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How motivated is your team? Going beyond the traditional performance management

A practical workshop introducing 5 techniques that we can use to assess the level of happiness and engagement in our teams as well as explore what factors (positive and negative) are impacting the teams. Some of these techniques can be used as a modern and richer techniques augmenting our standard performance management approach.

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How motivated is your team? Going beyond the traditional performance management

  1. 1. www. .xyz#trpm15 www. .xyz MOTIVATED PEOPLE José Casal @jose_casal “expanding our horizons – connect, develop, progress”
  4. 4. www. .xyz KUDOS SAY 1. Think of someone at work you would like to send kudos 2. Fill in one of the kudos cards 3. Place it on the kudos wall BEFORE WE START... Source:
  5. 5. www. .xyz HAPPINESSINDEX 1. Write your happiness level (1 to 5) on a post-it. 5 for the best day ever. 1 for a pretty miserable day. 2. Write why you are felling like this 3. Place it on the happinesswall Source:
  6. 6. www. .xyz MOTIVATORS MOVING 1. Order by importance, from Left (least important) to Right (most important) 2. Order by impactof change. Up for positive. Down for negative 3. Reflect and compare Source:
  7. 7. www. .xyz SATISFACTION JOB 1. Complete the 12 question survey 2. Reflect on & discuss individual responses 3. Build group-wide metricsand trends for systemic insights Source:
  8. 8. www. .xyz WASTE SNAKE 1. Write a sticky describingsomethingyou consider to be wasteful, but that you have to do 2. Include your initialsand the amountof time wasted 3. Add it to the snake wall at the end of the chain 4. Use the waste snake as part of a retrospective Source:
  9. 9. www. .xyz “ “A bad system will beat a good person every time – W Edwards Deming …then we need more system reviews and fewer performance appraisals
  10. 10. www. .xyz#trpm15 www. .xyz THANKS
  11. 11. www. .xyz CREDITS & FURTHER READING Kudos Cards Crisp Happiness Index & Moving Motivators & & Employee Engagement prog-job-satisfaction/ Waste Snake & Investment Ladders http://agile- & ladders/ Staff Liquidity liquidity-1-of-n/