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The past of be


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The past of be

  1. 1. The Past of Be:3 Statements, Yes / No Questions On the JobFocus on Grammar 1Part III, Unit 7By Ruth Luman, Gabriele Steiner, and BJ WellsCopyright © 2006. Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. At a Restaurant Werewife My I Yes, was. Yes, ityou Was the on was. I and vacation It was weather sunny in were last week? nice? and Mexico. hot.
  3. 3. At the Office 1Were you Yes, I No, they Were they were. wasn’t. I atat the themeeting? was late. meeting?
  4. 4. At the Office 2 Were our Was the I don’t know. No, it wasn’t. bosses meeting I was It was long angry?interesting? asleep. and boring.
  5. 5. The Past of Be The past of be has two forms: was and were.The meeting was boring. We were in Mexico.
  6. 6. Past Forms Present Tense Past TenseSubject be be I am wasYou are were HeShe is was ItWe are wereThey
  7. 7. Practice 1 Complete each sentence with was or were. wereExample: You ______ alone at lunch.1. I ______ with my friends last night. was2. My children ______ in Greece last summer. were1. My classmates and I ______ nervous about the were test.4. My brother ______ at the post office this was morning.5. The weather ______ cold yesterday. was
  8. 8. Negative Use was or were + not to make negative statements.It was not cold and windy. We were not in Hawai’i.
  9. 9. Contractions Use the contractions wasn’t and weren’t in speaking and informal writing.It was not cold and windy. wasn’t weren’t We were not in Hawai’i.
  10. 10. Practice 2 Make each sentence negative. Use wasn’t and weren’t. Example: The meeting was interesting. The meeting wasn’t interesting.1. I was on the third floor. I wasn’t on the third floor.2. The actors were funny. The actors weren’t funny.3. My grandfather was at the bank. My grandfather wasn’t at the bank.4. You were late to class. You weren’t late to class.
  11. 11. Questions Put was or were before the subject to ask a yes / no question.Was the weather good? subject Were our bosses angry? subject
  12. 12. Short Answers Use a pronoun and was, wasn’t, were, or weren’t in short answers. Was the Were you Yes, we No, it meeting on were. wasn’t.interesting? vacation?
  13. 13. Work with a partner. Take turns. Ask and answer the questions. Practice 3 Use short answers. Add information. Example: Q: Were you at home last night? A: No, I wasn’t. I was at my uncle’s house. He was sick. . .1. Was the weather good yesterday?2. Were you in class last Wednesday?3. Was your dinner good last night?4. Were you a student last year?5. Was the quiz difficult?
  14. 14. ReferencesCopyright © 2006 Pearson Education and itslicensors. All rights reserved.