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Obesity in the united states


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CAP 100 Research Presentation

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Obesity in the united states

  1. 1. Jamie Budzinski
  2. 2.  Obesity has hit an all time high ◦ “Researchers predict that, if current trends continue, more than half of Americans will be obese by 2030”  Melgren 2011 According to “F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future 2011” ◦ Adult obesity rates have seen increases across the board in 16 states and there hasn’t been a decline in any state. Obesity can be reversed through a series of plans and policies, we just have to make it happen!
  3. 3. Top Ten States with Top Ten States withHighest Obesity Rating Lowest Obesity Rating1. West Virginia 1. Colorado2. Delaware 2. Utah3. Mississippi 3. Connecticut4. Louisiana 4. California5. South Carolina 5. Rhode Island6. Indiana 6. Massachusetts7. North Dakota 7. New Jersey8. Oklahoma 8. Nevada9. Kentucky 9. Minnesota10. Ohio 10. Florida
  4. 4. >30 Percent 25%-30% 20%-25% 15%-20% 10%-15% <10% No Data2009 Map of the United States
  5. 5. African Americans:Topped 40% in 15 States Latinos:Topped 35% in 4 states Whites:Topped 30% in 4 states
  6. 6.  Choices adults make impact their kids Physical activity ◦ 30 minutes/ 3 days a week Take Responsibility! If they like video games: ◦ Use Xbox Kinect/Wii Fit
  7. 7. Fight the Epidemic Success is Possible
  8. 8.  Obesity can be reversed ◦ Healthier food choices ◦ Crack down on outside vendors in schools Change ◦ Exercise everyday! Walk and ride bicycles Everyone is responsible for their own health ◦ Keep costs down by doing your part!
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