The Use of Social Media (Tools) in Clinical Research Collaboration


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These are the supporting slides from my talk at the Society of Clinical Research Associates conference on "Harnessing Social Media to Advance Clinical Research", August 2, 2013 in Philadelphia.

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The Use of Social Media (Tools) in Clinical Research Collaboration

  1. 1. The  Use  of  Social  Media  (Tools)  in   Clinical  Research  Collaboration   Joel  Selzer   Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research   Philadelphia,  PA   August  2,  2013  
  2. 2. We  Live  in  a  Mobile   and  Social  World   2  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  3. 3. Mobile  Will  Outgrow  World  Population   3   *  Benedict  Evans  May  2013  “Mobile  is  eating  the  world”  presentation   Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  4. 4. Mobile  Growth  Drives  Social  Usage­‐media-­‐statistics-­‐and-­‐facts-­‐of-­‐2013-­‐infographic/   4  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  5. 5. Facebook  Has  One  Billion+  Users­‐sees-­‐26-­‐year-­‐over-­‐year-­‐growth-­‐in-­‐daus-­‐23-­‐in-­‐maus-­‐mobile-­‐54/   5  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  6. 6. Twitter  Is  The  Fastest  Growing  Network   6  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13­‐media-­‐statistics-­‐and-­‐facts-­‐of-­‐2013-­‐infographic/  
  7. 7. Why  Should  Researchers  Use  Twitter?   !   Twitter  is  an  information  highway   •  Discover  new  data  and  insights   •  Recruit  research  subjects   •  Share  publications   •  Identify  research  partners   7  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  8. 8. Google+  &  LinkedIn  Are  Rising   8  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13­‐media-­‐statistics-­‐and-­‐facts-­‐of-­‐2013-­‐infographic/  
  9. 9. Nurture  Your  Professional  Reputation   !   LinkedIn  &   Google+  will   shape  your   online  identity   •  LinkedIn  “Is”  your   virtual  CV   •  Google+  is  now   integrated  across   Google  services  and   posting  content  will   drive  SEO  results   9  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  10. 10. YouTube  Is  More  Watched  Than  Cable   10  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13­‐media-­‐statistics-­‐and-­‐facts-­‐of-­‐2013-­‐infographic/  
  11. 11. Implications  Abound  For  Clinical  Research    Consider  how  the  following  are  changing  in  a   mobile  and  social  world:   –   Underlying  Science   –   Peer  Review   –   Dissemination   11  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  12. 12. Content  Curation  &  Crowdsourcing   12  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  13. 13. Digital  Info  Created  +  Shared  Up  9x  In  5yrs   *  Mary  Meeker  May  2013  “Internet  Trends  Report”   13  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  14. 14. Hootsuite  Aggregates  Social  Channels   14  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  15. 15. Flipboard  Streamlines  Content  Curation   15  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  16. 16. Mendeley  Organizes  Clinical  Research   16  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  17. 17. Collaboration  is  Key   17  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  18. 18. Publish  or  Perish:  The  Old  Model   !   Scientists  conduct  their  research  as  covert   projects,  leading  to  a  culture  of  closed   science;   !   The  system  is  often  manipulated  to  benefit   the  scientist  and  not  the  science;  and     !   The  existing  publishing  model  drives  closed   access  to  medical  information;  wasting  time,   energy,  and  ultimately  lives.   *McGowan,  SocialQI   18  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  19. 19. Publish  2.0:  A  New  Collaborative  Model   !   #SocialQI   !   Open  Access   !   Open  Science   !   Real  Collaboration    =  Improved  Research   and  Dissemination   19  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  20. 20. Collaboration  Can  Take  Many  Forms   or   Collaboration  Platforms   Research  Communities   20  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  21. 21. Existing  Communities  Can  Provide  Reach   21  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  22. 22. Platforms  Offer  Customization  &  Control   22  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  23. 23. New  Models  Of  Dissemination   23  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  24. 24. 67%  of  Physicians  Use  Social  Media  Professionally   McGowan  B,  Wasko  M,  Vartabedian  B,  et  al.  Understanding  the  factors  that   influence  the  adoption  and  meaningful  use  of  social  media  by  physicians  to  share   medical  information.  J  Med  Internet  Res.  2012;14:e117  -­‐   24  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  25. 25. Physicians  Prefer  Restricted  Communities   25  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13 McGowan  B,  Wasko  M,  Vartabedian  B,  et  al.  Understanding   the  factors  that  influence  the  adoption  and  meaningful  use   of  social  media  by  physicians  to  share  medical  information.  J   Med  Internet  Res.  2012;14:e117  -­‐  
  26. 26. Sharing  Content  Has  Never  Been  Easier   26  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  27. 27. Use  New  Tools  To  Measure  Social  Attention   27  Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13
  28. 28. Joel  Selzer   Co-­‐Founder  and  CEO   ArcheMedX,  Inc.   (direct)  434-­‐962-­‐5987   Twitter:  @jbselz   Harnessing  Social  Media  to  Advance  Clinical  Research    Philadelphia,  PA  8/2/13 28