Tri Resort


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This Resort I designed myself in my 12th grade drafting class after reading about hotel design in a book on the subject over the summer.

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Tri Resort

  1. 1. by JONCODY
  2. 2. Overall Views  The tower placement allows for higher ceilings over both the conference side and the spa side as well as providing great views to the surrounding areas.  Current tower design. Has approximately 1700 rooms. (I still have to add the doors, bathrooms, windows and floors to this section)  The top floor is floor 29. The yellow portion I plan on making the larger condo type suits, While the red section on the towers houses 6 larger rooms than in the wings. The circular tower houses 12 rooms per floor and is also home to 4 main elevators and 2 service elevators. The 6 rooms on the very top floor will be the more expensive presidential type suites or possibly the owners living quarters. The blue strip down the middle of the wings is covering a set of emergency stairs that also go back down the lower side. I may include another restaurant on the very top floor as well. each color show represents a different room style with the exception of the purple room halfway down the upward slops, I’m not really sure what I marked that one for. The red level was just to mark the middle segment that connects the side towers. as it also had a slightly different design.
  3. 3. Main Floor Overview  These next two slides show the overview of the entire first floor. The footprint of the hotel is approx . 13 acres. People have mentioned that this design looks a lot like an alien. But the design will more than likely change when I redesign the conference side of the hotel. Included in the design are spaces for several bars, or restaurants, plenty of meeting areas for a large variety of needs and recreational areas to accommodate guest of all ages.
  4. 4. Spa Design  These views are close ups of the spa, daycare and office area.  The spa has men's and women's massage rooms, saunas, therapeutic baths (which may change), lounges, and sport shops.  The large round circles with the smaller circles in the middle, was originally intended to be hot tubes and baths for separate genders. But I then thought that those kind of things are typically enjoyed by couples, so I may keep one and change the other into something else, or just have two identical sets of pools and baths.  There are 6 racquetball/ squash courts and an Olympic size indoor pool  The upper gym will have possible 12 lane bowling alley, 2 aerobic rooms, and a 22,000 sq ft work out area  Left of the spa is the daycare center and on the right has a teen recreation area.  The center part will host the lobby and probably a restaurant and shops but it's not completed yet.
  5. 5. This is the upper level of the spa which is a 22,000 Sq Ft workout area to meet the physical needs of the resort guest. The top portion is home to the cardio equipment while the empty space to the right and left will be home to the strength training equipment. The two circular rooms in the middle are the gym's offices that overlook the pool area below.
  6. 6. The lower half of the second floor is home to two large aerobic rooms as well as a 12 lane bowling alley. Also shown are a first aid office, a seminar room, and 2 sets of bathrooms. There are also two elevators shown to allow for handicapped people to also access the facilities.
  7. 7. This shows the six racquetball courts in the hotel. Between these courts is a juice bar to provide energy drinks and other beverages to the guest while they are in the spa.
  8. 8. This view of the spa is the entrance and has identical features on both sides specific for men or women. Each side includes, a steam room and sauna, a hair care salon, a sports shop, a lounge, 12 massage therapy rooms, and a locker room with showers and a changing area. The massage room layout may be changed as well to include couple therapy rooms.
  9. 9. This is the teen recreation center designed for young adults who are not interested in the spa or other activities in the resort. From the check in area there is a place to store personal belongings. Above that are the bathrooms, and then two sitting areas to watch TV. To the right of all of that, are two seating areas for people just to sit and hang out, or to enjoy a non alcoholic drink or snack from the bar. Also shown is an area for pool, darts, and table tennis as well as an arcade gaming area. And for those who like to dance, there is a designated party spot that may host a DJ or live music. In addition, but not shown, there is a full size basketball court available to use for those interested in sports.
  10. 10. This side of the spa area is home to the in house daycare center. From the check in desk, there are cubbies for kids to place their belongings. Above that are areas for toys, and children's books for those who like to read. To the left, is the arts and crafts section, and in the middle is an area for more toys and for puzzles and games. Also in this design is a place for napping, as well as a designated infant napping and play area. In addition, but not shown, an enclosed and supervised outdoor play area is available for kids to play and have fun in the warmer weather.
  11. 11. Central Offices
  12. 12. This is the view of the check in desk as well as the beginning of the first floor offices. As you can see, there are many check in stations to provide quick service to guest if the resort gets busy. This plan also features a safe deposit room, with two privacy rooms. On the left side, is the secretaries desk to serve the customers who come into the waiting room, while the right side is home to the Front Office Manager and work area.
  13. 13. The central section of the offices is home to the reservation department, telephone opperators, resort cashier and safe, the computer control room and several other managers.
  14. 14. This section shows the section devoted to the accounting work area, a vending area next to the stairs to the second floor, and the payroll manager. Shown on the outside of these offices are a coffee shop and gift shop for resort guest as well as public restrooms.
  15. 15. The second floor of offices is home to the upper management for the resort. This includes, the general mgr, executive assistant mgr, food and beverage mgr, and resident mgr. Central to these offices is a conference room for resort meetings as well as a copy center central to the secretaries.
  16. 16. The lower half of the offices is home to the Directors of Sales and Public relations as well as managers for catering, beverages, and banquets. There are also offices for 3 concierges', and plenty of space for the sales representatives. A glass enclosed atrium is in the middle to look down on the floor below.
  17. 17. Conference Side  Shown in the next few slides are the 5000 seat theater that can be divided up into 4 different size auditoriums depending on the needs of the group renting it. Each section is designed in such a way to provide a stage size appropriate to the type of presentation being given such as a concert or a simple lecture.  Also shown is the second floor of the conference rooms which will probably change to make better use of the space, as well as a space for another restaurant between the offices and theater.  2 banquet/ conference wings will also be designed to provide excellent space for meeting needs. Designs shown will likely be redesigned to create more options and functionality.
  18. 18. Four Theater Divisions
  19. 19. 2 small and one large division
  20. 20. 2 Medium size divisions
  21. 21. Full Theater
  22. 22. I designed the bathrooms way to big thinking there could be a lot of people, but they will be made smaller
  23. 23. Tower Design
  24. 24. This is the layout of the central tower's two room designs. In the middle are four guest elevators and 2 service elevators. The three emergency staircases are surrounding the elevator shaft.
  25. 25. The upper floor will have 6 large suites (in cyan) that overlap the wings mixed between three other rooms that will take the space of the two rooms found on other floors (not shown). The blue strip you see going down the side of the wing covers the emergency stairs that follow the slant of the wing.
  26. 26. This shows how the staircase is designed so that guest may quickly enter through the closest visible door and immediately descend down the stairs, and when they exit they can push through the right door and go around the corridor to the desired floor. I feel this is efficient because it enables guest to simply push open a door while entering or exiting, and in the case of a fire, the last door on the bottom floor will open into a quick escape route.
  27. 27. This shows the 3 larger style rooms on the wing support towers. Each support tower has 2 sets of emergency stairs as well as two guest elevators and one service elevator. The cyan side will be enclosed in a glass facade more than likely to look out over toward the central tower.
  28. 28. This is the 16th floor that connects the wings to the wing support towers. The design of this staircase is slightly different due to the change in floor design, the cyan areas connecting the sections will simply be a guest lounge area.
  29. 29. The rooms before the lounge are also a bit bigger than the regular rooms and are for guest who require a bit more space in their travels.