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  •   Chef Series Convection Speed OvenH 4042 BMCombination and individual convection / microwave programs  H 4882 BP  MasterChef 30" Single Oven
  •   Chef Series Convection Speed OvenH 4042 BMCombination and individual convection / microwave programs  H 4882 BP  MasterChef 30" Single Oven
  •   Chef Series Convection Speed OvenH 4042 BMCombination and individual convection / microwave programs  H 4882 BP  MasterChef 30" Single Oven
  •   Chef Series Convection Speed OvenH 4042 BMCombination and individual convection / microwave programs  H 4882 BP  MasterChef 30" Single Oven
  •   Chef Series Convection Speed OvenH 4042 BMCombination and individual convection / microwave programs  H 4882 BP  MasterChef 30" Single Oven
  •   Chef Series Convection Speed OvenH 4042 BMCombination and individual convection / microwave programs  H 4882 BP  MasterChef 30" Single Oven
  • Wide Open Spaces

    1. 1. Designed By Jon Cody
    2. 2. Title: Wide Open Spaces Project Type: Large HomeProgram Used: AutoCAD 2010 Year 2010 Designed:Features: •4 Bedrooms Size: 1st Floor: 4,449 •4.5 Bath sq ft. •3 Car Garage 2nd Floor: 3,069 •Work Out Room sq ft. •Music Room Total: 7,518 sq ft. •Garage Work AreaWork Left to •Redesign 2nd Floor Skills Learned: •Roof PlanningDo: •Add materials to building •Kitchen Planning •Redo roof •Dimensional •Eliminate some of the requirements for weird angles different •Fix items that were furnishings somehow removed in this file
    3. 3. This large floor planfeatures an open layoutthroughout most of thefirst floor.
    4. 4. To the left of the foyer, alarge study will bedesigned with a cozyfeel. A fireplace may beincluded next to thestaircase to keep youwarm while you sit andenjoy your favorite book.
    5. 5. The dining room isdesigned to seat 6around the table. Italso includes a builtin China cabinet
    6. 6. A half bath is located onthe back side of thestairs. I tried to takeadvantage of the spaceunder the stairs byputting the sink in thatlocation, but that mayhave to change as itprevents me fromincluding a mirror abovethe sink.Further out from thefoyer you walk into thegreat room which willalso showcase a fireplace(not shown) The openkitchen with a barcounter as well as thebreakfast nook makethis the perfect place forfamily interaction or forhosting guest.
    7. 7. Next to the kitchen isthe hallway to thegarage as well as theentrance to the laundryroom that can be foundunder another staircaseto the second floor.The garage has spacefor 3 cars as well as adesignated space forthe garbage cans and adedicated workshop.
    8. 8. The Master Bedroomincludes his and her walkin closets, a seating areaand a cozy masterbathroom.The bathroom uses thesame Jacuzzi tub Idesigned in one of myother houses.A garden is designedoutside to provide someextra privacy from thelarge curved picturewindow above the tub.The shower and toilet areboth located underneaththe staircase in thisdesign.There should be plenty ofheadroom for both inthese locations.
    9. 9. The front entrance is bordered by a columned porch area with bay windows from the studyand dining area on either side.I believe the best material for this house would be either a white brick or stucco on themajority of the house, with a stone material on the two bay window extrusions.
    10. 10. If the slanted wallbetween the masterbedroom and greatroom remains, it willprobably be the homeof an elaboratefireplace to heat upthe large open space.In the rear of thegarage, you can seethe space dedicatedfor a work area with aside exit door fromthe garage.Next to the work areais the mechanicalroom.
    11. 11. In the back of the house, I plan to build a large deck accessible from theFrench doors of the great room, as well as from the master bedroom.
    12. 12. The garden onthe side of thehouse will befilled with tallflowers andshrubs to offerprivacy to themaster bathbehind thewindow. This mayalso be the ideallocation of theA/C unit for thehouse.
    13. 13. The current design of theupstairs is home to boththe bedrooms andspecial activities.Two sets of stairs lead upto the second floor withone splitting off toaccess a small bedroomfacing the front of thehouse.
    14. 14. These two bedroomseach have a smallpersonal bathroom anda small walk in closet.
    15. 15. The theater room isdesigned for largescreen viewing as wellas having an area toplay cards. You can alsojust lounge around atthe built in juice barand seating area
    16. 16. This is also a bedroom,and the only one thatdoesn’t yet have apersonal bathroom. Itdoes have access to asmall balconyoverlooking thebackyard.
    17. 17. The music room wasdesigned to have adedicated soundproofplace to practice mydrums or have a bandover to jam out.
    18. 18. I designed a personal homegym in this house toprovide a convenient placeto go for your dailyworkouts.I did actually do a bit ofresearch in picking outequipment for this room soI could have an idea howmuch space I had to have tofit the home fitness center,and cardio machines. I alsohave a mat for floorexercises.A bathroom is near the gymbut opens up to the gameroom. It has a home saunaas well as benches to sitand rest after a hardworkout.
    19. 19. Although I am not surethe shape of this officeis the most ideal, thedesign offers space fora full office completewith a nice desk, plentyof storage, and even aplace for a nice sofawhen you just need abreak. Off the office isa small closet meant tohouse a personalserver for the homesmedia needs.
    20. 20. There were toilets placedin these locations, butevidently they got deletedin the design process.
    21. 21. The layout of the upstairs islikely to change as I am not sureI like the current plan.I think I am going to move the Newmaster bedroom upstairs in Theaterplace of the gym area. New BedroomThe current music room and With Bathgym will be moved downstairs. and WIC NewThe old music room will be Masterlengthened to become another Bedroombedroom.The current bedroom will likelybecome the new theater, whilethe old theater room will just bea game room and house the pooltable.The two bedrooms on the Expandedbottom will likely remain Bedroomunchanged, though I do think Iam going to square off therounded corner.
    22. 22. In both the front and back of this house, a large rounded window is placed above the door for a sense of elegance. Currently there are no windows along the side of thegarage, but if I alter the upstairs, a small window may be placed on the second floor to provide light to that bathroom.
    23. 23. Above the garage sitsthe home gym, orsoon to be Masterbedroom if I gothrough with myredesign.Off this room is a nicebalcony to come outto relax in the niceweather.
    24. 24. Two roundedpicture windowsare shown in thisview above thegarden.When I completethe redesign, thiscorner willprobably besquared off with adouble set ofwindows facingthe front of thehouse.
    25. 25. Off the back of this house, a large deck will be designed overlooking an organicallyshaped pool I hope to incorporate into this design. On the walkway above the kitchen, I am not sure where the rest of my columns disappeared to. Maybe they are part of a different file. There should be a column every 4-5 feet along that walkway.
    26. 26. As usual for my houses, the roof design was rather complicated.The different angles, extrusions, and curved walls made this a very challenging task just to get what you see pictured. A roof will also be placed above the front porch.
    27. 27. Upon stepping onto the front porch, you will experience a sense of wealth andluxury as you face the double doors with the large arched window above.
    28. 28. From the great room, you can either go upstairs, head down the hallwayto the garage or laundry room, or head to the kitchen for a nice meal.
    29. 29. A lot of time and effort went into designing this kitchen. Each cabinet wasspecifically picked out from the KraftMaid cabinets website and the CAD filewas downloaded. The appliances were modeled by me from the specsprovided on Miele.com and vikingrange.com for the fridge. I also modeled the kitchen sink and faucet from specs, but the rinse sink faucet was downloaded.
    30. 30. The island corners each feature3 shelves to store decorativeitems or small food baskets.
    31. 31. The end of the counter featuresa place to store cooking wines.
    32. 32. The counter above the sinkprovides a nice place to pull up astool to enjoy a meal or tosocialize while your meal isbeing prepared.
    33. 33. What’s in 1) 30” Base 2) 36” Sink 3) Base single door w/ 2 full width trays 4) 30” Base Double Wastebasket Cabinet Base theKitchen
    34. 34. 1) Miele KM 5676 3) Base Pots & PansWhat’s in Electric Cooktop Organizer Roll-out 3) Base Filler Pull- Out 4) Miele Dishwasher theKitchen
    35. 35. What’s in 1) Asymmetrical Easy 2) Bread box & 3) Base Cooking 4) Wall Multi- Reach Super Susan drawers Center Storage Pantry theKitchen
    36. 36. What’s in 1)Tambour 2) Vegetable Bin 3) Base Pots and 4) 2 Drawer Storage Angled Pans Storage Storage theKitchen
    37. 37. What’s in 1) Convection Steam Oven theKitchen Use the Convection Steam Oven to cook flavorful, healthy meals in less time. Most foods can be prepared and cooked in under 20 minutes. Multi-level cooking chamber lets you cook an entire meal simultaneously. http://www.mieleusa.com/usa/cooking/steam- oven/product.asp?cat=3&subcat=19&model=516&series=63&nav=20&snav=110&tnav=125&oT=1 92
    38. 38. What’s in 2) Capsule-driven Coffee System the An impressive feature of the Miele system isKitchen the user profile program. Every member of the family, and even guests that visit often, can program their favorite blend under their own name so they can obtain their preferred beverage at the touch of a button. http://www.mieleusa.com/usa/cva/product.asp?cat=5&subcat=28&model=515&series=32&nav=20&snav=90&tnav=94&oT=187
    39. 39. What’s in 3) Chef Series Convection Speed Oven the The Speed oven is really two ovens in one; a microwave,Kitchen and convection oven together in one box. This delivers the speed advantage of microwave technology, but ensures the succulent results offered by more conventional cooking methods. Imagine the convenience of defrosting, cooking and crisping all in one space saving multi-functional appliance. http://www.mieleusa.com/usa/cooking/speed- ovens/product.asp?cat=3&subcat=26&model=517&series=68&nav=20&snav=110&tnav=130&oT=193
    40. 40. What’s in 4) MasterChef 30" Single Oven the Heated air, directionally channeled by the convection fan to all corners of the oven, ensures a constantKitchen movement of air over the food, thus producing perfect, even cooking results. The oven is designed with a concealed lower heating element under the floor of the cavity to aid in even heat distribution and to increase the overall usable space of the oven. http://www.mieleusa.com/usa/cooking/ovens/product.asp?cat=3&subcat=7&model=526&series=66&nav=20&snav= 110&tnav=115&oT=190
    41. 41. What’s in 5) Quiet Cool™ Built-In 48”W. Side-By-Side the Refrigerator/ Freezer with DispenserKitchen ProChill™ Temperature Management Plasmacluster™ Ion Air Purifier Adjustable Cold Zone™ Drawer Adjustable Humidity Zone™ Drawers http://www.vikingrange.com/consumer/products/product.jsp?id=prod9740168#product-overview
    42. 42. This built in cabinet and buffet counter provides an excellent place to display yourfavorite china as well as providing a place to serve the night’s meal. Bottom cabinets can store seasonal table dressings and the undisplayed pieces of your china sets.
    43. 43. This is a Jacuzzi tube that I designed for another house that I liked somuch I wanted to incorporate it into this design. The part I like the mostis that behind the raised tub, I built in a planter to plant some small trees,shrubs or flowers to create a nature feel in the bathroom as well as providing some privacy to the outside world.
    44. 44. This view showcases the 3 car garage with the dedicated workarea in the back. It also provides a nice view of the balcony abovewhich create an interesting look that I personally think works wellwith this house.
    45. 45. This view shows the staircase that splits to different parts of the house.To the right of the staircase is a small coat closet. Behind that is a small halfbath that places the sink underneath the staircase. There is not a lot ofheadroom above the sink though, so this may change. To the right even further, you will notice a double entry way to the master bedroom area. The first opening is just an open pass through, while the second will be closed off with a door.
    46. 46. This view demonstrates the great view you would have of the downstairs aswell as the view of the large glass wall in front of you.Some reason the columns and header I designed for this walkway are no longerhere. But I was debating between this design and possibly creating an arch system every 8 feet. The arches would be difficult to design on a curve though.
    47. 47. This is just a view from the current game area. You can see the entry tothe steps downward, as well as the entry to the bathroom and thewalkway over the great room below.
    48. 48.  After making the presentation for this house, I decided that the house really needs to be redone. The first floor isn’t too bad, but I want to eliminate some of the angled and curved areas of the house and square them up with the rest of the house. I also need to figure out how to make better use of the space in the great room, as there is currently a good bit of floor space that will be unusable other than walking over. The upstairs needs to just be repositioned as I really do not like the large space that you have to go through to get to the surrounding rooms. Hopefully with the restructuring, the roof design will be a little smoother to figure out.