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Bible activities about Creation


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Activities to surround your children with God's world.

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Bible activities about Creation

  1. 1. “Sense of Wonder” Many years ago I used totravel to public events, librariesand schools to put on art showstitled “A Sense of Wonder”.The first half of this slide showfeatures a few of the pieces fromthose shows. I only wish I hadtaken pictures of all the works. Personally I pursued the joy of “Nature Art” for about five years. I hope thatThe second half of this slide somewhere out there is a child who willshow is craft projects done by take up where I left off and be the world’schildren and friends. Each of first dedicated Creation Artist. Mythem truly has eyes to see God’s greater hope is that millions of children who may not become professional artistsworld as he meant it to be develop a love of God’s world andseen…“fresh each morning”. through it make a first step toward loving God. (See next slide).
  2. 2. This piece is probably my favorite. Itis a 20 inch wide slice of Cedar mygrandfather planted nearly 100 yearsago. I hope it reminds parents andgrandparents alike that a big part ofoutdoor games is supposed to be the joyof being outdoors. Family sports maybe better for the soul than the moreorganized kind. The girls straw hat is a thistle seed pod,her head a hickory nut, her arms and legsthe cores from sycamore balls, the grass is Children raised in today’s world,parrot feather (It is a federal law that thefeathers of migratory and other wild birds flooded with media hype, videocannot be used for art or crafting). The games and political correctnessleaves on the bush are the teeth from a Gar need a regular daily dunk into the(large fish in major U.S. Rivers). The Sun slow harmonious world Godis Parrot feathers with a straw flower inthe center. The Boys head is an acorn, his made for them. Without aball glove a dried fungus. parent’s help they won’t get it.
  3. 3. I hope that people who look atthese very simple art works take amoment to look at the wood. Thisparticular piece is also from mygrandfathers farm but is blackwalnut. I thought the cracks etc.looked like lightening and stormclouds.The man who sliced the trees for mewas 86 years old and had lost hisright arm at age 14…an accident inhis father’s saw mill. When hestarted up his 40” chain saw I askedif he was sure about the whole thing:His answer: I’m fine, it just bothers If an 86 year old one armed man with ame a little when the wire to my pace pacemaker could cut this piece of wood formaker cuts into my shoulder. me you could teach your child to fly a kit.
  4. 4. Next time your children arewatching tv or playing a videogame look at their faces? Do theylook happy…OR…do they havesome other expression…vacant,perhaps intense?There is something about beingoutdoors that makes childrenhappy…even when it’s too hot, toocold or too buggy. There issomething about moving your armsand legs that makes you feel aliveand wards off depression. The greatest single danger to ourThere is something about sunshine environment is probably athat is good for you. generation of children with no PERSONAL daily interaction withIf you can’t afford a sand box how it. Hope you get outdoors and makeabout filling up an old tire withsand? God’s creation a personal thing…a happy thing.
  5. 5. God’s world is slow, orderly, harmonious, and filled with GROWING things. Children who spend a little time outdoors Each day will absorb many of the same characteristics.If you don’t have a garden get an old tire fill it with dirt and then visit little man in this piece has a place to stand.In a changeable world. What better gift can wegive our children. The butterfly is gentleness.
  6. 6. Oooopps. The little man hikeris too close to the top, the secondrock should overlap more and thewood part is too empty. Nobodylikes this piece. Well at least I was DOINGsomething. It is one of the rules ofparenting. “Good parents tell theirchildren what not to do. Greatparents help them find something to Can’t go hiking how about:do…even if it is not perfect it will be Blowing bubbles in the backfun.” yard, a cheap magnifying glass, a bug bottle, a littleIf you don’t like what your wooden or paper airplane ,children are DOING help them water balloons , turn on thefind something better. Try some hose, or even my favoriteof the ideas to the right. sport BOCCE BALL (read up on it!)
  7. 7. Do you remember swinging?Memories are precious things…Among the most precious a parentcan give a child.For some really good ideas andclick on activities.Other great outdoor memories:Hide and Go Seek, Blind Man’sBluff, Tag, Chain tag, Flashlight tag,Follow the Leader, Leap Frog, SimonSays, Red Light Green Light,Marbles, shadow tag, Marco Poloetc. Playing with your children can Swinging is fun. Hopebe better without the computer. you try some of the other games to the left.
  8. 8. This little slide show was made becausetwenty some years ago God went out of hisway to be real to me. He made it so I hadno choice but to believe in him. Theproblem for me was that almost every faithin the world has a creator and I had beenexposed to most of them. I wanted very much to know if Jesusand God were one and the same but itseemed impossible to really know. I prayedabout that quite a bit and one day I waspraying as I sliced wood for a project andjust at the instant I prayed this slice cameout of the saw. The point is that all of Creation points toGod. The next step however is up to us…to The nature of God istake our deepest concerns to him and trustthat he will answer. Sometimes I still do not made clear in the thingshear as well as I should but I keep on asking he has made. Romansand in the end he answers just as he did with 1:20this little piece of wood.
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  10. 10. Cockleburs used to be a farmers worst weed.They were prickly, stuck to almost anythingand are nearly impossible to get rid of becauseeach year there were more and more of them.My Father however looked at themdifferently. He thought that if all you had wascockleburs (weeds) you should learn to makethe most of them so he made this tree out ofthem. I believe the tree makes a good casethat life is 99% attitude.His relationship with cockleburs began when hewas a child in the depression years. An Uncleshowed him a field of cockleburs and said if youget rid of them you can use the ground and sellwhat you grow. Dad did. He was a gardener forthe rest of his life and ended up going to collegeand becoming a geologist all because the The message of thecockleburs made his uncle give up. cocklebur tree is don’t give up.
  11. 11. Children are no lessimaginative todaythan 100 years ago.There are two problems1. Turning on the tv equalsturning off most of yourbrain. It is called passivity. A sculptor friend visited while I2. Imagination must be fed. was putting together this little artGarbage in, garbage out. show. A week or so later heGod’s world is a great place brought me this little airplane. Forto feed a mind but more me it is a perfect example ofimportantly it feeds a soul. imagination… putting togetherA public library is another two ideas in a way they had nevergood place. been put together before.
  12. 12. What could children makeWith materials like these?Christmas ornaments,Vases, hair clips, ear rings,Anything their imaginationsWill allow.The following slides showjust a few of their efforts.
  13. 13. We should have taken apicture of the children’sfaces instead of theirArtwork.Then you would be seeingJoy, wonder and delightinstead of just a few bitsof wood with some stuffglued on them.The woods used werecedar, maple, hackberry, Having done craft workshops scores of times itbois d’arc, walnut and comes to me that children in towns of 100,000Hackberry. or more have little sense of wonder beyond age 7. In smaller towns the children were still stopping to look at age 14. In home school groups even the parents and grandparents got involved.
  14. 14. In craft fairs across Kansas thousandsOf children made little vases like thisone. They actually hold water. The“Flowers” are grass from along theroadside. The base is the lid fromfrozen orange juice. The vase is2 ½ inches of pvc water pipe. If thePipe is sawed on a slant the vasebecomes a pencil holder for FathersDay. If the pvc is laid sideways on aslice of wood it becomes a neckslide forScouts. It is not a good indoor craft becausewe used a caulking gun with siliconeCaulk to anchor the pvc and shells etc. This is a nice craft but takesat the bottom of the vase. Silicone 5-24 hours to dry well enoughgives off vapors that make your eyes To be handled. red.
  15. 15. The garland is made from rolledOne inch squares of cloth and nuts,Pine cones etc. The milkweed ornamentContains two toothpicks paintedlike candles, a tiny pine cone,a few sumac berries and driedmoss. The COLORS inside somemilkweed pods is so vibrant theydo not need decoration. I do not remember the age ofthe child who made this but I wasimpressed. The Garland was one of my ownefforts.
  16. 16. If you have childrenyou will recognizeinstantly that this isMary, Joseph, and theinfant Christ.Mary is a milkweedpod, sycamore heart,and shell. The cribis half of a burr oakacorn. Joseph isa pine cone with ared oak acorn fora head. Christ’s bodyis a pipe cleaner.
  17. 17. This angel was made byA thirteen year old girlScout. She found herown fungus, milkweedpods and hickory nut forthe head.
  18. 18. This is a collection of Christmas ornaments featuring Deodar Cedar Pod, Eucalyptys bells, sequoia pine cones, Redwood cones, hickorynuts, alder catkins, Alaskan cotton grass, Scotch Pine Cones, wheat, dried moss, toothpick candles, driedflowers, corn husks, acorns and sweet gum pods.
  19. 19. These mini wreaths aremade from the hearts of sycamoreballs, Alder Catkins, Sweet gumpods and acorns. Many otherpods, types of acorns etc. couldbe used. The little toothpickspainted like candles add a nicetouch.These are BC ornaments…Before Christ. Se the next slidefor the type of ornament thatCame next.
  20. 20. The ornament below isMade from bois d’arc one oftwo woods with a jewelerygrade. It is a very beautifulWood. The point with this picture is The little stands made from Drapery hooks bent to serve As tripods. The star of Bethlehem Is a baby starfish.
  21. 21. I hope millions of parents share this picture with their children,. It shows what a 13 year old girl with a vision can accomplish. Hopes and dreams are important, especially those given us by God. To have such a dream is to be blessed beyond measure. God has such a dream for each of us if we will but ask what it is and pursue it in His strength and under His guidance. Aiming at nothing … fitting in…group think, may be the code of today’s child but God want’s more for them. He wants them to live For him, to follow his dream for their Lives. That dream may be being a Parent. It could be being an artistOver 10,000 tiny pieces of straw set in Or a Pastor but it is one of the things wax by a 13 year old girl living in That makes life better. This picture South America. reminds me what a dream can become. It took her about 3 months.
  22. 22. Seeds are important…to Godand to parents. Without seeds thereWould be no future.Some of the things we should beplanting in the lives of our childrenare patience, faith, love, kindness etc.Our second job is to look for andnurture the seeds that God has put inour child, the interests, talents etc. thatwill allow them to have the futureGod intended. It is called“encouraging”. It requires listening to This christmas ornament isthem and investing ourselves in the made from one pine cone, fivethings they say. viewing them as peach seeds and quite a fewfellow travelers not just luggage that seeds from the American Linden tree.we tow through life.
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