Creating Book Talks Using Voicethread
Upgrade for a Free Account
Your Voicethread Home Page
Creating a Voicethread Presentation
Uploading Images to Create Pages
Uploading Images
Creating Identities and  Adding Comments
Creating Identities
Creating Identities
Adding Comments
Adding Comments
Adding Comments
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Creating A Voicethread Book Talk


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Voicethread Tutorial for English Language Arts Teachers

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Voicethread is a powerful new way to share images, documents and voice files. It’s very easy to create book talk presentations using voicethread.
  • First, you must set up an account. To get your free voicethread account simply register at
  • On your account page, click the button to “view upgrade options.”
  • Upgrade to a K-12 account by filling out some information about your school, and then clicking on the link that will be sent to your e-mail address.
  • Your “MyVoice” page is your Home Page. You will see thumbnails of each of your Voicethread presentations as well as other public voicethreads such as tutorials.
  • Click on the “Create” tab to begin making your own voicethread presentations.
  • Click on “my computer” to upload an image. When the image is loaded, you can add a title and a link.
  • Continue uploading images for each page on your presentation.
  • To create identities and add audio to your presentation, click the comment button on the Create page.
  • You will see a symbol representing your identity in the bottom left corner of the page. You can upload an image to replace the symbol like the example you see here. You will use your identity to create other identities for students in your class.
  • Click on your identity. This will open another window where you can create identities for your students. These identities will allow them to create their own comments.
  • Once you’ve created student identities, you’re ready to have students record or type their book talks. You can create an audio file by using a microphone or webcam by clicking “record” or you can click “type” to type in your commentary.
  • After students comment, their identity symbols will appear next to the page on which they commented. This is an example of a page where the student has recorded her book talk.
  • After the book talk has been recorded, other students can comment on the presentation. When they do, their symbols will appear on the page also.
  • There are many other applications for voicethread technology. Take some time to experiment and have fun sharing.
  • Creating A Voicethread Book Talk

    1. 1. Creating Book Talks Using Voicethread
    2. 3. Upgrade for a Free Account
    3. 5. Your Voicethread Home Page
    4. 6. Creating a Voicethread Presentation
    5. 7. Uploading Images to Create Pages
    6. 8. Uploading Images
    7. 9. Creating Identities and Adding Comments
    8. 10. Creating Identities
    9. 11. Creating Identities
    10. 12. Adding Comments
    11. 13. Adding Comments
    12. 14. Adding Comments
    13. 15. Be Creative!