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Subject and object pronouns


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Subject and object pronouns

  1. 1. 7 Subject and Object Pronouns; Direct and Indirect Objects Gifting and Re-GiftingFocus on Grammar 2Part VII, Unit 24By Ruth Luman, Gabriele Steiner, and BJ WellsCopyright © 2006. Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Gift GivingHi Bob. Happy It’s for me? Oh, Oh, it’s perfect.Birthday! This thank you. You The colors aregift is for you. I just right for have. shouldn’t me.hope you like it.
  3. 3. Re-Gifting Hi Al. Happy Hey,I whereitdid Well, me? Oh, For Bob gaveBirthday! I gave to But have you get that thanks. me. it to I really him!a gift for you. I like it! shirt?hope you like it.
  4. 4. Subject PronounsA pronoun replaces a noun.A subject pronoun replaces a noun insubject position. Bob loves Linda. He S
  5. 5. Object PronounsAn object pronoun replaces a noun inobject position. Bob loves her. Linda. O
  6. 6. Subject and Object Pronouns Subject Object Pronouns Pronouns I me you you he him she her it it we us they them
  7. 7. Identify the subjects and objects in Practice 1 the sentences. Replace them with pronouns.Example: Tom fed his baby sister.  He fed her. S O2. Jennifer got the keys.  She got them. S O2. The candy is for Michael and me.  It is for us. S O3. Hormoz and Shemi took the test.  They took it. S O
  8. 8. Direct and Indirect Objects 1 Some sentences have two objects following the verb. Bob sent roses to his mother. Direct Object Indirect Object
  9. 9. Direct and Indirect Objects 2 To whom did he What did send the roses? Bob send?Direct objects Indirect answer the objects questions answer the whom or questions to what. whom or to what. Bob sent roses to his mother. Direct Object Indirect Object
  10. 10. Pronouns Subject Direct Object Indirect ObjectPronouns Pronouns Pronouns I me me you you you he him him she her her it it it we us us they them them
  11. 11. Identify the direct objects (DO) Practice 2 and (IO) indirect objects in the sentences.Example: My friend sent us a gift in the mail. IO DO1. The mother read her children a bedtime story. IO DO2. I handed the teacher the homework. IO DO3. My parents wrote a letter to the company. DO IO
  12. 12. Be Careful!If the direct object is a pronoun, the pronounalways comes before the indirect object. him them Lola sent Bob the slippers. IO DO Lola sent them to him. IO DO
  13. 13. Replace the direct and indirect Practice 3 objects with pronouns.Example: I sent my mother some e-mails. I sent them to her.1. We showed Lisa the movie. We showed it to her.2. My sister loaned the car to Phil and me. My sister loaned it to us.3. They passed the notes to Mr. Jackson. They passed them to him.
  14. 14. ReferencesCopyright © 2006 Pearson Educationand its licensors. All rights reserved.