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Second Life and Social Media: Networking Gold Mine or Time Sink?


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An overview of how social media and Second Life can be used to productively network. Prominent recent examples involving Deepak Singh, Bora Zivkovic, Beth Ritter-Guth and others will be highlighted. Then Second Life content that enables collaboration, especially in chemistry, will be detailed. The presentation ends with an example of hyper-networking using FriendFeed.

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Second Life and Social Media: Networking Gold Mine or Time Sink?

  1. 1. Second Life and Social Media: Networking Gold Mine or Time Sink? Jean-Claude Bradley E-Learning Coordinator College of Arts and Sciences Associate Professor of Chemistry Drexel University Aug 18, 2008 American Chemical Society
  2. 2. ACS Member Network
  3. 3. Success Story #1 : Bora Zivkovic and PLoS ONE
  4. 4. Success Story #2 : Deepak Singh and Amazon Web Services
  5. 5. Success Story #3 : Beth Ritter-Guth aka Desideria Stockton and the Hotchkiss School
  6. 6. Open Primary Research in Drug Design using Web2.0 tools (blogs, wikis, Second Life, mailing lists) Docking Synthesis Testing Rajarshi Guha Indiana U JC Bradley Drexel U Phil Rosenthal UCSF (malaria) Dan Zaharevitz NCI (tumors) Tsu-Soo Tan Nanyang Inst.
  7. 7. Open Notebook Science: Where’s the Beef?
  8. 8. Link to Lab Notebook Page in Wiki
  9. 9. Link to Raw Data with JSpecView (data in JCAMP-DX format) (by Robert Lancashire)
  10. 10. How are people finding our experiments? NMR in TFA Phenylacetaldehyde c4h6o2 nmr methylene chloride/methanol h'nmr of benzophenone sulfuric acid pka tertbutylamine tosyl isocyanide amino furan dichloromethane polar? Reaction between Benzaldehyde and NaBH4 phosphoric acid pka veratraldehyde wiki kinetics boc deprotection Rf value in polar solvent why glycerol is immiscible with ether side reaction of imines 5.8 ppm nmr nmr cdcl3 chloroform side reaction diasterotopic wiki adding anhydrous MgSO4 to the dichlormethane ether extraction hnmr doublet of doublet Boc-protected NMR chromatotron recipe triplet cdcl3 "13c nmr" Specific Compounds Experimental Conditions
  11. 11. How are people finding UsefulChem? free downloading chemistry video organic chemistry project + high school how to make poster in second life organic chem. quiz 3d periodic tables animation protein docking docking animation why are acid-base reactions exothermic? lysosomal targets protease and malaria cheminformatics project proposal automated reactions malaria review project synthesis CHEMISTRY WEB 2.0 projects on QSAR & drug design chemistry experiment results database Educational Big Picture
  12. 12. A Search Finds a Student’s Experiment
  13. 16.
  14. 17. YouTube for demonstrating experimental set-up
  15. 18. Older Males Prefer Organic Chemistry!
  16. 19. What kind of people does one find in Second Life? Kate Sellar Finola Graves (ACS) Sandy Adam Georgianna Blackburn (Aldrich) Andrew Lang Hiro Sheridan (Oral Roberts U) ME! Jean-Claude Bradley Horace Moody (Drexel U)
  17. 20. Quiz Obelisks in Second Life (Eloise Pasteur)
  18. 21. Student Created Exhibits on ACS Island
  19. 22. Student Assignments in Second Life
  20. 23. Flying Around on a Molecule
  21. 24. Imine Formation Mechanism: talk to the molecules!
  22. 25. Interacting with NMR spectra (JCAMP-DX)
  23. 26. Talk to the spectrum: zoom 2.1-2.3 (Andy Lang)
  24. 27. Docking Demonstration on Drexel Island
  25. 28. Faculty “Offices” on Drexel Island
  26. 29. Bradley Lab on Drexel Island
  27. 30. Posters on Second Nature – with Bells
  28. 31. Conferences on Second Nature
  29. 32. ACS Island Kate Sellar (Finola Graves) - ACS April Orr (Lirpa Dagger) - ACS Jean-Claude Bradley (Horace Moody) - Drexel Andrew Lang (Hiro Sheridan) – Oral Roberts
  30. 33. Virtual Poster Area
  31. 34. Nanotubes and Felicene
  32. 35. Chemical Landmarks Museum (Sponsored by Sigma-Aldrich & CHF)
  33. 36. Chemical Landmarks Museum – HIV Exhibit
  34. 37. Resident Chemist Program: Hinestroza Lab
  35. 38. Rosania Lab
  36. 39. Amino World (Joan Slonczewski)
  37. 40. Sigma-Aldrich Chemistry Island
  38. 41. Networking on Steroids: FriendFeed
  39. 42. Conclusions <ul><li>Second Life is just a communication vehicle with a critical number of users </li></ul><ul><li>Focus on content not the platform </li></ul><ul><li>Engage the community </li></ul><ul><li>In a Science2.0 world redundancy is king </li></ul>Panel and Contributors Andrew Lang (Oral Roberts U) April Orr (ACS) Sandy Adam (Sigma Aldrich) Kate Sellar (ACS)