Published on is a wiki community for instructors of first-year engineering courses. Originally developed as a support site for a textbook, both the author and publisher have decided to make it open to the community.

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  1. 1.  A Structured Wiki Community for  Instructors of First‐Year Engineering Courses Jay Brockman Associate Dean of Engineering University of Notre Dame
  2. 2. The Scientific Method
  3. 3. The Scientific Method
  4. 4. The Scientific Method
  5. 5. Our Engineered World
  6. 6. The Engineering Method • Engineering design process is not cut‐and‐try • Be confident in design before implementation • Experiments using a variety of models
  7. 7. Learning Objectives for EG 111/112 at ND • Understand what engineering is and how it is practiced. – societal context – relationships and differences between disciplines – relationships to mathematics and the sciences • Develop and apply fundamental engineering skills. – problem solving; – communications; – computer skills. • Gain practical design experience. – as part of a multidisciplinary team
  8. 8. EG 111/112 Project Modules • Four half‐semester project modules – Introduce the project specifications and  show how the system can be decomposed. – Introduce background required to model  system behavior. – Use the engineering models to make  design decisions. – Build, test, and demonstrate the design,
  9. 9. Introduction to Engineering: Modeling and Problem Solving by Jay Brockman, published by John Wiley & Sons • Part 1:  The Engineering Mindset – 3 chapters • Part 2:  Model‐Based Design – 5 chapters • Part 3:  Engineering Modeling with  MATLAB – 4 chapters originally developed as support site  for book, but the author and publisher have decided to  open it to the community
  10. 10. Objects Discussion Discussion Book Chapter Discussion Module Module Lecture Lecture Lecture ABET Program  Learning  ABET Program  Learning  Solution ABET Program  Learning  Solution Outcome Objective Problem Outcome Objective Problem Outcome Objective Problem Project Rubric Project Project Course Module Module Module Module Module MATLAB MATLAB MATLAB Model Model Model