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The Best WordPress Image Grids Plugins


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Presentation for WordCamp Toronto 2015 Oct 3rd and 4th.
Assesses the importance of images and media in WordPress and two premium plugins for creating a variety of Image Grids.

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The Best WordPress Image Grids Plugins

  1. 1. 6 Key WordPress Success Factors 1) Effective Website Layout & User Interactions 2) Easy Access to and Presentation of Data 3) Media/Image Refinement and Layout 4) Ease of change of style and features 5) Easy to operate and update 6) Security & reliability of the WP Package WordPress has become the Web's OS Like Apple, WP Developers can say “there is a plugin for that”
  2. 2. The Web Age of Visual Images l 1 -There are 2 billion cameras in the world today. l 2 - 10% of all images taken by humans were done in last year. l 3 - Images convey info, mood, style instantly. l 4 - Images have catapulted social media like Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook to prominence. l 5 - Pages with relevant images have 94% more total views. l 6 - Interactive images with video, animations, and links l + attract more users l + act as visual sitemaps to a website l 7 - 67% of users say the quality of a product image is very important in selecting and purchasing. l 8 - Search results with an image get 60% higher use.
  3. 3. Image Grids – What are they? l Image Grids displays a gallery of media l Used when many images are on tabular display
  4. 4. Image Grids - Why they matter I l l Image Usage on All the Worlds Websites
  5. 5. Image Grids - Why they matter 2 l l 1 - Image grids are used in portfolios, photo galleries, product layouts, testimonials, people lists, etc. l 2 - Images help reduce the bounce rate. l 3 - Images improve conversion rates. l 4 - Image grids help pull users below the foldline. l 5 - Image grids can act as a second menu or Visual Sitemap for a website. l 6 - Image grids with lightboxes can tell a story and pack an info punch.
  6. 6. Image Grids != Sliders l Image grids are 2 dimensional, sliders 1 l l l l l l l l Image grids have some animation, sliders have lots more. l Image grids emulate slider's use of click links & text captioning.
  7. 7. Image Grid Trends 20+ free+premium Image Grid plugins l plugins/ - Very mixed capabilities and user ratings on free versions - Compare to hot free slider plugins and frontend plugins + Responsive design is consistently provided + Lightbox support for most grids + Captioning supported in lightbox and some on-grid - Few support for image sources beyond WP Gallery - Some support for Page/Post using featured images - Some support for Masonry/Isotope layout - Few support filtering which images shown in the grid - Few support load more or infinite scroll
  8. 8. l l Free and Good Image Grids l Here are 5 free WP image grid plugins l l l l l l l l l 1 - NextGen Gallery has improved immensely
  9. 9. 2 - Easy Image Collage
  10. 10. 3 - Foo Gallery Demo of Foo Gallery at
  11. 11. 4 – Justified Image Gallery Demo of JIG in action -
  12. 12. 5 – Grid Accordion Demo view
  13. 13. 2 Premium Image Grids l Here are two premium Image Grids that earn their keep. l Essential Image Grid for $27/website use. l l l l l l l Justified Image Grid for $29/website use.
  14. 14. Premium Image Grid Attributes l + Responsive image grids that work well on mobile and desktop screens. l + Ability to incorporate portrait, landscape, and varying dimensions images in the same image grid using masonry and other adaptive layouts. l + Add styled captions, links, and shortcodes to images. l + Use a variety of image sources including WP gallery, NextGen, FaceBook, Flickr, Instagram, CPT, WooCommerce etc. l + Provide an image grid of feature Posts based on taxonomy, category, or date to create a Visual Sitemap l + Provide a variety of lightboxes for magnification of images with captions. l + Allow for load-more infinite image scrolling. l + Provide filtering of images displayed in the grid with filter buttons along the top for All, Tagged, Category, etc. l + Provide a variety of styling options for individual images and the grid as a whole. l
  15. 15. Essential Grid in Action l Essential Grid does captions, masonry, & links l Essential supports Post, Page, CPT, Iframe, etc l Essential displays YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5, Wistia video l But no support for Nextgen, Flickr, Instagram, other sources
  16. 16. Essential Grid Posts l Setting up an Visual Sitemap to Posts and /or Pages is easy to do. l The sitemap can be a single row slider with filters
  17. 17. Essential Grid Pros & Cons + Has 32 preset Skins for wide layout choices + Presets can be modified by users with Skin editor + Box, Full-width, and Full-Screen Grids + Tabbed, drag and drop Image Grid editor easier to use than JIG editor + Easier use of video in image grid than JIG + Documentation has more and better examples - Much fewer image sources - Weaker handling of mixed dimension images - More bugs, especially in advanced features
  18. 18. JIG in Action l Justified Image Grid handles varying image dimensions best
  19. 19. JIG in Action 2 WP Gallery Grid with Descriptions and Captions Image Grid is responsive
  20. 20. JIG with Posts l JIG can only handle Posts. l Easy to setup and manage. l No support for Pages, Custom Post Type, etc.
  21. 21. JIG Pros and Cons + Superior support for Image Sources including Nextgen, Flickr, Facebook,500px, Pinterest, deviantART, Stumbleupon, Imgur, Tumblr, & + Superior handling of varying size images in a grid. + better range of captioning options and control. + better bug support and fixes. - weaker WP Page, CPT, Woo Commerce support. - fewer video, iframe and custom object options. - less control of full-width and full-screen image
  22. 22. Summary l The premium Image Grid plugins are more than a cut above their free plugin counter parts. l Both have a wide range of features so there is a substantial learning curve to master. l For many projects, it is easy to justify the additional $29US/website cost of JIG or $27US/website cost of Essential Grid. l If you have lots of people, product, event, and image portfolios, the premium plugins make them easier to produce. l If you need quick image grids with varying data sources and varying image sizes – think JIG.