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Content Cross-promotion


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Classify your cross-linking strategy. People first finds your content because someone else links to you, but they find the rest of your content because you link to yourself. This presentation suggests classifying cross-linking strategies as nebulas, asteroids, solar systems, black holes, or constellations.

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Content Cross-promotion

  1. 1. Content Cross-Promotion PodCamp DC, 4/19/2008 Jennifer Berk
  2. 2. Once... ... your content was on your website. • Maybe you had a list there of stories published elsewhere. • Maybe you created a photo gallery, by hand or with software you installed. Now...
  3. 3. Darren Barefoot’s image of the Social Media Starfish (Robert Scoble)
  4. 4. That’s a lot of arms for a starfish.
  5. 5. And really it’s worse (better?) than that.
  6. 6. Peter Corbett’s Social Media Ecology
  7. 7. So where’s my content? Um. Everywhere?
  8. 8. Loic Le Meur’s social map – all the applications he uses
  9. 9. How do people first find my content? Someone links to you.