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Science test

A test

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Science test

  1. 1. Ecuador’s plants and animals indigenous species Domenica Zurita
  2. 2. Are there plant species in Ecuador that cannot be found in another place in the planet? Which ones?  Yes there are  Orchides that can be found in all around Ecuador.  Blackberries  Romero  Ruda  Savila  And others…..
  3. 3. Are there any plants with healing powers in Ecuador? Which ones?  Yes  For example: Palo de Vivora ,Tepozan, Simonillo and more .
  4. 4.  300 × 400 -
  5. 5. Is there support governmental support to study the existing plants in Ecuador?  Yes  There is the tiputini biodiversity station.
  6. 6. Do you use plant-base medicaments? Do you think they have the same effects as manufactured medicine? Why or why not?  No  No because the plant base medicaments are not prossesated and manufactured.