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my 2010 summer portfolio

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Portfolio 2010 17may

  1. 1. justin brouillette a portfolio of design projects
  2. 2. thefunction the lofts red cedar house intern quad program hotel lincoln Wichita Museum
  3. 3. this desk was inspired by the need for simplicity in what a desk really is, a surface. the initial design started in the fall of 2009 in cord management & input product design class. in spring of 2010, an independent study storage allowed the time and opportunity to create the function. the name comes from the need for strict functionality in a desk. every part of the desk was thought out to be necessary or incredibly useful, and if it was not, it was purposefully left out. ergonomics and anthropometrics were very important to how this desk was used. cord control and wire management also were very important to the end product. the desk is made from 2-60”x60” thefunction baltic birch sheets of 3/4” plywood. S2|Y4
  4. 4. when thinking of a parasite, I consider it as the quiet intruder who nestles in with it’s host in a very unnoticeable manner. with this ideal in mind, I designed the lofts to be as unobtrusive to the existing fenestration as possible. Le Corbusier gave me great inspiration with his unbuilt Immeuble Villas. most lofts are contained within a building - these hang - and take the literal sense of the word loft. suspending in a perilous act but within the comfort of a shared room one will not even notice they are hanging instead of within the context of a building. the front refresh and relax portion is a large area with diverse purposes, thus the dynamism of its form. the lofts S2|Y2
  5. 5. DN 150’ UP open to below DN DN N very constraining site (42' x 150') to which I designed based on fitting the program to the site. you can see very distinct programs from the exterior based on free flowing program as it dictates form. the exterior fenestration allows an idea of what is happening inside. to counter so much public interaction and lack of privacy on the first floor, the West facade is very dominating and has very specific window placement. it is a shield to the public and you can see in the massing models of the East facade you see how much more private it feels and broken up into smaller spaces denoting a comfort level where you face another neighbor instead of two public 42’ venues like the West and South. red cedar house the long hallway serves as the organizing device within the otherwise free flowing main floor. one is pulled down the hall by the view of the garage at the end and by the light wall opening in the floor S1|Y3 first floor second floor above.
  6. 6. summer 2009 1 2 custom cabinetry for client renovating house. all cabinetry designed 3 specifically to clients desires to be built by contractor specializing in custom detail woodwork. 4 5 interior redesign for proposed investmest business 1 reception intern 2 office 3 conference 4 executive office 5 supply/break rm
  7. 7. quad program S1|Y4 12x18 conference program [front] 12x18 conference map [back] ) ht e t nig d rid 11x11 da de ttle 20 $ nn t fri clu shu lk in fa n: y i ep ur in wa e, tio da xc t o ll m in y ho 10m min c ro , s tra holi (e igh p t.3 m gi : ee /n t- -5 va l y, ed ten d re otel : fr 89 ee! hap por n 0 id ke ur ek te h od : $ :fr & ir tio a a va 9 er ect chit tar sing d b l r s i fo rice ing st n st es lue - w in , p ar k kfa col in n e 0 o a he ert an es bl er s v w pec s a 7 p rea l: lin tra k 0 r v. st b he du nov ha sch 5 ad n, ook as t 5 o r h a ve ac 0 proposal bid sheet n i 99 - pr 1 3 30 3 0 0 -7 ? do & an h nd eh n 1 a t b . i ed nd b e lo an . h re rted a d 88 ctu ta tra mtr a yo iorit ui n ially e m o c tr riti q U u lu -6 0 0 n w a ms uc in ith 19 ite s as de ze n an cal n a lo igh nto iv d sp e 0 0 fir rod c. w in ch e ng 0 din cal t cr wn p sso ked rt ar , h rki sig valu . w ey bu ou in rs c e n? e ild is are hy ne res aw a a or ga g an wo ta l rt an ef ld nt des ity o as d re de r fri gis le ur ga w tutt yin m lly ing su fic an le th in ign s tud era itia an st o nf , f ha tra ct rie ien like tio ure n :b td isc s, s am r in c fte is tou ain iss e N re ba fa rs, e a ab t, e to c ue the but tin ou eh rs ll i nis nt s ,s t i sp ilit co ha , r h b n s ar m ch ho e y? nom llen we ece av ra c ar ps yo ak t do ge nt e sk e ur er ica ar a ch ite w e h be kt co s? yo l d yo e ec co m ho e en nfc th u es ur fo on e pe p o er va ign to r lu v rc om e 8 en y ? alu ed sp rep n f se e y. 9 0 ce are e e w or en arin e r inn es to . 12 0 0 0 - sa 25 ga t g e yo ! niz 9 n u yo ork ova . do 3 -1 9 0 0 t pe at c -1 2 3 0 d op ion m e ur sh tiv 1 2 0 w i 4 b va op e le s on thi . 1 24 5 w ith s w h ths s 2 50 5 fir rea e ou in t a ith av in e lue s, 4 5 5 - -1 lun mc kfa lin very ld n 3 s, 5 0 0 - 2 3 30 ch raw st c to - l ba col th 5 00 - 34 5 4 4 to ur an rs n, ing nee wa e ho d lki . 9 5 -5 4 0 lid ar d , to ur s&w ng 0 h ch -7 4 5 to ur / w or ay 0 1 5 a o itec o dow on al to ur / w or ks inn -1 5 di ur / w or ks ho o rt g u tur ver nt ha e e 0 a ow s p nn / all 0 o ks hop ps w rch er s An a n e r w o r k ho ies e fir 50 n ith ite , m h i n dre e l : - h r k s s h o p 1 ct s, t ur co s s d ws/ Jef o l i d h o p 2 e, t ou ffe , a l Ran f Da a p 3 e e! d y y 4 as ck - y B /Ma i n n kf he no plen f ha ro rtin ta ty l l o wn D ea l c w ble es br ote ee pa 0 h n ng un pa /B 3 0 ria th n e s rty -8 0 co 0 lle 0 1 8 HIN ge rh ’s 1 d in an p igit oce nu al co su lan al f ro 4 sk st nin ab s 3 DS st um w et ain g ric d e or ch a at me in bili io pa ks g ty n rty ho R DA de ps A O an di als B lss dy ca te B .M. d P ert St C VH e n B I.M hilip ram ern D lar A A ro S av k rc ss wn to an fre HD . P Jo G Ar ov D inc is En hite oc A bld R ei hn ood chi LE2 S LR la De er c ia rc er e so h te g. n ue cts H tud G ir H sig sen ts tes hite siz fir ed to D io ro il n R l ct s m ur ur s 95 up e s 1 ina 00 l. 9
  8. 8. context comparison: 85% 48.1% hotel footprint site 8th st R st haymarket area N 2nd oor 7th oor hotel lincoln S2|Y4
  9. 9. bikestation Atrium Bike Path Green Roof Retail lobby & entrance Bandstand profile park 21ST museum bar clothing restaurant 13TH Curatorial churches coffee bike site CENT KELLO Galleries atrium & bikestation WEST MERIDIAN SENECA BROADWAY HYDRAULIC HILLSIDE OLIVER the Wichita Art Museum will celebrate the 75th anniversary of its founding in 2010. in another 75 years, it will belong to a new generation, the collection vastly expanded, and the facility may have an immensely different presence. Conference to celebrate its past and future, the museum is pleased to announce a student competition for the 2010 semester. the Cafe program is intended to challenge students, 450 to explore opportunities for the future of Gift Shop Cars the museum’s campus 75 years hence. Wichita Museum Underground Parking this is my unfinished submission. S2|Y4
  10. 10. | |houses E ET S TR NE PI a contextually harmonious and lively public space the existing museum has very poor siting which orients itself in no cooperative way with it’s context both immediate and distant. a couple large problems i see with the current museum is it’s disconnect with the riverfront and the potential museum site users that exercise along the path by the river and also the lack of other reasons for someone to come to the current site other than this poorly sited museum. my solution is to bring people directly into and through the site with paths that cross above the street level on the east directly through the much improved site layout and design. rowhouses mimick the typology across the street on the north to create an “alley” of green space that can serve as a park for local residents and museum users alike. the punction of the site is the retail and bandstand area on the far west.
  11. 11. renderings photography
  12. 12. websites to communicate to our members about events and pertinent information. www.aiasne.org a website for a student group I am President of called the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS). our chapter needed a much more functional website to allow a medium for our executive board employers. www.justinbrouillette.com a website i made to display my school work and personal projects to family, friends and potential 4101 N 18th Street justin brouillette Lincoln, NE 68521 (402).613.6942 jbrewlet@gmail.com www.justinbrouillette.com PROFILE I am a fourth year architecture major at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. My goal is to become a registered architect and lead my own successful rm. I will achieve this goal by earning a Masters of Architecture, which I intend to attain in 2012. I wish to secure an internship to learn real business practices and also to work with practicing architects. I prefer realistic architecture rather than abstract, or “starchitecture. Attention to detail and how I ” present my work and self are important to me. EXPERIENCE RENEWABLE ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE RESEARCH GRANT | UNL | LINCOLN, NE 2010 Working with Professor Chris Ford of UNL -ARCH and two other graduate students to research the possibilities of renewable energies in the realm of urban space. Design, existing site modeling, and research of products are all involved in this project. Article. RANDY BROWN ARCHITECTS | OMAHA, NE 2009 A summer internship with Randy Brown proved to be very intensive all summer long. Working on awards submissions, interior home design, of ce in ll design along with construction documents and some on site build. Worked with clients directly, great experience! LINCOLN PARKS & RECREATION | LINCOLN, NE 2008 Summer I worked at one of the larger parks, Antelope Park, doing the daily maintenance, janitorial, mowing, and landscaping. WM F MCCORMICK’S HEATING & A/C | YORK, NE . 2007 I worked on a crew with two others spending most of the summer installing HVAC equipment on residential and commercial projects. Skills that I acquired include: beginning knowledge of sheet metal work, HVAC systems design, and installation of HVAC systems. KIRKHAM-MICHAEL | INTERN | YORK, NE 2006 At Kirkham-Michael I learned how to survey with professional equipment; I believe this was a great eye opener considering my desired career. I had excellent coworkers who were always helping me to learn something new. EDUCATION Senior at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln - College of Architecture Graduate with diploma from York High School, York, Nebraska 2006 AWARDS & HONORS Young Architects Forum - Monster of Design, Kansas City [REI] 2009 ACTIVITIES American Institute of Architecture Students [AIAS] - Member since 2006 President 2009 Vice-president 2008 Attended four National Forums and Grassroots Leadership Conference in 2008 Bright Lights Architecture Camp Volunteer 2008 Emerging Green Builders [EGB] - Member since 2007 Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity - Member 2007 REFRENCES Brendan C. Lilley, PE | Kirkham-Michael | 402.362.7117 Andrew E. Schultz, PhD | University of Nebraska - Lincoln | 402.472.9218 PROGRAMS FLUID IN MASTERED MAC OS X : TIGER, LEOPARD Autodesk CAD iLife Adobe Photoshop iWork Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator WINDOWS XP - 7 Google Sketchup office Rhinoceros solitare EXPERIENCED Autodesk 3ds Max Autodesk Revit Maxwell Render VRay Form Z Grasshopper
  13. 13. 7.5" 2'-6" 10" 2" 10" 2" 1” 1 1/2" 2" 7.5" 2'-6" 5'-0" 10" 2" 10" 2" 1” 1 1/2" 6 7/8" 2" 11 3/4" fter 6 7/8" my ery 1'-0" 9 1/16" ong was 9 1/16" da 10" 1'-1" 10" 2'-6" 5'-0" 1/4”x2” plate welded frame 10" c a l e 10" 2'-6" 2" 10" 2" 5'-0" 1 1/2" 8 ” = 1 ’ 2" 10" 2" 1 1/2" 1/4”x10x10” glass 8" 10" 8" 2" 2" 1'-9" 11 3/4" 11 3/4" 6 7/8" 1'-1 1/16" 10" 10" 10" 6 7/8" 1'-0" 9 1/16" 6 3/4" 5'-0" 10" 10" 1/2" 1/2" Ø1" 1 1/2" 1'-0" 10" 1'-1" 1'-0" 2" 9 1/16" 1/4”x2” plate welded frame s c a l e 1'-9" 1 / 8 ” = 1 ’ 10" 1'-1" 1 1/4”x2” plate welded frame 8" 10" 8"