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Session v


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Session v

  1. 1. <br />Napoleon, Part 2<br /> Session v<br /> Sixth Coalition<br />I. Down But Not Out<br />A. Napoleon’s incredible resilience <br />1. the challenge of fighting on<br />a. the Spanish ulcer<br />2. he almost pulls it off!<br />B. the challenge<br />1. materiel losses<br />2. the Marie-Louises<br />3. cavalry remounts<br />a. Napoleon’s horsemanship vs Wellington’s<br />II. Hit ‘im Again, He’s Corsican<br /><ul><li>Austria’s role</li></ul>1. Metternich<br />2. Marie-Louises<br />3. Schwarzenberg<br /><ul><li>Prussia
  2. 2. Johann Graf Yorck
  3. 3. a. Convention of Tauroggen</li></ul>2. military reforms<br />a. Krumpersystem and Freikorps<br />C. Russia<br />1. Alexander vs Kutusov<br />D. Britain<br />1. The “Second American Revolution”<br />2. effect of the War of 1812 on Britain’s military resources<br />3. the Peace of Ghent, Dec 1814-status quo ante bellum<br />III. Lützen and Bautzen<br /><ul><li>Lützen, 2 May 1813
  4. 4. 1. strategic situation after the Russian disaster
  5. 5. a. Wittgenstein succeeds Kutusov
  6. 6. b. Prussia’s Blücher
  7. 7. c. Bonaparte’s Master Plan
  8. 8. 2. the Battle
  9. 9. a. French victory-the myth of Napoleonic invincibility restored
  10. 10. b. lack of follow-up-green troops & lack of cavalry resources</li></ul>B. Bautzen, 20-21 May 1813<br />1. From Lützen to Bautzen<br />a. once again, Napoleon divides his enemies and takes the interior position<br />2. the battle<br />a. Ney’s blunders<br />IV. Dresden 26-27 August 1813<br /><ul><li>The Armistice, 4 June-16 August
  11. 11. 1. the aims of Metternich and Bonaparte
  12. 12. 2. the outcome</li></ul>B. Maneuvers<br />1. Napoleon’s plan<br />2. battlefield realities<br />C. The Battle for Dresden<br />1. another French victory<br />a. the aftermath-Kulm<br />2. the Trachtenberg Plan<br />D. Results<br />9/18/11<br />