Our Mission.Connect the world’s professionalsto make them more productive and successful
Connections drive success             learning             skills                                   excellence            ...
Enablement200M+ Members   Worldwide 7 M Director+ $83K Average    Income71% Graduates
Your profile to the world
The Brand Called You
Professional vs. Personal NetworksContext Matters                                                             I want to se...
A content rich experience
9M+      Content Uploads                        11
That works where you work
Seamlessly across devices
Because knowledge is power    “       SURVIVAL SKILLS 101           for the next           FIVE YEARS         DERIVING    ...
Connecting brands with professionals           media                                     poll/content ads                 ...
Is Your Brand In?
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions preview
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions preview
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LinkedIn Marketing Solutions preview


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A brief preview of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

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  • Identity Insights EverywhereI will cover off how :Important everyone’s professional profile is in driving relevance for them in a connected world. How this relevance and professional social connection increases the sharing of insights, and how Linkedin is THE catalyst for enabling this fundamental shift in human behavior through our business strategy and access to this stream of opportunity through any device
  • The words written on this slide are statement sound bites from a recent research piece we ran with TNS. Asking people to cite the key attributes to success in their careers and professional lives.It is all about being connected., participants stated that:  On a professional network, the desire to build knowledge and strengthen identity pushes users to be more purposeful and goal oriented. Thereforepeople actually expect to receive updates and receive information from companies and brands, The professional mindset is aspirational and long-term relationship building, versus personal networks, where a brand experience is generally more transactional.  Let’s talk aboutLinkedin facilitating these networks
  • In map –engineers built on our hack day, visualisation of clusters of data for my professional network as I change jobs.This is the map of my professional network – (Jon Williams’ map). A visual depiction of my 700+ connections; clustered in groups. Here are my connections from business school (red), my connections while at Microsoft (blue), connections to agencies and partners (orange). Each of these nodes represents how I’m connected to this person, and how they are connected into my broader network. Each of these nodes also has a network outside of my network. So my 1st degree connections are 700+, 2nd degree (connections of connections), are 70K+, and 3rd degree are 2M+.  These networks are unique to each of our 160M+ members – growing at a rate of two new members every second, in 17 languages – making LinkedIn the largest professional network in the world. But it’s not just scale – it’s quality at scale that matters.  Our users are the most influential, educated and affluent on the web.  And we see the value prop strongly applies to our most senior audiences. Our data shows the more senior you are, the more connected you are with VPs/Partners/CxOs having more connections than any other segment. With this quality of network growth, we are now at a point where we can deliver not just information, but provide information that people can act on. Purposeful engagement, and relevant info and insights define what consumers want on LinkedIn. And understanding this mindset and behavior is key to engaging a high quality audience.Profiles change the way people will work.
  • Professional profile – identity Driving InsightsPeople Aim to Connect… Find … and be Found. When anyone searches for you, this is what they find.Which means this is the cleanest procured available data set of professionals in the world. Which powers our incredible insight capability.This drives relevant engagement and promulgation of specific polished soundbites, connections with a purpose and shared learning. Representing your professional brand, your identity is the starting point for our audience, the more accurate this is the more utility within the platform and the more senior people are the more we are seeing their utilization of the platform and connectivity to people and business’sFrom a business perspective this obviously also enables us with incredible targeting capability so that we stay true to value exchange at all levels within this environment. Further engagement is driven by content that we procure on Linkedin:
  • Just to understand in great conteext,Linkedin has moved from a “job board” to a channel for content consumption
  • People like you…
  • Theme: Mobility Usage people need accA key part of our strategy, and a big part of our value proposition is mobility.. We have to work everywhere our members work and we are part of their everyday life Our expansion across platforms means that we are delivering a seamless experience – and that marketers can engage in the right way, on the right platform.  See how the usage patterns across our platforms diverge. We see a spike in the morning when traffic on LinkedIn.com – accepting connections, checking LinkedIn Today… then it trails off toward the end of the day. On iPad we see a lot of traffic first thing in the morning, with the peak later in the evening. To understand this, you have to see how the LNKD experience is unique to mobile and PC. in the morning, with the peak later in the evening. To understand this, you have to see how the iPad experience is unique to mobile and PC.
  • The iPad lets us create a new experience from scratch – we took all of the assets and data and built a new user experience. We wanted a simplified way for professionals to start their day with a dashboard. [Here’s real data about my LinkedIn today.]One key area is news, highly relevant to my profession. You can flip through comments, articles, and posts that are relevant to me. Another cut of data: What are co-workers reading? Second, we connected the iPad app into your calendar. This lets me see the kinds of people I'm meeting with, profiles of those people, professional details to have a meaningful connection… great way to connect in those conversations.Finally, people news. What's happening in my network? Who's promoted? Who changed jobs? All of these events give me an opportunity to reach out.With a rich, simple, relevant iPad experience, we were the #1 app in the app store. In first 2 weeks, we had more downloads than the North America circulation of the Economist. And we are just getting started.
  • Leading with insights, driving effective customer engagement and attracting and retaining talent are critical for every organization. (The recurring theme and quote from IBM CEO study). LinkedIn can help.  Our platform applies to the many hats you all wear – as trusted strategists to current clients, as aggressive pursuers of new business growth and as employers in a fiercely competitive marketplaceStay competitive, you have to make fast smart decisions to stay ahead.
  • Data: targeting, analytics, research, insights Underpins everything that we do and powers all activity – then transition into build and talk to each segment.Media: LinkedIn Ads, Display, Poll/Content Ads, Social AdsSocial: Company pages, groupsIntegration: Plug-ins, APIsTargeted capability – Activity. Behavioral/ share/ like/ comment/ trigger based targeting, company updates etc. New college grads/ job changersHyundai – Blue Kai overlays for behavioral when talk about mediaAmex opt in API sign to use data from profile to drive personalized offers to you and networkThrough LinkedIn, you and your clients can reach highly targeted, high quality audiences in the most relevant ways – and build direct relationships with the people that will drive your business; whether it is a customer, a prospect, a community. We let brands participate through media, but also we enable your brand to develop direct, ongoing relationships with audiences that matter most – and these relationships extend the value of the LinkedIn network to your site and across the web, on any device. We have a rich and expanding ecosystem of API’s that lets you bring LinkedIn insights into your businesses.
  • What’s coming sectionLinkedIn platform will be evolving quickly over next 3-6 months.API for co pagesIntegration with slideshareGroup opportunity expansion (like Citi)We’ve introduced SlideShare, a technology that allows you to embed presentations – and will be key part of our content ecosytem. This opens up a great way for B2B marketers to reach out to their network with content. SlideShare is the new whitepaper. Also content is highly discoverable and becomes viral, use it against the professional graph. The possibilities for reach to extend are amazing given the graph. •Identity – We have the world’s most affluent and influential audience connected to a social graphThis drives incredible insights and analytics that they are keen to absorb and we are keen to work with you to harnessIt is growing at a rate of 2 per second and on all devices,how can we partner more closely to enable the brands and companies that you work with to exchange value and build business on Linkedin.
  • LinkedIn Marketing Solutions preview

    1. 1. Our Mission.Connect the world’s professionalsto make them more productive and successful
    2. 2. Connections drive success learning skills excellence money exposure knowledge connected career Hard work rewards progress focus goals recognition happiness achievement worklifebalance
    3. 3. Enablement200M+ Members Worldwide 7 M Director+ $83K Average Income71% Graduates
    4. 4. Your profile to the world
    5. 5. The Brand Called You
    6. 6. Professional vs. Personal NetworksContext Matters I want to see brands that I use to: …improve myself professionally 15% …help me to make business decisions 10% Higher association with …gain advice / recommendations 5% ‘professional’ networks …express my personality 4% Higher association with …follow personal interests 6% ‘personal’ social networks…meet my entertainment needs 10% Source: Q23 – Types of brands / products / companies would expect to see on site | Normalised data | Base: Professional 7 (n=5204) Personal (n=8692)
    7. 7. ContentJobs
    8. 8. A content rich experience
    9. 9. 9M+ Content Uploads 11
    10. 10. That works where you work
    11. 11. Seamlessly across devices
    12. 12. Because knowledge is power “ SURVIVAL SKILLS 101 for the next FIVE YEARS DERIVING will be INSIGHT ” AHEAD OF PEERS -IBM CEO Study 2012
    13. 13. Connecting brands with professionals media poll/content ads social adsintegration plug-ins LinkedIn ads display APIs social groups data targeting company pages insights research analytics
    14. 14. Is Your Brand In?