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  1. 1. Jelani Cameron Chapter 4Why is it important to ask and answer questions?Asking questions helps you focus your thinking. Answering questions turnsinformation to useful material to help achieve goals.What are different ways to question effectively? Give an example of each!Make sure you’re aware of your question, and you have a purpose for asking thatquestion. Also, be motivated to ask questions so you can learn something new andachieve your goals in life. Finally, question in different ways; such as, analytically,creatively, or practically.What are three types of thinking skills and how can you enrich these skills?First, I can enrich my analytical thinking skills by using different sources to gatherinformation. Secondly, I can improve my creative thinking skills by generatingoriginal ideas without judgment or hesitation. Finally, I can improve my practicalthinking by using my academic knowledge in real life situation.Give examples of each.To begin, I used my analytical thinking skills today to find out when were thesevery limited shoes going to release and found out that only 60 pairs releases inSouth Florida tomorrow morning. Second, I applied my creative thinking bycoming up with my upcoming clothing line Retro Livin’. Finally, I’m using mypractical thinking by going to school for as long as I can to increase my chances ofgetting a well-paying job.