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Trading System That Can Make You A Millionaire


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Check out the Penny Stock Prophet and turn $1000 into over $1 Million.

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Trading System That Can Make You A Millionaire

  1. 1. ==== ====Check out the Penny Stock Prophet and turn $1000 into over $1 Million. ====Before I go into detail explaining what Penny Stock Prophet is, allow me to give you a bit ofbackground on the creator of this system.Who Is James Connelly?Imagine being a 19 years old college student with limited funds. This is how James Connelly gotstarted trading and profiting from penny stocks. He perfected a stock trading strategy that allowedhim to consistently profit from the market by trading these micro-cap stocks.4 Key VariablesJames Connelly has identified 4 key variables which allowed him to identify penny stocks before itreached a breakout point with an ensuing rally. If you know anything about the stock market, youllbe aware that you only make money when stocks are moving powerfully in a direction. Stocks thatdont make any headway for a long time, just leave your funds tied up with no sign of an exit.The key to the system is in finding undervalued stocks which are about to break out of a tradinglevel and rally strongly. To this day, James Connelly has never revealed what these 4 variablesare but he has a members service known as Penny Stock Prophet where he alerts members tostocks that are about to move.Does It Really Work?To answer that question objectively, I am going to look at the numbers as oppose to speculatingon what people have already said about it. You can visit the site yourself to see what sorts ofpercentage gains people have made by following the stock picks he recommends.James Connelly put his strategy to the test and over a 30 day timeframe he initially recorded anaverage percentage gain of 28% over a series of 11 trades. These results were encouraging, buthe knew he could increase these averages if he applied the same strategy to penny stocks insteadof the broad market.Penny Stock Returns Over 30 DaysOnce James applied his strategy to the micro-cap market, his averages went up considerably. Youcan see the proof for yourself on his website, but over 30 days he averaged 45% gains. Mostimpressively though, was that these gains were realized in only 24 to 48 hours. This means thoseprofits were banked in 2 days or less on every trade over this 30 day period.
  2. 2. 1 Million Dollars From $1000 Starting Capital?On the Penny Stock Prophet website, James Connelly illustrates how its possible to make $1million dollars with an initial investment of $1000. In his calculations he has assumed a loweraverage of 20% gain per trade. Assuming this is achievable, you would reach in excess of 1million dollars in 38 trades. While its impossible to say exactly how much you will make, itsencouraging that the average gains in his 30 day case study were 45%, which is 25% higher thanthe example used in his hypothetical $1000 to $1,000,000 profit table.Stock Alerts and Direct Access to the FounderPenny Stock Prophet is a members only service, which charges a one-time fee for lifetimesubscription to the Penny Stock newsletter. James Connelly does not guarantee that every singletrade will be a definite winner. What he does offer is the reasons he has chosen a given pennystock and why he thinks its due to breakout and rally. New members also get a quick-start tradingguide.Check it out at and learn how you can profit by trading and investing inpenny stocksArticle Source: ====Check out the Penny Stock Prophet and turn $1000 into over $1 Million. ====