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Investor pitch deck for Bmark.

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  • Good evening everyone. My name is Justin Butlion. I’m originally from Port Elizabeth, South Africa and I made aliyah 9 years ago. This is my co-founder Gil Tankus who is a Canadian citizen and has been in Israel since he was 7. We are excited to present our startup, Bmark to you tonight and hope you enjoy our presentation.
  • We are all spending more and more time online and being exposed to dozens of videos, articles, songs and posts. Unfortunately most of this content is not relevant and becomes noise.
  • Power users like Mike, who is super passionate about Barcelona Football club need to be connected to numerous online communities, blogs and media sites to keep up with the latest information.
  • Everyday Mike has to scan through all the content being shown to find the golden nuggets which bring him real value. This process is time consuming, frustrating and its only getting worse. Bmark brings you these golden nuggets automatically, all in one place. So lets see how we do this.
  • Everyday millions of people are filtering out the best of the Internet through bookmarking. Our plan is to leverage this collective filtering by crowd sourcing user’s bookmarks.
  • Bmark provides efficient ways for users to bookmark their favorite content into folders so they are organized. Users can also easily import their existing favorites into Bmark, which allows us to provide highly relevant recommendations from day one, something our competition can’t do.
  • Thanks to the constant flow of quality content being bookmarked by users across all platforms, Bmark can provide the most popular relevant recommendations possible.
  • So lets see Bmark in action and how we help Mike discover the best of his web.We are still with our friend Mike who has come across an interesting article on his idol, Leo Messi and decides to save the article.Mike clicks on the Bmark icon which opens up the service. Mike can now quickly select a folder in his account and bmark the page. He selects his Barcelona folder and clicks bookmark.The real magic behind Bmark is in its highly personalized recommendations which are presented to Mike on his main Bmark page.As you can see Mike is shown 5 recommendations directly related to his interests. He can immediately click on any of these recommendations and view the content without ever leaving the page.If this is of no interest to Mike, one extra click will bring him the next personalized recommendation.Wow, Mike is excited about this new discovery and bmarks it into his barcelona folder.Mike has become bored with his music playlist and is looking for some new tunes to spice it up. Mike knows that his good friend David has great taste in music and decides to check out David’s latest bmarks.Mike spots a popular track of Jay-Z, views the music video and bmarks it in his music folder.So that’s what Bmark looks like, lets see the business side.
  • Bmark’s main competitors are StumbleUpon, Flipboard, Zite and Outbrain. All of our competition provides recommendations by analyzing your browsing behavior and with the help of complex algorithms. Bmark’s crowd sourcing approach leverages filtering by real people and provides more relevant recommendations then a purely algorithmic approach ever will.
  • Brands like ESPN, SkySports and even Barcelona football club are spending millions of dollars every year trying to promote their brands and content online. Bmark offers advertisers a way to promote their content directly to their target audience at the most critical time, when they are actively looking for more information and media related to the advertisers niche.
  • Advertisers that use Bmark also have a unique opportunity to reach a large audience for a low cost. User’s which re-bookmark promoted content and share it with their friends can help make the content go viral resulting in huge exposure for the advertiser for no extra cost.
  • We are a team of 2. I’m the business/product and marketing side of Bmark while Gil handles the technical and development aspect of the business. I spent 3 years working in the technical support department at LivePerson and Gil has 5 years of experiencing working as a backend developer for numerous start-ups.
  • Bmark Pitch Deck

    1. 1. Discover the best of your web
    2. 2. Mike loves Barcelona Football Club
    3. 3. Smart Bookmarking Music VideoRead Later Movies
    4. 4. Demo
    5. 5. Analyzing Browsing Behavior Crowd Sourcing Bookmarks
    6. 6. The Business Model
    7. 7. Barcelona FC
    8. 8. The TeamJustin Butlion Gil TankusCEO CTO
    9. 9.
    10. 10. Thank You