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A humble try at a Slideshare resume


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@JESSEDEE's "Steal this presentation !" inspired me to try something different for my résumé. Here is the result, I hope you'll like it.

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A humble try at a Slideshare resume

  1. 1. A humble try at a slideshare RESUME By @Jibou
  2. 2. Jean-Baptiste ROUAUX barely known on the web as @Jibou and... Jan. 1985 QUAD OOSH I kn ow S ut des ign ;) abo Paris @jibou Full license
  3. 3. Hobbes Som e Calvin & Nice little primary school reading 6 m o n th s o f fo o tb al l 6 ye ar s o f d ru m s Th at’ sn ot me ! it h H o n o u rs Sc ie n ti fi c Ba cc al au re at w
  4. 4. Student life @ Scien ces and uffs ! a uto motive st Responsible for the Junio r Estaca web site or catio ns direct X Communi ESTACO Presiden t of EMOS
  5. 5. 2007 2005 Air Franc & 2008 e stewar & 2006 J d ust for fun... Fau rec ia pro du ct’ s pil ot int ern Pro du ct ch an ge s ma na ge me nt 2008 Ben tle y en gin eer Te chn ica l an aly sis to 2009 Pro jec t ma na ge me nt
  6. 6. 95 1st com puter : 19 1st web site : 1999 e ry : 2003 1st P hoto gall 1st Fb sta tus : 20 07 1st Tw eet : 20 08 1st Fsq Ch eck -in : 20 09 HTML 5 / CSS 3 PHP / MySQL JavaScript / JQuery WordPress Facebook API ! ud owner Twitter API Pro
  7. 7. Exit 9 co-founder In charg e of web developm Special p ent and rojects m anagemen t r Nonob.f Secretsa I c oded it :D More is on the way...
  8. 8. Been there, d one that, love this ! ’s las t season 162 points in I scored 2 ... y prem ier league on’t care ! fantas u probab ly d but yo
  9. 9. http://w Inspired ww.slide Credits by @JES /GlobalG SEDEE’s ossip/st eal-this- presentat ion-5038 209 Photos Flickr - Quelques heures avant la naissance... - Cazasco Flickr - Graduated - ralph and jenny Flickr - Drummer in New York Subway - thirtyfootscrew Flickr - orange enzo ferrari - Axion23 Flickr - The Matrix moment - «welcome to the real world» - Magne M Flickr - bentley - Axion23 Flickr - IXS_7498 - acme Flickr - France 2008 - Pluisje9 Flickr - I’m not a programmer - Rinkel80 Flickr - Apple Logo - William Hook Flickr - Formula 1 testing in Autodromo do Algarve - Valter Jacinto Flickr - sushi - [cipher] Flickr - Sydney Opera House Close up HDR Sydney Australia - Linh_rOm Flickr - The parliament House at the Singapore River - williamcho Websites - Paris Cathedral - EMOS This is just an exercise. I am currently not looking for a new position. I’m open to constructive criticism and I’d be happy to discuss what is the best way to make a «Slideshare - Résumé»