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Resume writing overview for military members and spouses, including types of resumes, content to include, and what to leave out.

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Resume Presentation

  1. 1. Jennifer Conole, M.S.Transition & Relocation Manager, Spouse Employment Office of Health, Safety, and Work-Life, USCG District 11 South
  2. 2. Objectives Types of Resumes Formatting Topics within a resume Experience bullets The “Federal Resume” Cover Letters
  3. 3. Resume Types Chronological Functional Combination Keyword Scannable Internet (ASCII) Emailable (attachments) “The Master Resume”
  4. 4. Format for your Resume 1-2 pages Serif or Sans Serif font  Multiple font types Use bold, underline, and italics for emphasis…but don’t overdo it 10-12 pt. font Other features: Columns, lines, tabs, text boxes
  5. 5. Resume Highlights Identifying Info Job Title/”Branding Statement” Summary of Qualifications/Professional Profile Work Experience Education Awards/Recognition
  6. 6. Resume Highlights(Optional) Security Clearance Volunteer Work Community Service/Involvement Religious Service/Involvement Publications Language Fluency
  7. 7. Experience Bullets What is your best tool? ACTION LANGUAGE!  Avoid “responsible for…” Civilian language Be specific Use awards, evaluations for input Types of bullets  Task/Action  Scope  Accomplishment/Result
  8. 8. Task Bullets Descriptive Explanatory Covers duties
  9. 9. Scope Bullets USE NUMBERS!  Dollars  People  Time  Percentages  Increase/Decrease Hint: Use more than one number (e.g., “Monitored an inventory of over $1.5M worth of equipment and supplies in 6- 2,000 square foot warehouses”)
  10. 10. Accomplishment/Result How you benefited the organization What was the impact/result and why was it positive (think big!) Use your thesaurus If you participated in it, were on a team that did it, or in any way had a hand in the accomplishment…YOU OWN IT!
  11. 11. The “Federal Resume” It’s a myth! Longer than a civilian resume (most federal agencies want to know it ALL) Try to fill employment gaps Same rules apply for experience bullets
  12. 12. Cover Letters Business letter Salutation Introductory paragraph Background info Concluding paragraph – impact! Closing Enclosure(s)
  13. 13. Resume Resources (allfree!) Work-Life Career Onestop Fleet and Family Support Center Marine Corps Community Services Airman and Family Readiness Center Military “headhunters” Friends, coworkers Networking!!!
  14. 14. WARNING!* There is nothing a paid writer can do for you that you cannot do foryourself for free with some effort and research. IF you choose to pay for aresume, prepare to use a professionally certified person (CPRW, MRW,NCRW) in order to get a quality product.
  15. 15. Conclusion Types of Resumes Formatting Topics within a resume Experience bullets The “Federal Resume” Cover Letters