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  1. 1. Jelani Cameron LeithMazzochi SLS1001 Thursday/5-6:15pm How Can Preparation Improve Test Performance?Preparation is the key to great test performance. Once you’ve identified theTest’s type, all you have to do is study. Although I say study like it’s easy, it’sreally not. There are many additional preparation ideas that I’ll be discussing later.Good test performance consists of many different types of preparation.First off, to start preparing you must confirm the topics and materials thatyou need to study by discussing what type of questions will be on your test withyour professor. Also, find out what supplemental materials you can bring to the testsuch as, cheat sheet, notes, calculator, dictionary, etc. Talking to someone whohave already taken the course should be very helpful, or if you have already takenit yourself look at old class work or tests if possible. Finally, when the professortells you she/he will be going over the review make sure you attend class that daycause more than likely you’ll be missing out on something very important. Secondly, make sure you create a study schedule. For example, confirm thetest details, such as time, location, supplies etc. Also, if you have the Keys ToSuccess in chapter 7 there’s this “journalists’ six questions” to create a study planyou can use. Furthermore, using a study schedule just consists of being active. Finally, now I’ll discuss the additional preparation ideas. Every now and
  2. 2. then you can make and take practice tests, but challenge yourself. Also, work aloneand with a study group. Final exam week is important so I’d advise you to plantime for extra effort. Finally, get prepared by getting a good sleep at night and ahealthy breakfast in the morning. To conclude, studying one day before the test for thirty minutes doesn’tmean you’re prepared. Preparation consists of hard work, time management, andstaying healthy physically and mentally.