Free Bible coloring pages for Christmas.


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Color your own christian ornaments for your Christmas tree and much more. Gifts any child will be proud to make and give. Help your family/church put Christ in Christmas.
Free Bible coloring pages for Christmas.

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Free Bible coloring pages for Christmas.

  1. 1. Our first two coloring pages are full size “Son Catchers” for younger children. They are easier to color than the ornaments and designed to be cut out and taped in a window. When printing Son Catchers use lighter weight paper than for printing ornaments/cards. This lets the light shine through.
  2. 2. The remaining coloring projects may be folded in half and used as cards or cut out and glued or stapled together to make a tree ornament…Or both. See all our ornaments at
  3. 3. What better gift could a child give than a hand colored Christmas card/Ornament featuring one of the names of Christ or one of the Gifts he brought us when he came to earth. Click any image to download/print the card. The best gifts are invisible. A child may need help to see them. Children who make and give one or more Ornament cards are in a good place for God’s Holy Spirit to touch them with these great Christmas truths. More ornaments and Christmas projects at olidays.asp Fold in half and send with 6”x9” envelope
  4. 4. Not all churches observe the four Sundays before Christmas as a time of preparing for the birth of Christ. The idea of preparing ourselves and our children is, however, a good one. Why not bring out the crayons or markers the day after Thanksgiving and color with your children one card a day until Christmas. Parents, Grandparents, siblings, teachers, friends, people in the hospital, people in prison, the number of people you and your children could MAKE cards for is endless. Make the cards personal by jotting a note inside or click here For a slideshow featuring beautiful full color inserts.
  5. 5. The big question of Christmas is “Why would Jesus come to earth …or more aptly why would he leave his Father and heaven? It is a good question for children. The answer of course is that he loved us and had gifts that no one else could deliver for him. It is a long way from Heaven to Earth but the second half of Jesus journey is further…the part where he comes into your heart. Ask him in. He has come too far to make him stay outside.
  6. 6. Fellowship means who you SHARE your boat with. Sharing your boat with other Christians means going to church and spending time with them. Sharing your boat with Jesus means spending time with Him…getting to know him better.
  7. 7. Christmas is a good time to forgive. All of us adult or child should decide firmly to forgive at least the members of our family . Coloring this ornament and others and then hanging them on the tree can help make this Christmas … the year we give the gift of forgiveness. For all our Christmas coloring projects click here or visit olidays
  8. 8. Our second set of Ornaments is coming up but first we would like to share samples of our “Pocket Scriptures”. First the “Bulletin Inserts and on the next page “Scripture Strips”. Click either image to print a Christmas Insert. Click here to receive free weekly “Pocket Scriptures” all year long. Click here to subscribe for a free weekly bulletin. Click either image to print the image shown.
  9. 9. Strip one Strip two Back one Back two God goes where His word goes and even the busiest parent has time to snip off a verse a day and tuck it in their child’s pocket. Especially at Christmas. Click any image to print a set of three strips . The question strips are optional and can be printed on the back of the verses.
  10. 10. The Bible contains over 400 verses giving a name or Title for Christ, Many of them are great for the whole family, reminding us or helping us understand better just who the party is for. May your family be blessed as you color one ornament/card a day and share it with family and friends. The first name God gives us for his first born child is Emmanuel Which means “God with us”. It is a name every child should learn…the first of many. Many children have nothing to GIVE at Christmas. A set of 3- 6 ornaments is something they can be proud of.
  11. 11. Finish the Sentence: “Jesus is Prince of ______________, a. Buying stuff? b. Going Places? c. Decorating? d. Cooking? e. Eating? f. Putting on Programs? G. Peace? I think he has enough Peace for each us… If we want it. One path to Jesus’ Peace might be coloring an ornament with your children.
  12. 12. Helping the parents in your church become the spiritual leaders their children need could be as simple as keeping a few of our coloring projects by the door of your church’s Sunday School classrooms. For more projects visit. To be healthy children need at least one bible verse a day. Sign up to receive a free weekly email, seven verses suitable for family use or as a church bulletin. Click here for free weekly pocket scriptures.
  13. 13. Most Kingdoms are built on the love of power. Jesus kingdom is built on the power of love. The only throne he seeks is in the human heart…your heart. Make Christmas a time of Daily prayer. Once you have chosen Jesus to be your King you should meet with him once a day…in prayer. We hope you start by visiting: www.teachusto
  14. 14. offers many fine full color inserts (copies of works by the Old Masters). Full color is expensive to print but everyone is welcome to download copies so the children have something to cut out and glue inside their cards. For pdf files visit or click the following links to view/download jpg files from Picasa. Gifts of Christ cards at Picasa, Names of Christ Cards
  15. 15. What if your family/classroom Would rather make Finished ornaments than cards? Then the following Ornaments are your you. The next four slides are the same ornaments but… laid out to use as ornaments rather than cards. May God bless you and yours as you color together.
  16. 16. The first 16 ornaments feature the names of Christ so children know “Who the party is For.”. To download/print all 32 ornaments visit . We have done our best to add just the right words to the back of the cards…words that can encourage a child to take God’s word personally. Click either image to print a full size set of ornaments.
  17. 17. The second 16 ornaments feature the gifts Christ brought with him when he came to earth so we can try to give the same kind of gifts. To download/print all 32 ornaments visit
  18. 18. Grow your church by growing your Sunday School. Consider an ornament making party. Visit for details.