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Future S T Forecasts Dr James Canton Ceo Chairman Global Futurist


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This keynote from Dr. James Canton, CEO Institute for Global Futures, is part of a ten year forecast of leading-edge technologies that will transform markets, humans and society. For more see

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Future S T Forecasts Dr James Canton Ceo Chairman Global Futurist

  1. 1. Future S&T Forecasts Dr. James Canton CEO & Chairman
  2. 2. Institute for Global Futures Forecast Emerging Trends • Think Tank • Advise Fortune 1000 • Global Risk Analysis • Analytic Forecasting • Innovation Strategy
  3. 3. Worldwide Clients
  4. 4. Forecasting Models •Proprietary Computer and Network based Analytic engines •Environmental scanning •Conduct primary and analyze secondary research
  5. 5. Welcome to the Extreme Future
  6. 6. Extreme Future: More Risk More Opportunity !A highly multidimensional world of complex trends
  7. 7. Challenge: Navigate Extreme Future
  8. 8. World of 2020 8
  9. 9. Top Global Risk on GDP & Multinational • Energy • Population • Food • Water • Health • Ecology • GWOT
  10. 10. Global Population By 2020, 95% of World’s 8 Billion People will Live in Developing Nations
  11. 11. Fertility Rates Dropping Total Fertility Rate by Country Fertility in Every Developed Country has Fallen Beneath the Replacement Rate of 2.1 UN 1997
  12. 12. An Older World
  13. 13. Future Productivity Crisis: More Jobs then Workers Immigration & birthrates will not keep pace with GDP demands Impact on: •Global Security •Productivity •Quality of life
  14. 14. US Workforce 2020 • More Jobs then Workers • Over 50% Women • One third minority • Large Hispanic population • Knowledge Enabled • Global outsourcing
  15. 15. By 2020: Most mega-cities in developing world—EcoFault risk
  16. 16. Global Megacities The World of 2020 will have 100 Megacities with more than 10 Million People Each
  17. 17. Possible 2020 Disruption Forecast The clash between the rich aging developed world and the poor young ethnic developing world 17
  18. 18. Possible 2020 Disruption Forecast Wealth gaps between not only the haves and have not nations but populations within nations like Asia & India will drive social unrest 18
  19. 19. Possible Disruption Forecast 2020 Current energy resources will not keep pace with population growth or GDP—strategic implications? 19
  20. 20. Possible 2020 Disruption Forecast Over one quarter of gross world product is made by ten cities today But this economic power may shift to Asia in the future—implications? 20
  21. 21. Possible 2020 Disruption Forecast Cities and planet’s carrying capacity to feed, clean, cloth, house and economically sustain 1-2 Billion more people is questionable. 21
  22. 22. Innovation: Key Driver of Global GDP
  23. 23. 1/3 of US GDP is Innovation Driven
  24. 24. Global Innovation Economy • Key driver of competitive advantage, wealth and prosperity • Fusion of talent & science • America leads
  25. 25. NextGen Science Convergence
  26. 26. New Systems Science NBICQ Modeling Biological Metaphors in Computing Bioinfomatics In Silico Biology Genetic / BioMed Proteomics
  27. 27. Quantum Modeling of Nano-Materials Quantum Modeling of meta-scale nanostructured catalysts, nano- crystals, and membranes enables investigation into unique molecular forms with substantial cost savings over conventional material solutions
  28. 28. Knowledge-Engineering Key Properties: Living Photonic Systems as Electronic Biofoundry Mechnical Chemical Genetic Magnification Dynamic Agent Controlled Replication Material Patterning / Materials Harvest / Structural Systems “Biocomponents”
  29. 29. Synthetic Biology Synthetic Biology Building Blocks > Biological Systems Architectures
  30. 30. Neural Futures
  31. 31. Conquering Disease at the Atomic Scale: Designed Care • From InSilico Biology, to Molecular Delivery, to Intracellular NanoBiology • The Evolution of Applied NanoMedicine
  32. 32. Life Extension: Personalized Med
  33. 33. Space Futures Industrialization of Space – the next Economic Paradigm Energy Harvesting Specialized Materials Space Pharma
  34. 34. Summary must accelerate social quot;Science innovations is next gen systems science quot;Key connection to science and quot;Direct democracy, security, economic growth, prosperity private/public coordination quot;Better
  35. 35. Convergence: Future of Mega Cities