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  1. 1. Assignment: You should now have your career plan well defined. The next step is to develop aneducational plan to make it come true. If you need an AA or AAS (2 year degree) or certificateto complete your plan then this is your educational goal, if you need a bachelors degree (4 yeardegree) to complete your plan then this will be your educational goal. In either case you need aneducational plan; this plan will consist of three parts. Complete the following questions andattached this document to your Education Plan drop box: (if you have not chosen a major yet,choose one that you may be interested in) 1. Question: What is the title of your career and what is your job title? (example, Career title – Criminal Justice, Job title – Police Officer.) Answer: Graphics Designer 2. Question: How long will it take you realistically to complete your degree or certificate? (Create a timeline). Answer: 2-3 years for my bachelors. 3. Assignment: Attach a copy of your official Education Plan (electronic version). (You will get this plan from your Student or Faculty Advisor). Open your Electronic version of your Educational Plan and put your cursor next to "Answer” then take a Screenshot of your Electronic Education Plan. To do this go to the “Insert” Tab and select Screenshot you will be able to select your open Educational Plan, click on it and it will insert where your cursor is). Answer: Professor Leith, I told you that I was going to freestyle it because I didn’t have the time to meet with an advisor.