Count and non count nouns, some and any


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Count and non count nouns, some and any

  1. 1. Count and7 Non-count Nouns; Some and Any Nutrition Focus on Grammar 1 Part VI, Unit 18 By Ruth Luman, Gabriele Steiner, and BJ Wells Copyright © 2006. Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. At the Doctor’s I really like And youbut to OK, have You have Mrs. sorry, I’m Smith, hamburgersI I know, but whatare you do tostop eating stop that’s but eating But I to eat! love only and ice you eat? ice cream. hamburgers. gaining a lot too much! But I only eat one cream! of weight! bowl two eat of icehamburgers cream a a day! day!
  3. 3. At the Doctor’s The test Yes, II drink I loveAlso, your Can drink Iseveral always shows you Well, cream. You you Do can Youhavecholesterol have high any some put coffee have to have drink to stop level that, cups of at all? cream in stop is blood coffee? some coffee a that. high.… pressure. too myday. coffee. coffee once a week.
  4. 4. At the Doctor’s I don’tOh, it’s want tonot that take any bad. medicine!!You have to take yourmedicine.
  5. 5. Count Nouns 1Count nouns refer to separate things.It is easy to count them. one apple two hamburgers three books
  6. 6. Count Nouns 2 To form the plural of most count nouns, add –s or hamburger one sandwichtwo hamburgers two sandwiches
  7. 7. Count Nouns 3 Use a or an before singular count nouns.consonant sound consonant sound vowel sound a salad a pizza an apple
  8. 8. Non-count Nouns 1 Non-count nouns refer to things that are difficult to count.rice ice cream coffee
  9. 9. Non-count Nouns 2We use quantifiers to count non-countnouns. a teaspoon of coffee threebowl of rice a cups medicine quantifier quantifier quantifier
  10. 10. Practice 1 Read the sentences below and correct the mistakes. Example: The doctor says I can’t eat two hamburger a day. The doctor says I can’t eat two hamburgers a day. 1. II need to eat a n orange for breakfast. 1. need to eat a orange for breakfast. 2. I don’t like to drink milks. milk. milk 3. My sister eats two bowl s of cereal every morning. 3. My sister eats two bowl of cereal every morning. 4. My brother has coffeesall day. coffee all day. 5. We never eat sandwiches for breakfast. for breakfast.
  11. 11. SomeUse some (or nothing) with plural countnouns and non-count nouns. non-count noun You can have (some) coffee once a week. And eat more fruit. Buy (some) oranges. plural count noun
  12. 12. Some and Any Use some in affirmative statements and any in negative statements and questions. affirmative You can have some fruit every day.But you can’t have any sugar! negative
  13. 13. Some and Any 2 Use some in affirmative statements and any in negative statements and questions. question No, no. Youcan’t have any Can I have chocolate! any chocolate? negative
  14. 14. Describe what you see (or doPractice 2 not see). Use all the quantifiers in the box. Example: I see a farmers market. a / an some any bag bowl box
  15. 15. Some and Any 3 Note: You can use some in a question when you are offering something. Sure! I loveRight. chocolate! negative offer So, I can’t have any chocolate, right? Do you want some chocolate? I have some in my jacket.
  16. 16. ReferencesCopyright © 2006 Pearson Education and itslicensors. All rights reserved.