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  1. 1. St. Gianna Health Academy By Jill Brown15
  2. 2. Back in junior year I was super excited when I found out I would be getting interviewed for St. Gianna Health Academy. Once I found out that I had gotten in I was pumped! The first week of school we went of over a lot of information. We went over what Mrs. Clark- Hang expected from us and the rules of the hospital. We had a few speakers talk to us such as the security officer. After I knew all the rules I was excited to get out and start doing rotations!
  3. 3. December 7, 2011 Jo Chance 6 East St. Joseph Campus Dear 6 E staff, I would like to thank all the staff members who let me follow them during my rotation. It wastruly a great experience and I really learned a lot. I learned that being a nurse is so much more than justtaking care of patients, but also being involved in their families too. A goal of mine is to become a registered nurse and being able to shadow this unit has reallyconfirmed even future my wanting to be a nurse. I really love how nurses are there for the patient 24/7.They get to watch the patient grow and progress every day. That is the one thing that appeals to me themost about being a nurse. Once again, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to let me shadow your unit. GodBless and Happy Holidays. Sincerely, Jill Brown
  4. 4. On Thursday and Friday I went to the OR in St. Franic and it wasAAAAAWWWWWEEESSSSOOOMMMMEEE! The first procedure that Isaw was called a total hip (hip replacement) I came in at about half waythrough and I thought that I was going to have to be super quiet and stayout of everyones way. But, actually it was really fun. They had heavymetal music playing on the speaker system and everyone was just chillland talking about the weekend. I stood some what far back becauseapparently during total hips spluting is common because they are usinga drill so blood can sometimes just go out everywhere. Once they put thefake hip in, which is actually a plastic femoral ball and a femoral sleeve.The doctor let me come over and another guy help his leg and moved itand I got to see his hip and leg move as if he was walking, totally cutopen and saw itall! Thesecond procedure I was as a pseudoaneurysm femoral artery repair.This man had a heart cath a few weeks ago and for some reason hisartery in his right leg didnt heal right and he got a really bad infection. Ifhe wouldnt had done anything for it then he would have died. But theywent in his lower leg and took part of a vein and replaced it on his artory.It was really awesome because of how small the utensils they used wereand they didnt know how bad the infection was so they thought theprocedure was only going to take 45 minutes, but actually took about 4hours. The cool part about this was that when they stitched him up somethey also stappled gunned his leg shut. I thought that was legit and reallywanted to do it. The third procedure I saw was on a little child who hadtheir tonsils taken out a few weeks, but for some reason was bleedinglike crazy so she came into the ER. I walked in right at the end of thatsurgery so I didnt see much at all. On Friday I saw a femoral arteryrepair. This man had a stint in his leg to circulate blood somehow, I didntquite understand all they said. But, there was an actually nursing studentin there watching so he was basically surrounded by people so I couldntreally see much. Most of the time I talked to the nurse and asked her abunch of questions about her job. She was super helpful. By far thecoolest thing that I saw the total hipped and i really fell in love with OR!
  5. 5. Back when we all went on rotation 4 I was sick so I couldnt go. I just made up this past Friday and it was actually pretty interesting. When I first got there all I did was look at what they call the BurnBook, it explains all about burns and types of treatment. After I read that there wasnt really anything for me to do. Most pateints were sleeping and I just sat there for about an hour. Finally, they had something for me to see. They had a patient from another town behelipcoptered into St. Francis because he was electricuted. I watched them as they admitted him and scrapped off all his dead skin off his body where the burns were. He had some 3rd degree burns and 2nd degree burns. Finally it was time for me to leave, but I really liked the burn unit a lot & I could definitely see myself working in it!
  6. 6. This week I went to the Heart Cath Lab. The atmosphere at this place is really chill. The x-ray techs/nurses work 8 hour days 5 days a week and some days they are busy andsome days they are not. When I went in they were not busy at all, I just sat in the loungeand did homework. I saw oneman get a heart catheter andanother had a fluttering hearbeat so he had to get his heart shocked and set back to a normal beat. That was really it and it was actually pretty interesting and I could see myself working there.
  7. 7. This week I went to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. There were about 10 babies there. Most of them were about a month old, some were just a day old. The NICU isnt exactly what I thought it was giong to be. I was expecting sweet little babies, but in reality, while they are absolutely precious, they are very sick and fragile. A lot of the families were there while I was there and I think I would have a hard time dealing with the parents, because a lot of the mothers are drug users which really upsets me and some are just teenagers who didnt take care of themselves well while pregnant, and it frustrates me that their precious babies have to suffer from their mistakes. I am a very verbal person and dont have a problem saying my thoughts so I feel like it would be hard to keep them to myself, but I would have to. I mostly watched nurses feed babies and change their diapers. One baby was going through withdrawl because her mother used drugs while pregnant and this caused her skin to be super sensitive. She has horrible super red diaper rash and they had to put this speical light on her to help get rid of it. I felt so bad because it looked like the worse rug burn Ive ever seen. The second day I was there I followed a nurse who was in charge of this week old boy. He came from a normal healthy family and was a healthy new born and went home with his family after birth. But, for some reason he wasnt haveing an bowels which a baby is supposed to have one within the first 48 hours of being born. His stomach was extremely swollen. I watched a doctor give him an enima and flush him out and some stool came out, but not very much. Finally, they realized he had what is called hershbergers disease. This is when the lower part of your large intestine has no nerve endings so it cant tell you when you need to have a bowel or to push the stool down to the rectum, causing constant constipation. Often if is found and treated in newborns. This baby was planned to have surgery to cut out intenstine that doesnt have nerves and just pull down the normal part and hell be able to live a regular life. He will be more difficult to potty train, but can basically live a normal life. He will though have frequent diharrea his whole life, but that is better than constantly being constipated. I enjoyed my time in the NICU because obviously how can you not love the most precious beings on earth? But, I do not exactly think its my passion.
  8. 8. For this rotation I went to the CICU at St. Francis. Id already been to the CICU at St. Jos.. a lot of it is people come here who have gone into cardiac arrest, or respitory stress, just really anything really serious. When I was here my nurse had one patient who had a hip replacement a few months ago and just wasnt the same since and he had been having a super hard time breathing. He ate some pudding and was coughing like crazy because it kept getting all stuck in his escophogus (sp?) so the nurse had to hurry and stick this tube down his mouth and suction it out.. it was crazzzzzy! Anyways, thats pretty much all that I saw, I like this unit a lot and could see myself working in it one day.
  9. 9.  03 October 2011 Jill Brown (316) 210-0291 St. Gianna Health Academy Student 607 Partridge Ln Derby, KS 67037 Krista Thacker, Talent Sourcing Manager Via Christi Hospital 929 N. St. Francis Wichita, KS 67214 Dear Krista Thacker, I am pursuing a career as a Registered Nurse. Enclosed is my resume for your review. I am currently attended classes for the St. Gianna Health Academy at Via Christi Hospital which has helped me realized that I truly do what to pursue a career in nursing. All my life I have been involved in sports, mainly soccer, volleyball, and tennis. Along with being an athlete comes injuries. I have suffered many injuries and have had the experience of being around many nurses. I love how doctors diagnose the issue and map out the plan for treatment, but I love how the nurse is by your side the whole time and going through it with you. I want to help someone who needs someone by their side by being a nurse. I would excel in nursing because I have always had a passion helping others; whether it be coaching a little league soccer team or volunteering at the Lord’s Diner. Helping and assisting others has always been easy and enjoyable for me. I feel that I would be a valuable asset to your company. Sincerely, Jill Brown
  10. 10.  Jill Brown 607 Partridge Ln Derby, KS 67037 Phone: (316) 210-0291 Email: Objective Strong willed, patient, kind, reliable, and punctual. Experience 2011 Wheat State Pizza Derby, KS Waitress Waited on customers, took orders, and attended to their needs. Occasionally would work as a cook preparing the food. Maintenance – cleaning the bathroom, lobby, salad bar, and kitchen. 2010-2011 Rock River Rapids Derby Aquatic Park Derby, KS Lifeguard Watched patrons to ensure their safety. Maintained the facilities such as bathrooms, lockers, and Suggested new products that increased earnings by 23%. 2009-2010 Oakwood Valley Home Owner Association Derby, KS Lifeguard Watched over patrons to ensure safety. Tested the pool and ensured that it was properly taken care of. Maintenance – clean the facility and its grounds, bathroom and club house. Education 2011- Present Newman University Wichita, KS Medical Terminology Course Career Options Course 2011-Present St. Gianna Health Academy Via Christi Wichita, KS Will finish in December 2011. Standing with a 3.5 GPA 2008-Present Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School Wichita, KS Will be graduating in Spring of 2012. Standing with a 3.0 GPA. Interests Volunteer for A Better Choice, tennis, running baking, and reading.
  11. 11.  Jill Brown 607 Partridge Ln Derby, KS 67037 Phone: (316) 210-0291 Email: EMPLOYMENT Michael Lindal – Concessions Manager REFERENCES SMG Savor Intrust Bank Arena 500 E Waterman Street Wichita, KS 67202 (316) 440-9000 Kathy Zech – Aquatic Facilities Coordinator Rock River Rapids Derby Aquatic Park 1900 E. James Street Derby, KS 67037 (316) 788-3781 Chelsea Hopkins – Customer Service Manager Wheat State Pizza 236 W Greenway Street Derby, KS 67037 316) 295-2200
  12. 12. Respitory Therapy Assistant - The entry level job that I am intested in is being a respitory therapist. Respitory therapists are responsible for diagnosing, treating, and caring for patients with breathing issues/problems. Schooling for respitory therapy are offered mostly at any secondary schools along with any medical schools. The course work included in the schooling includes microbiology, pateient assessment, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Once you have graduated from school you will receive a license. No speical requirements are needed to work as a respitory therapist except that you of course need to have a license and experience is always favored. Respitory therapy interests me because as a young child I had asthma and had to do breathing treatments once a week so I know what I can be like to have breathing problems, and I feel like I could be very good with dealing with children who also have the same issues.Certified Nurses Assitant - The entry level job that I am interested in would have to be a CNA. CNA stands for certified nurses assistant. A CNA’s job requirements depeding on where they can work can be observing residents, taking care of resident’s personl hygiene, toileting residents, emptying catheter bags, feeding residents, making beds, transporting residents to different areas of the facility, and monitoring vital signs of residents. The average pay is anywhere between $9.50 to $12.00 per hour. The education required to become a CNA are offered at healthcare facilities and community colleges. No previous healthcare experience is required. I am very interested in becoming a CNA because I plan on being a registered nurse and I feel that being a CNA will give me a headstart on my journey of becoming a nurse.
  13. 13. Occupational Therapy Assistant - The third career field I am interested in is occupational therapy assistant. Ocupational therapists help injured patients with re-learning daily life tasks that include motor skills. The ususal hourly wage is $20. The schooling required to become an occupational therapist assistant is an associate degree which can be taken as a community college or technical college. Once you finish school you have to complete 16 weeks of course work in a community or clinical setting. You do not need any certain requirements but those who have a highschool diploma are definitely more wanted. I think being an occupational therapist assistant would really suit me well because I think that I am a very patient person which I know you need a lot of patience to help someone re-learn life skills.Nursing - The fourth career field that I am interested in is nursing. The main career I am looking into right now is Nursing. I would love to be a registered nurse. Registered nurses job requirements are to take care of the patients overall health and actually make up the majority of healthy care industry. The wage for nurses vary from state to state. Usually starting salary is around $50,000. The schooling required to becom to beome a RN is completeing a bachelor’s degree or some associate degree programs. Most university or community colleges off nursing school.
  14. 14. Once you have graduated from a nursing program you are required to obtain licensure by passing a special test. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Nurses with a bachelor degree have a greater chance of advancement in nursing than those with an associates degree. The requirments to become a nurse are of course a bachelor’s degree and work experience is always favored. I would love to be a nurse because I think that it is a job that has endless opportunities. I could work in a hospital, or a physicians office, or maybe even be a school nurse when I am older. I always have the chance to go back to school and advance in my career.Physicians Assistant - The fifth and final career that I am interested in would have to be a physician’s assistant. Physicians asisstants are allowed to practice medecine under a physicians supervision. PA’s also act as first or secondary assistants in major surgeries. A lot of physician assistants jobs vary depending on the facility they are working in. But, in som rural areas physician assistants are the primary care takers. The salary for physician assistants can start at $86,214. The schooling required to become a PA is called a physician assistant program. There is usually at least one in every state and can be anywhere from 3 to 4 years long. After completing school you will need to pass the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) and once you’ve passed you will need to complete a residency in a hospital and need to keep at least 100 years of on going education to pass a recertification test every 6 years. I would like to be physician’s assistant, but I have heard that it can be very hard to get into a program. I am of course going to strive to get into a program, but if not I will most likely become a Nurse.
  15. 15. Mark Troilo Dr. Troilo was one of the more inspiring speakers that I have heard. He told us to ask ourselves ifwe want to go into medicine because of the money/status or because we really want to help people. Not many others speakers spoke about the morals of medicine and I loved that he did. Dr. Troilo spoke to us about why he loves dentistry so much. He said he can set your own hours, be your own boss, and go on vacations. Family is very important to him and he always knew he wanted tospend as much time as possible with his family and dentistry has allowed him to do so. He does have the occasional emergency call or late night run, but other than that he gets to spend plenty of time with his family. Schooling to become a dentist can be very hard. You have to have four years of undergraduate school and then get accepted into a dental school. There you will be spending about 40 hours a week studying and working. Dr. Troilo attended Bishop Carroll High School, Newman University, and Creighton dental School. Two major types of dentistry now a days are cosmetic dentistry and your regular small dentist offices. Dr. Troilo runs his own office. He sees a numerous amount of patients every day from small children to grown adults. Where as with cosmetic dentistry you really only see 2 or 3 patients a day. It’s not very interactive. There are also negatives to dentistry as well. Dentistry has one of the highest divorce rates, most suicide, alcohol and drug abuse. But, Dr. Troilo says you can avoid these if you do one thing. That is to put God first. He spoke to us about putting God first, family second, and your career third. I really loved Dr. Trolio’s speech and if I were to ever work in dentistry I would love to work for him.
  16. 16. Clint Stucky Occupational Therapy is on the rise everywhere in the United State and can help someone go fromcompletely dependent to independent. Clint Stucky was the speaker for this subject at Newman University. He showed us a lot and shared a lot of information about a career in Occupational Therapy. Newman is one of the leading schools for occupational therapy. It requires you to have prerequisite courses finished and once you have then you can apply to the program. It’s about a 20 month long program. About 30 students are accepted into the program each year. There they will learn the skills and knowledge to help others who can not help themselves. There are so many fields that Occupational Therapy Assistants can work in. The three major fields aregeriatrics, pediatrics, and psychology. Geriatrics is the care for the elderly. This field is in great demands forOccupational Therapy Assistants. Occupational Therapy Assistants can help the elderly stay dependent for as long as they can. They can show them how to put their socks on after they’ve had a hip replacement, or even how to button their shirt without hurting their arthritic hands. Occupational Therapy Assistants can also help children who have not developed thoroughly on hand-eye-coordination. For instance, if a child is having a hard time writing with a regular pencil, they can show them techniques or utensils to use that can help them. I think Occupational Therapy Assistant could be a very interesting and rewarding career and could definitely see myself working as one some day. I hope to be a nurse, but I think some occupation therapy knowledge would come in great use in nursing as well.
  17. 17. I was really happy when I found out that we were going to have a psychologist as a guest speaker. I’ve always been really interested in psychology because it’s such an interesting type of medicine. I learned a lot from this speaker and really did get a lot of questions answered. There are mainly two types of psychologist. There are clinical psychologists who work with individuals and families. They really try to help people with their issues andwork through things. While clinical psychologists work with communities and really work with prevention. They try to make sure that things don’t happen. They promote healthy lifestyles, well-being, and growth as a community. The speaker that came was a clinical psychologist. She works in nursing homes and really tries to decrease the use of elder speak. Elder speak is when you talk loudly, slower, and use words such as “honey” and “sweetie” to elderly people. Thismakes the patient feel inferior and can make them refuse treatment. A lot of time peopleforget that a patients is actually a person and they just want to get the task at hand done. But, if we can reduce that then we can have happier patients and happier workers. Clinical psychologists can also do research. They can research and come up with ways to better train people to do their job better. This is something I never knew. Ilearned a lot from this speaker and I really am thankful that she came. I think psychology really is in a lot of jobs because people are in everything.
  18. 18. During this speaker I was absent because I had school retreat to go on. But, I am a little disappointed that I missed this speaker, because she sounds very interesting. Fortunately though I was able to copy someone’s notes, she went to Newman University for her undergraduate degree and eventually went toUniversity of Kansas School of Medecine. She went on to be a resident at Via Christi St. Joseph Hospital In1993 she started working for LakePoint Family Physicians. She now specializes in Natural Fertility Medical Consulting. Natural Family Planning wasn’t created specifically for Catholics, but it does follow all of the Catholic teachings. It is a way to achieve or avoid pregnancy in a natural way that allows God to be in the picture. It is safe for everyone, has no negative side effects, and is completely cost free. There are two different forms of NFP. One is Systematic Natural Family Planning, which uses awoman’s signs of fertility to determine when she fertile in her times of her cycle. The second is Ecologicalbreastfeeding Natural Family Planning. This is when a couple spaces their children 2 year apart so it gives the woman 2 years to breast feed. Anyone can use NFP, not just Catholics. It is 99% effective and couples that use it actually have a lower divorce rate. Natural Family Planning is definitely something I would like to use when I am married because of all the positives side effects I have heard about it.
  19. 19. I was excited to meet the teacher who will be instructing my Career Options course at Newman University. I am glad that I got to learn a little bit about him and the course he will be teaching. I am excited to listen to all the different speakers whom we will be listening to. I think it’s neat that we will be listening to different teachers each week because that keeps the class more exciting. Dr. Singh told us about how he was from the tropics in India and had never seen the desert before. He said he went to Arizona and saw some sort of plant grow formality. He said he spent almost 2 year on trying to figure out how this plant grew insome formality. I really thought that was neat. That he is that interested in science to be so dedicated to research and learning new things. Dr. Singh also spoke to us about all the career options there are in the medical field. I was excited to hear this because that is why I am in St. Gianna Health Academy, to learn about my options for ultimately life. All of the speakers are from some sort of medical field and are experts at what they do. I feel blessed to be able to attend a class as great as this class. Newman Universityis such a refined school and I look forward to learning and expanding my knowledge on all subjects pertaining to the medical field.
  20. 20. I am enrolled at Fort Hays StateUniversity. I plan on majoring in Nursing. I hope that one day I can work in ahospital environment and help other less fortunate than I. I pray and thank Godevery day for the blessings he has givenme and I look forward to the future with an open heart and open mind.
  21. 21. I am truly so very thankful for thisexperience. Not only has it cofirmed myinterest in nursing, but it has made meposotive that it the career path I want totake. There were some great days, andsome days that I wasn’t to thrilled about.But, I loved all of them regardless. Ilearned things and saw things in this classthat I wouldn’t have anywhere else. I wishthat every highschooler could have thissame experience and would highlysuggest it to any of them that have thechance!