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Evaluating Docker in the Enterprise - Getting Started


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A quick overview of a few things to look for when putting together a plan to evaluation Docker for the enterprise. In this case, we are looking at a Windows-based enterprise.

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Evaluating Docker in the Enterprise - Getting Started

  1. 1. Virtualization Docker
  2. 2. Dockerfile Image Registry Container Services
  3. 3. RegistryVSTS Dev. Laptop Octopus DeployBuildAgents Reverse Proxy Web Browser Server-1 Server-2 Server-3 Docker in Swarm Mode Developer commits Dockerfile, Docker-compose and source code files toGit AutomatedCI build kicks off and generates Docker image file Image file pushed to registry such as Azure Container Registry (ACR) Octopus Deploy pulls image from registry and installs on Docker (in swarm mode) User accesses containerized application letting the reverse proxy and Docker determine which container to use Cloud On-premises