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Introduction to using Grunt & Bower with WordPress theme development


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A presentation given at the Melbourne WordPress developers meet-up in August 2014. It was meant as a simple introduction to how you can incorporate Grunt & Bower into your development workflow.

You can grab the example files here -

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Introduction to using Grunt & Bower with WordPress theme development

  1. 1. @jamesbundey (because who has the time to read the documentation) Getting started with Grunt & WordPress, & throw in a bit of Bower
  2. 2. @jamesbundey What is Grunt? • Javascript task runner using plugins that are installed via npm (Node Packaged Modules) and the node.js package manager • Utilise a wide range of plugins • Automate repetitive and mundane tasks • Speed up workflow and development • Find out more at
  3. 3. @jamesbundey What is Bower? • Package manager for frameworks, libraries & assets • Works by fetching packages remotely and installing them locally • Speeds up workflow • Find out more at
  4. 4. @jamesbundey Getting Started • Step 1 - You’re going to need to do the following; • Download and install Node.js - • Install Git - • Step 2 • Get familiar and comfortable with the command line. • Step 3 • Install Grunt - npm install -g grunt-cli • Install Bower - npm install -g bower
  5. 5. @jamesbundey Setting up Grunt • Grunt works on a per-project basis • Create a package.json file in your theme folder - this is going to hold your plugin information { "name": "my-project-name", "version": "1.0.0", } • Install the latest version of Grunt npm install grunt --save-dev
  6. 6. @jamesbundey
  7. 7. @jamesbundey Add Packages • Your package.json file is updated { "name": "my-project-name", "version": “1.0.0", "devDependencies": { "grunt": "^0.4.5" } } • Add plugins as required depending on workflow and requirement npm install <plugin name> • Once added you can use this file as a blueprint for every project - just remember to npm install <plugin name> —-save -dev • Once you’re happy install your plugins npm install
  8. 8. @jamesbundey
  9. 9. @jamesbundey • Create Gruntfile.js - this is going to run your tasks. module.exports = function(grunt) { // Project configuration. grunt.initConfig({ pkg: grunt.file.readJSON('package.json'), // Add Grunt plugin tasks here }); // Load the plugin that provides the task. grunt.loadNpmTasks(‘plugin-name'); // Default task(s). grunt.registerTask('default', [‘plugin_task']); };
  10. 10. @jamesbundey Setting up Bower • Create bower.json file in your theme folder and define options as required. - bower init • Add packages as required bower install <package git name> --save bower install <package git name> --save-dev • Once set-up this file can be moved from project to project
  11. 11. @jamesbundey Allow me to demonstrate
  12. 12. @jamesbundey Using Gruntfile.js to grab packages from Bower.json file
  13. 13. @jamesbundey Copying my Bower package files into my theme structure
  14. 14. @jamesbundey Setting up my default Grunt process with my theme & creating output files
  15. 15. @jamesbundey Using Grunt Watch to run my Grunt process and update files as I modify my theme
  16. 16. @jamesbundey Resources • Some great articles I’ve found useful • hard/ • grunt/ • development-deployments/
  17. 17. @jamesbundey Questions? CONNECT WITH ME @jamesbundey