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Wonder bread


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Wonder bread

  1. 1. Wonder BreadTHE STAPLE OF SOCIETY by Jay Carvin
  2. 2. $avings Wonder bread is not only affordable. Typically, it takes the cake for the cheapest dough on the shelf. In a society like ours where most families are pinching pennies… Wonder bread saves the day.
  3. 3. Convenience It’s easy to find. It’s sold just about everywhere. Unlike specialty breads, Wonder bread covers all the bases… It pairs well with just about any meat and any condiment. Why rush to finish the loaf? Wonder bread’s delightful preservatives keep it staying fresh longer than just about any other brand. Relax. It’ll be fine next week. It lasts longer so you don’t have to make those extra trips to the store.
  4. 4. Health Fiber  Each slice has 10% your daily value of fiber. Hello digestion. Calcium  2 slices gets you the same amount of calcium as an 8 oz. glass of milk Vitamin D  This body buddy helps you maintain the right level of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin E  Each slice gives you 5% of your daily value… This powerful antioxidant protects cells in your nerves, blood vessels, and muscles.
  5. 5. Happiness The Wonder bread family bestows a marvelous collection of recipes online.  Breakfast, sandwiches, appetizers, dinner, and even desserts …all of them infused with the miracle ingredient, Wonder bread. Recipes for family fun can also be found on the Wonder bread site.  Exciting arts and crafts projects to bring the whole family together…  Making potato stamps!  Making popsicle stick frames!  Even making clay out of glue and bread… wonder bread of course.
  6. 6. The Most Valuable Bread of All It is NO WONDER that Wonder bread is the best of ‘em all. See you in the grocer’s isle!