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Avoiding chartjunk and slideuments Canadian Evaluation Society Conference 2013


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This is my Avoiding Chartjunk and Slideuments presentation from CES 3013. Thanks to all attending!

John Burrett

Published in: Design, Technology, Education
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Avoiding chartjunk and slideuments Canadian Evaluation Society Conference 2013

  1. 1. Avoiding “chartjunk”and “slideuments”Principles for visualpresentation ofdata and findings
  2. 2. Science and RigourCommunication
  3. 3. 70%Iconic memoryWorking memoryPreattentive processing“Chunks” of memory
  4. 4. Sales (US $)North AmericaEuropeSouth AmericaAsiaCentral AmericaMiddle East
  5. 5. 050000100000150000200000250000300000350000400000450000500000Sales (US $)0 200 400 600North AmericaEuropeSouth AmericaAsiaCentral AmericaMiddle EastThousandsSales (US $)Sales (US $)North America 489,384Europe 273,854South America 243,998Asia 134,847Central America 128,054Middle East 75,987Africa 34,8561,380,980Sales (US $)North AmericaSouth AmericaCentral AmericaEuropeAsiaMiddle EastAfrica
  6. 6. Real Time VisualAnalyticsTalking face to face with your data
  7. 7. D
  8. 8. Slideuments• Slideuments are documents viewed withpresentation software– If you have 75 words you have a document– If you have 50 words, your slide deck is ateleprompter• Presentations should focus on the presenter andher ideas and concepts– Slides should reinforce the content visually ratherthan create distraction– This allows the audience to focus comfortably on both
  9. 9. 30% use parks yearly25% occasionallyPeople already love the parks system
  10. 10. People already love the parks system30% use parks yearly25% occasionally
  11. 11. - Here is a sample slide- I made up the statistics- But the point is how the slide supports the messageYour slidesNotes for you only Handouts for later
  12. 12. 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35%Dont KnowNeverSeldomOccasionallyYearlyPark Use 2011
  13. 13. Simple Works!• Succinct text• Crisp thoughts• Big ideas• Clear mnemonic• Relieved audience
  14. 14. The Hero’sJourney
  15. 15. The Hero’s Journey
  16. 16. Am I reallygoing to doall ofthat???
  17. 17. A creative process ….
  18. 18. Know your audience….
  19. 19. PRINCIPLES
  20. 20. Questions?