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A Cultural Revolution


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Marketing programs can only go so far without true investment from line-level employees. Here are three case studies of marketing programs that were rolled out from the line employees to the guest. Delivered at Marcus Evans Internal Branding & Employee Engagement Summit April 2012.

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A Cultural Revolution

  1. 1. Julia Carcamo Jim WhiteVice President of Brand Marketing Vice President of Guest Satisfaction
  3. 3. A CULTURAL REVOLUTION When the new management team took over, they embarked on a rebuilding program.The vision: Making Isle of Capri Casinos the most courteous operator in EVERY jurisdiction in which we operated.
  4. 4. A CULTURAL REVOLUTIONWe needed a hospitality and employee engagement program that was, in a word… UBIQUITOUS.
  5. 5. A CULTURAL REVOLUTION We embarked on one of the biggest initiatives in company history.
  6. 6. A CULTURAL REVOLUTIONThe goal: Making every guest experience a memorable one using the tenets of basic hospitality to enhance the guest experience.
  7. 7. A CULTURAL REVOLUTION In addition, this long-term objective of creating a culture ofoutstanding courtesy was key to enhancing the company-wide image and raising shareholder value.
  8. 8. A CULTURAL REVOLUTION THE CHALLENGE To create an energizing and informative program fordiverse functional areas of customer-facing employees that could still touch those who werent customer-facing.
  9. 9. A CULTURAL REVOLUTION It needed to include everyone on the staff. EVERYONE.
  10. 10. A CULTURAL REVOLUTION The courtesy program needed to beSIMPLE, MEMORABLE AND FUN. Plus, it had to work anywhere.
  11. 11. QuickTime and a H.264 decompressorSee.Say.Smile.picture. are needed to see this Training Video
  12. 12. A CULTURAL REVOLUTIONTHREE SIMPLE KEYS1. Look the guest in the eye2. Smile as we handle the guests’ needs3. Provide a fond farewell
  13. 13. A CULTURAL REVOLUTIONTHREE IMPORTANT POINTS ABOUT SEE.SAY.SMILE.• It was the first time the concept of engagement was introduced into the Isle of Capri culture.• Top down ownership from the CEO and the Chairman of the Board was THE driver to success.• Involvement permeated the entire company all the way down the line.It gave us the avenue to create symbols of success. Plus, a little friendly competition never hurts.
  14. 14. A CULTURAL REVOLUTIONLast year, we shared the story of how our employees had taken the brand pillar of fun and OWNED it.
  15. 15. A CULTURAL REVOLUTIONWe learned that when employees understand and own the brand, THEY CAN RUN WITH IT.
  16. 16. A CULTURAL REVOLUTION Recently, we took a look at our food offerings.
  17. 17. A CULTURAL REVOLUTIONWe saw that 25% of our guests eat in our buffets. Of all of our offerings, outside of the slot floor, the buffet is where we have the biggest opportunity to influence the guest experience.
  18. 18. A CULTURAL REVOLUTION We got our Corporate team together… Then, we got our GMs together… TO TALK…TO SHARE…TO LEARN.
  19. 19. QuickTime and a H.264 decompressor Food Fascinationare needed to see this picture.
  20. 20. What fast food restaurant is creditedwith introducing the first modern-daydrive-thru window?A. McDonald’sB. Burger KingC. Wendy’s
  21. 21. In which country is spilling saltconsidered good luck?A. AustriaB. JapanC. Chile
  22. 22. How many teaspoons of sugar doesthe average North American consumeevery day?A. 9B. 19C. 29
  23. 23. How many different animal shapesare there in the “Animal Crackers”cookie zoo?A. 15B. 18C. 21
  24. 24. What did McDonalds restaurantsfirst introduce in 1968?A. Egg McMuffinB. Big MacC. Happy Meal
  25. 25. What breakfast food gets its namefrom the German word for “stirrup”?A. BagelB. WaffleC. Pancake
  26. 26. When Birdseye introduced the firstfrozen food in 1930, what did thecompany call it?A. Iced foodB. Frozen foodC. Frosted food
  27. 27. Which is the most recognized smellin the world?A. PopcornB. Peanut ButterC. Coffee
  28. 28. What fast food restaurant was literallyfounded in a broom closet?A. Dairy QueenB. Papa John’sC. Subway
  29. 29. When the power goes off, how longwill food in your refrigerator stay coldenough to be eaten safely?A. 4 to 6 hoursB. 6 to 8 hoursC. 8 to 10 hours
  30. 30. A CULTURAL REVOLUTIONWE BROKE IT DOWN…1. Food Preparation2. Procurement3. Talent4. Cost vs. Experience
  31. 31. A CULTURAL REVOLUTION They took the message back home to their properties.
  32. 32. A CULTURAL REVOLUTION And gardens started springing up as…OUR FIELD OPERATORS BEGAN TO OWN THE VISION.
  35. 35. A CULTURAL REVOLUTION We started in Boonville, MO and created the first Farmers Pick Buffet. Five more on the drawing board.
  36. 36. QuickTime and a H.264 decompressorFarmers Pick Buffet see this picture. are needed to Marketing Materials
  37. 37. A CULTURAL REVOLUTION THANK YOU For more information, please contact:Julia Carcamo Jim WhiteVice President of Brand Marketing Vice President of Guest Satisfaction