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Will for the future


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Will for the future

  1. 1. 9 Will for the Future; Future Time Markers The Future of Space TravelFocus on Grammar 2Part IX, Unit 31By Ruth Luman, Gabriele Steiner, and BJ WellsCopyright © 2006. Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. News Flash In the future, many people will travel by This is an exciting airplane into space. No, they won’tHow will Spaceship day. We’re Good morning. cost much. PeopleOne change the way watching the firstThis is Gloria Lopez will probably take people travel? airplane travel into reporting for their vacations to space! Will these trips be Station XKZ. other planets. expensive? Let’s go now to an interview with Burt Rhutan, the inventor of Spaceship One.
  3. 3. The Future Use will + the base form of the verb to talk about things that will take place in the future.In the future, we will have friends from other planets.
  4. 4. Be Careful!Use the base form of the verb after will orwon’t. I Iwill takes your will take gift to my leader.
  5. 5. Contractions Use contractions of will with pronouns in speaking and informal writing. Contractions Practice your pronunciation I will I’ll of the you will you’ll contractions. he will he’ll she will she’ll it will it’ll we will we’llthey will they’ll
  6. 6. Be Careful! Do not use contractions in affirmative short answers.Will you please drive more slowly? Sure, I I’ll. Sure, will.
  7. 7. Predictions Use will to make predictions. By the year 2060, By the year 2080, we will haveschoolchildren will take airports on Saturn. fieldtrips to Jupiter.
  8. 8. Promise or Assurance Use will to make a promise or give assurance.I think I’m lost. Don’t worry, I’ll help you. promise assurance I’ll take you back to your spaceship, I promise.
  9. 9. Ask for or Offer Use will to ask for or offer something. Will you giveme a ride to the next planet? offer request Sure, we’ll give you a window seat.
  10. 10. Won’t Won’t is the contraction of will + not. It has two meanings.He won’t have a I won’t eat job next week. another bite. negative future refusal
  11. 11. Look at the statements. Match Practice 1 the statements to the different uses for will.Example: “I’ll love you “I’ll love you Promise 3. “I’ll get you 3. “I’ll get you forever.” forever.” some water for some water for your hiccups.” your hiccups.” Offer 1. “I think it 1. “I think it will rain will rain next week.” next week.” Predict Ask for 4. “ Will you 4. “ Will you 2. “This 2. “This please take out please take out homework is homework is the garbage?” the garbage?” too difficult. I too difficult. I Refuse won’t do it.” won’t do it.”
  12. 12. Probably To say that something is not definite, use probably with will for the future.We’ll probablyvisit that planet.
  13. 13. Time Markers Some time markers are used only for the future.We’ll learnmore about Earthtomorrow.
  14. 14. Use will to answer the Practice 2 questions with a partner.1. What will you do in ten years?2. Where will you live?3. Will you take vacations to other planets?4. Will you take English classes next year?5. What classes will you take?
  15. 15. ReferencesCopyright © 2006 Pearson Education andits licensors. All rights reserved.