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It Makes It More Real: Collocation and Copresence at LAN Parties


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Presentation given at 2012 American Anthropological Association conference

Published in: Education
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It Makes It More Real: Collocation and Copresence at LAN Parties

  1. 1. It Makes It More Real: Collocation andCopresence at LAN Parties Bryan-Mitchell Young @jccalhoun
  2. 2. Collocation Vs. Copresence• Collocation is about being together• Copresence is about feeling together• Everyone at a LAN party is collocated• Not everyone is copresent.
  3. 3. Ventrilo RecordingBoondocks: Just spam the Heavy… Focus fire… Where you at medic?Me: Right here. With you.Boondocks: Alright. Let’s go this way.Recono: Watch the stickies[…]Boondocks: There’s a sniper down there.Recono: Pyro behind us! Pyro behind us! Pyro behind us![…]Recono: Good cap – Get on the point! Get on the point! Get onthe point! Get on the point![…]Boondocks: We’re pushing….Uh, where’s that sentry [gun]?Disco: I got itBoondocks: Sentry’s down. Just turn off the uber.Disco: Touch [the point]Me: AlmostBoondocks: There we go.
  4. 4. Ventrilo• At LAN parties is it almost exclusively used for game-related talk• At home this is not always the case
  5. 5. Ventrilo at home can be used socially• When you’re in Ventrilo you bullshit a lot• always have people in it. So when [they]’re not playing [they] just hang out in there.
  6. 6. Ventrilo at home can be used socially• “[couldn’t] even do homework without being on Ventrilo. It’s kind of just like having someone there, always”• “like five or six people that whenever [they are] doing homework or just sitting at home – if [they] are at home they are probably in Ventrilo talk to each other.”• “a lot of times [they do] not say anything for an hour but at least we’re on Ventrilo and we can hear each other.”
  7. 7. • Not a hack• Not accommodation• Assimilation
  8. 8. When Ventrilo is not enough• “when something is urgent and you want everybody to hear it, then you shout it and it just promotes urgency, I think.”• Non-verbal communication in games
  9. 9. Computer Mediated Communication• Allows them to talk when they wouldn’t be able to normally• Can create feelings of copresence when it would not normally be possible.• Use tech to overcome seating limitations.