organization’s business strategy for strategy execution generation and take hold of the gregg anderson, Cia lene moCk opportunity to reduce risks to director— crowe horwath VP enterprise Business Process the business Bart kimmel group, Suntrust Bank mitCh max director, risk consulting Services –10 ceo—Virtual Profit Solutions crowe horwath
  11. 11. day one ConTinued Wednesday, May 4, 2011 Choose sessions in TrACK d, e or f:12:30Networking Luncheon & Exhibits1:40TrACK d: meAsure, moniTor, And TrACK e: CusTomer mAnAGemenT TrACK f: ProfiT ThrouGh ProCessmAnAGe PerformAnCe for PosiTive PrACTiCes for A susTAinABle – uTilize six siGmA Tools forBusiness resulTs ComPeTiTive AdvAnTAGe oPerATionAl exCellenCeidentify and Manage the understand the Value of integrate six sigma Tools toMetrics and Measures that Customer-Centricity and drive efficiency in executingwill Keep Your how to integrate it within the strategic Planorganization on the Your organizational Culture ƒ Realize how the integration of Sixshortest Path to success ƒ Transition from simply creating Sigma practices can enhance anƒ Avoid over-measuring by linking the customer experience to being organization’s ability to identify performance measures to customer-centric the right processes that will drive SMART objectives ƒ Understand the reactive and its initiatives, experience intended proactive dynamics of customer outcomes, and capture resultsƒ Realize the balanced scorecard’s ability to be a monitoring tool touch points ƒ Use Six Sigma management system for assessing the organizations ƒ Utilize journey mapping to align tools and processes to create an performance employees with the customer adaptive strategic planning processƒ Benchmark against industry perspective to create a more salient ƒ Understand how different process competitors to establish realistic KPI’s customer experience improvement methods can combine to form an effectiveWayne Barakat performance management toolVP enterprise execution Services,Suntrust Bank donald ainsWorth Lean Six Sigma Instructor, Villanova University,; Lead consultant, IBm global Business Services2:50Networking Luncheon & Exhibits The conference itself was one of the few I’ve attended in the last ten years to which the term ‘transformational’would apply. The information presented was extremely practical. ” — INTEGRATED DNA TEChNOLOGIES, INC. 11
  12. 12. day oneConTinuedWednesday, May 4, 2011 Choose sessions in TrACK d, e or f: 3:00 TrACK d: meAsure, moniTor, And TrACK e: CusTomer mAnAGemenT TrACK f: ProfiT ThrouGh ProCess mAnAGe PerformAnCe for PosiTive PrACTiCes for A susTAinABle – uTilize six siGmA Tools for Business resulTs ComPeTiTive AdvAnTAGe oPerATionAl exCellenCe Monitor and report Key implement an effective using rapid improvement Metrics for improved Voice of the Customer (VoC) events (Kaizen) to achieve Performance, decision- framework to optimize Your dramatic results Making and Transparency Customer Connectedness ƒ Learn how to run rapid ƒ Establish accountability ƒ Create a VOC framework that improvement events for throughout the performance produces a unified picture of the immediate results management process by identifying customer experience and creates ƒ Identify the tools and techniques those who are responsible for the economic imperative for action necessary to execute a Kaizen event gathering and reporting data ƒ Uncover methods to define and ƒ Evaluate best practices and ƒ Create a systematic process for understand customers priorities lessons learned in running gathering and analyzing performance and focus improvement efforts Kaizen events successfully data to ensure the validity of ƒ Estimate the word of mouth, lene moCk performance management decisions revenue, cost and risk implications VP enterprise Business Process ƒ Identify results-driven metrics of better service and quality to group, Suntrust that enable informed decision create enterprise-wide buy-in for making and encourages improved allocating resources for better service delivery customer service Wayne Barakat John evelyn VP enterprise execution Services, President, trident Leverage group Suntrust Bank 4:10 exhibits & networking Cocktail reception Immediately following the conclusion of Day One of the Performance Conference 2010, attendees and presenters are invited to attend the complimentary cocktail reception. The reception will provide attendees with the opportunity to develop new contacts, facilitating long-term relationships for the sharing of innovative ideas. 5:30 Adjourn12 Follow us at
  13. 13. day Two Thursday, May 5, 20117:30Conference Registration, Continental Breakfast & Exhibits8:00opening remarks by Chairperson roy Barnes aSmI Senior fellow former Sr. VP – marriott Vacation club International (Balanced Scorecard hall of fame Winner); Principal – Bluespace consulting8:10 keynote address next Generation strategy: adopt and utilize the balanced scorecard to Move Your organization forward after implementing and executing a successful bsC strategy – Pse&G In 2007 PSE&G was inducted into the Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for Executing Strategy. Two years later, PSE&G revamped and expanded its strategy as a result of the changing business environment. This next generation strategy will position the company for growth during very challenging times. As a result of this change in strategy, their metrics, the BSC, and their strategic initiatives were all redesigned and aligned. While other companies in 2010 were forced to scale back, PSE&G is currently expanding their workforce with major infrastructure projects and expenditures underway. In this keynote you will discuss how to articulate, communicate and successfully execute your business strategies. Joe martuCCi Performance Leader – PSe&g (Balanced Scorecard hall of fame Winning company)9:10general sessionformulate Quick, dynamic, and agile strategies in response to industry disruptionsIdentifying the key drivers of change in your market and industry is essential to ensuring sound strategic planning. However,contingency planning and risk management will not prepare you for all of the potential threats that could knock your organizationoff course. So what is your protocol for handling unexpected disruptions that you could not have planned for? Using the Portermodel, this session will address how to properly respond to such situations. You will review a case study that will help youdetermine what you can do differently when faced with industry disruption. During this session you will:ƒ Understand how your industry could experience, dramatic, disruptive changeƒ Determine the potential impacts of disruptive changeƒ Identify your vulnerabilities and risk from disruptive changeƒ Discover strategies to optimize your ability to withstand industry disruptionmitCh WeisBurgmanaging director, Lumen Inc.; Professor, department of Strategy and International Business, Suffolk University10:10Networking Break & Exhibits 13
  14. 14. TraCKoVerViews TraCK G: innovative Corporate Performance Management Methods and Practices Continuous studies show that organizations typically use performance management to improve organizational results, stay focused on strategic priorities, shift focus during times of rapid change and provide a culture that will attract and develop employees. Identify best practices, tools and techniques to effectively utilize and implement a performance management system within your organization. TraCK h: enhance and improve organizational intelligence An intelligent organization is a strategic and agile system that enables high levels of performance for individuals and the organization as a whole. More importantly, it possesses data-driven insights into its internal and external environments as means to stay connected to the rapidly changing business environment. These organizations have integrated a system for business and competitive intelligence that has provided them with the foresight for accurate long-term decision making. Leverage your business and competitive intelligence to drive long-term business performance. TraCK i: Methods and Metrics for a high Performing workforce When there is a clear line of sight between activities and enterprise-wide goals and strategies, employee improvement thrives. As leaders, it is your job to create an environment where employees can find their strengths and maximize their contribution to the business. By developing an effective talent management system and productive succession plan, your organization’s productivity and performance potential can grow exponentially. Identify strategies executives and managers can use to find the right workforce measures and metrics. TraCK J: build Project Management Capability and Maturity Having a mature project management function within your organization will enhance the ability to consistently deliver successful projects and programs within your organization. For many organizations, the success or failure of projects will have a high impact on the success of the entire business. Furthermore, project management plays a critical strategic role in a company’s ability to be flexible and adapt to change. Improve your project management capabilities to exceed customer expectations and drive business performance. TraCK K: leadership for innovation and Change Leadership is an overlooked but extremely important driver of growth, innovation, and change. The best leaders are able to create an environment where employees are empowered to initiate change. Leaders also must understand that organizations will only experience long-term success if the culture fosters ownership and accountability on all levels. Take your organization to new levels of excellence by effectively leading change and cultivating innovation. TraCK l: stimulate Growth in a Growth-inhibitive environment In 2011 companies have had the opportunity to really study and understand the dynamics of the economy and its impacts on the business environment. Leading organizations have found a way to calculate, commit, and grow. This means they have developed an explicit understanding of their financial capacity, are leveraging their core competences, and have ultimately reached a level of internal solidarity based on a commitment to growth through sound business operations. Recapture the desire to engage in the fundamental business functions that helped your organization get to where it is today.14 Follow us at
  15. 15. day tWo ConTinued Thursday, May 5, 2011 Choose sessions in TrACK G, h or i:10:15TrACK G: innovATive CorPorATe TrACK h: enhAnCe And imProve TrACK i: meThods And meTriCs for APerformAnCe mAnAGemenT orGAnizATionAl inTelliGenCe hiGh PerforminG worKforCemeThods And PrACTiCes deliver high-impact achieve Meaningful andutilize best-Practices business intelligence (bi) Manageable Metrics thatfor developing a CPM for improved and Value- explicitly link workforceframework that added decision Making Performance toMaximizes results ƒ Discover the tangible benefits of business Goalsƒ Leverage existing systems and that effective BI practices can offer ƒ Utilize productivity metrics to help infrastructure to align performance across your organization identify capability gaps and objectives with corporate strategy ƒ Utilize BI technologies to obtain analyze performanceƒ Achieve higher levels of efficiency historic, current and predictive ƒ Understand the purpose, method through effective reporting cycles views of business operations and desired outcome of any and communication ƒ Improve your decision-making and process to ensure that metrics areƒ Gain a greater understanding of long-term business planning with accurately aligned current performance levels and the data-driven insights generated ƒ Establish metrics that will direct devise a roadmap for the from BI the workforce to the achievement journey ahead Bill sWanson of critical success factors BoB paladino managing director aSmI Senior fellow; founder, Swanson consulting Bob Paladino associates11:20TrACK G: innovATive CorPorATe TrACK h: enhAnCe And imProve TrACK i: meThods And meTriCs for APerformAnCe mAnAGemenT orGAnizATionAl inTelliGenCe hiGh PerforminG worKforCemeThods And PrACTiCes Competitive intelligence: integrate an effective Talentleverage the balanced dive deeper than Management system toscorecard for optimal and data to become a Capitalize on workforceContinued Performance superstar strategist Performance Potentialƒ Examine a “best-in-class” example ƒ Learn how to think strategically to ƒ Discuss the best practices in of how to leverage all capabilities of make the best use of your CI effective talent management and its the BSC impact on business outcomes ƒ Examine the four ways of thinkingƒ Learn how to effectively articulate you should master to champion ƒ Realize talent as a rapidly and communicate strategy to strategic planning increasing source of value creation ensure that everyone understands ƒ Supersede conventional ways of ƒ Effectively Manage the the impact of their performance on thinking in order to turn data into complexities of changing the organization’s goals actionable information employee expectationsƒ Discover how the Balanced Scorecard mark Chussil can be used to keep everyone focused founder and ceo on objectives advanced competitive Strategies roy Barnes former Sr. VP – marriott Va- cation club International (Bal- anced Scorecard hall of fame Winner); Principal – Bluespace consulting12:25 15Networking Luncheon & Exhibits
  16. 16. day tWoConTinuedThursday, May 5, 2011 Choose sessions in TrACK J, K or l: 1:25 TrACK J: Build ProJeCT mAnAGemenT TrACK K: leAdershiP for innovATion TrACK l: sTimulATe GrowTh in A CAPABiliTy And mATuriTy And ChAnGe GrowTh-inhiBiTive environmenT develop Project initiate a broad and engage in organic Growth Management into sustained effort to establish initiatives to sustain a strategic Tool for a Culture of innovation Your organization’s Competitive advantage ƒ Communicate a link to today’s long-Term Viability ƒ Identify the links between strategic work and the organization’s vision ƒ Become an execution champion planning and project management in order to keep people motivated – find ways to achieve consistent, ƒ Utilize a project management ƒ Lead others in your company to high-quality performance maturity model to assess your ability become opportunity seekers and ƒ Prioritize your product-centric to integrate project management take calculated risks and customer-centric initiatives to throughout the organization ƒ Display a rich sense of curiosity to drive profits ƒ Maximize the value gained from incite others to think about new ƒ Harness the power of making data- project management by engaging ways to attain the organization’s driven insights to maximize the in those projects that have a vision and long-term goals value derived from customers direct influence in achieving dWight Cooper strategic objectives ceo Jason dunn PPr healthcare Staffing operations Strategic consulting manager, freddie mac 2:30 Networking Break & Exhibits My colleague and I enjoyed the conference and actually came away with some substantive ideas to make our efforts better.” — BUENO FOODS, INC.16 Follow us at
  17. 17. day tWo ConTinued Thursday, May 5, 2011 Choose sessions in TrACK J, K or l:2:35TrACK J: Build ProJeCT mAnAGemenT TrACK K: leAdershiP for innovATion TrACK l: sTimulATe GrowTh in ACAPABiliTy And mATuriTy And ChAnGe GrowTh-inhiBiTive environmenTutilize benchmarking understand Transformational Conquer the Growth Game –to achieve Project Change as a necessary discover the Critical successManagement excellence Component of factors in developing andƒ Analyze and develop the internal organizational Growth executing ambitious actions required to advance and ƒ Develop a culture of urgency to help Growth Plans achieve objectives eliminate complacency and support ƒ Set the right course or growthƒ Provide a continuous assessment transformational change initiatives direction by forming a clear view of the company’s performance ƒ Learn how to navigate inevitable of the future against its competitors to identify challenges and roadblocks in ƒ Assess your organization’s and adopt best practices to obtain a change implementation strengths and limitations so that competitive advantage ƒ Effectively communicate the you can adapt your business modelƒ Maximize the value of benchmarking importance of new processes and to support the growth strategy by defining and prioritizing the areas the role each person will play in ƒ Establish success metrics and for improvement making a change determine roles and responsibilitiesJason dunn roy Barnes for executing and managing theoperations Strategic consulting former Sr. VP – marriott strategic growth planmanager, freddie mac Vacation club International peter Bloom (Balanced Scorecard hall of SVP of global growth, fame Winner); Principal – mission essential Personnel Bluespace consulting3:40Chairperson’s Closing remarksTurn information into action – high-impact approaches to improved PerformanceThroughout the conference there has been an abundance of information on how to stimulate your organization’s performance.It is of utmost importance to act now when this information is fresh in your mind. So start identifying the methods andpractices that will help your organization reach its goals. This closing session will discuss the forward-looking action plans forimplementing what you have learned. roy Barnes aSmI Senior fellow former Sr. VP – marriott Vacation club International (Balanced Scorecard hall of fame Winner); Principal – Bluespace consulting4:10Conference Adjourns 17
  18. 18. conferenceexhibiTorsShowcasing the Latest Management Innovations network with industry leaders and your peers receive the latest product and Step away from the office and meet fellow solutions offerings executives from across the nation. Witness Be a part of the most up-to-date demonstrations first hand the benefits they’ve received from and learn from key solutions providers available. implementing the solutions provided. Meet with leading industry solutions providers demonstrate results to your key stakeholders Reserve a time to meet one-on-one with Show results to shareholders with the most recent Performance Conference 2011 sponsors to receive measurement capabilities and performance demos and learn how their solutions can help your management solutions hand-picked by the organization plan, budget, measure and manage American Strategic Management Institute. more effectively and efficiently. become a sponsor! To learn more about sponsorship opportunities contact andrew Goodwin at 202-739-9707 or andrew.Goodwin@asMiweb.com18 Follow us at
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