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Marketplace theory and dynamics

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  3. Marketplace Checklist  Provides productivity gains  Massive existing (inefficient) market  High fragmentation  In the payment flow  Frequency (recurrence) of usage  Irregular / non-monagamous usage  Standardization possibilities  Network effects on quality, cost, speed  Market expansion (unlock new supply / dem and)  No disintermediation possible
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  5. 5Jackson Square Ventures Confidential | | 5 Match Types Buyer Supplier Buyer Supplier Buyer Supplier Double Commit Buyer Picks Supplier Picks Upwork, Craigslist Airbnb, Zillow Uber, Rev Complex, custom stuff Commodity Variety
  6. Low Quality High Quality Desperation Curve
  7. 7Jackson Square Ventures Confidential | | 7 Teach your Users* • Display Successful Transactions • Reduce Variables • Match new and repeat users • Use community forums on your site • Offer extra Q&A, Help and forums for newbies • Make your help context sensitive • Have clear and well defined policies Marketplaces function best when users know exactly what to expect and how to behave. There is a learning curve.
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  9. 9Jackson Square Ventures Confidential | | 9 Tiering Marketplaces The best marketplaces know that you must segment users and provide different experiences for different levels of users. • When?—Once you can identify the classic 80/20 rule where 80% of the activity might come from 20% of your users. • The goal of all this tiering structure is to reward and retain your most active users.
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  11. 11Jackson Square Ventures Confidential | | 11 Virtuous Cycles Attract Screen Optimize Retain Expel Lots of time here Ineffective Not much time here Very effective
  12. 12Jackson Square Ventures Confidential | | 12 Liquidity Hacking Find Aggregators • Physical – office, campus -- Zesty • Enterprise client – Gigwalk, Wonolo • Scrape – Craigslist Provide Value to One Side -- Github Narrow your Focus -- OfferUp Curation (reduce options) - YourMechanic Brute Force (do things that don’t scale) - oDesk
  13. Fraud Curve
  14. Master Commodity Pay for Acces s, Expertise Buyers Pay for Cost Savin gs, Speed, Conveni ence Suppliers Value Prestige, Bra nd, Reputation Value Earnings , Convenience , Master Marketplaces
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