Guinness world records tm mexico


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Guinness world records tm mexico

  1. 1. One more time:¡Speech loud, the word is yours!
  2. 2. OUR RECORD IN 2009. The longest speech marathon by a team is 72 hours, 45 minutes y 57 seconds, and was achieved by Toastmasters México-Jalisco y Mar Adentro de México, A.C., And Guadalajara City Council at Parque Revolución from 27 February to 1 March 2009.
  3. 3. OUR RECORD IN 2009. NUMBERS OF 2009: 488 Official Speakers. 3 Days. 72 Hours. 45 Minutes. 57 Seconds.3 weeks before the beginning of the event it was announced every sunday in “Ruta Vallarta” the main avenue of the city and where is Parque Revolution located. During sundays thousands of cyclists, runners and families used it to get fun so we put signs in strategic spots, we have coverage in the main mass media, press conference before and after the record, live interviews in radio and a specific mention in the main local news programs.
  4. 4. OUR GOAL IN 2011. Break our last record now with 100 hours in other emblematic place of the city: “Chapultepec Avenue” (other important place of Guadalajara because it is in the middle of a famous cultural area, with a lot of restaurants, art galleries, the USA embassy and with a great deal of vehicular and pedestrianflow because the specific point is a linear traffic island.)
  5. 5. OBJETIVE:With an original and impressive way, make a big diffusion of the work of Toastmasters International and Mar Adentro de México, both non profit associations with an specific mission in the educational area (communication, leadership, human developement and social compromise). And taking advantage of 3 aspects: 1. The successful event in 2009 and the credibility that we accomplished the record with the participation of thousand of citizens. 2. The celebration of the Spring Conference of the District 34 of Toastmasters address in Guadalajara. 3. The thenth aniversary of Mar Adentro de México.
  6. 6. IN COLLABORATION WITH:Mar Adentro de Mexico, A.C. is a nonprofit association with a important presence in Guadalajara and in the state of Jalisco founded in 2001 focused on human development, particularly with young people from public and private high schools and universities. Mar Adentro has 6 programs, the milestone is the “DEBATE” and it works through different applications such as: -The “Classic Contest” with the best 24 private high schools. -The “SEJ Contest” with 62 highs schools from the public educational system. -The “University Contest” with 15 universities from different mexican cities. -The “Couples Contest” with 100 competitors among 20 teams.
  7. 7. THE LONGEST SPEECH MARATHON. DEFINITION OF RECORDThis record is for the longest time to continuously perform speeches by an unlimited number of participants at the same event. This record is to be attempted by a team.The measurement value is time in days, hours and minutes.A speech is defined as the act of delivering a formal spoken communication to an audience.
  8. 8. GUIDELINES.1. A speech is defined as the act of delivering a formal spoken communication to an audience. For this record the speech topics are irrelevant.2. Q&A and showing illustrations can be staged, and they do contribute to the speech duration for the purpose of this record.3. Apart from pauses lasting no more than 30 seconds between speeches, the record activity must be continuous.4. Each speech must be spontaneous, unscripted and significantly different from each other.
  9. 9. GUIDELINES.5. Notes can be used to help the participant to perform the speech,but apart from this clues, no helps (like a written copy of the speechor prompters) can be used in the record.6. Each speech will be a minimum of 5 minutes long.7. Each speech must be given before an audience in a recognisedindoor or outdoor public venue, which normally stages gatherings,speeches or other similar events.8. The venue should be a theatre, conference or community centre,exhibition hall, public hall, or similar with a registered audiencecapacity of at least 50 persons.
  10. 10. GUIDELINES.9. The event must be advertised and should be accessible to membersof the public.10. No participant must repeat their performance within four hours.11. A list of all the speeches performed must be maintained.12. The name of the persons making the attempt should be given,along with thedate and places.