Explanation of yoctocosmos platform and the benefits of being a member


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The most secure and advanced Professional social Network and the alone out of Competition

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Explanation of yoctocosmos platform and the benefits of being a member

  1. 1. Explanation of Yoctocosmos Platform and the benefits of being a member:- The definition of Yocto:You probably know the words Micro, Nano, and Pico? Yocto is the worlds’ smallest metric unitand simply the company name in progress, called Yotta.Recommendation for entering Yoctocosmos: • It is strongly recommended that you use Mozilla/Firefox (either Mac or PC) when entering the site to avoid running into display issues. • Always reload your page a 2 time when connecting for the first time each day. This is to nd ensure that the server has had time to register/recover your information properly.1. International: • There are a total of 364 Administrators who manage the platform, which includes 5 Admins in each country. Each country has its’ own designated Ambassador. The Country Ambassador is the master of network management and the head of the 5 Admins selected in each country. These individuals have no connection with Management or the Presidency, as the heart of the team is already formed and permanently closed. • The role of the Ambassador is to organize and promote meetings, drive attendance, channel and enforce the topics that he has chosen to discuss during his lectures, as well as, strictly controlling the box office. • During the meetings, encouragement of competition in the discussion topics is prohibited to maintain a harmonious, discreet, productive and significant environment for all. He is also responsible for updating obsolete e-mails sent to the Yoctocosmos technical team. (Presidents and Directors of companies, Ministers, Senators, MPs, etc… are often in a position not statuary, sitting in an ejector seat). Yoctocosmos cannot be held responsible for these permanent changes and makes every attempt to keep the records updated at all times. • It is possible that a person is on the VIP Platform and is very difficult or impossible to reach. Due to his VIP status within the site, his place is considered as reserved, of course, up to and beyond the update of their profile (The site will eventually notify the member of messages and e-mails from the platform. It will be their choice if they want this option and how often they would like to be notified). VIP Yoctocosmos remain on the site permanently or “for life”. • Yoctocosmos does not require any other social network in order to compile its own membership. (Notice the picture below showing a few small tools and materials that we have available, such as, Who’s Who Directory of Allied, Top Management, etc.. and this is only a tiny fraction of Yoctocosmos resources available).
  2. 2. It is through close attention, observation, listening and understanding behaviors that Yoctocosmosis able to carefully select and respond to consumer needs.2. SECURITY • Yoctocosmos is the only platform that truly secures its’ members through an analog connection key (key set at 35Euro for the moment, renewable every 2 years, by ordering through our other company if you wish) or through fingerprint recognition. The acquisition of this key will change the status of your account to the status of “semi-VIP”.
  3. 3. The famous Yoctokey detection is configured and personally associated with each membersYoctocosmos account. • The advantage of being in the “semi-VIP” status is that it allows derogation from certain rules, including the monitoring of the robot, and allows you much more freedom to move freely throughout the site at your own rhythm according to your individual needs.Your logo will remain grey until your key is detected. Once detected, it will turn green. Theconnection to Yoctocosmos will be impossible until your key is detected by the site. • Long before diaspora, encryption and de-encryption are offered but optional (fee). This protects private messages and photos from being seen by other members and keeps non- relevant search engines from extracting and displaying them on the internet without your approval. Below is an example of message encryption:
  4. 4. Above, an example of encrypted image. • Yoctocosmos inserts a robot monitoring frequency which focuses on the activities of the accounts classified as non-VIPs. The platform is not for bragging but is designed as a platform to assist and encourage people to promote their business, projects, interact among each other, to increase your business’ performance level. To simply be present on the site is not enough. You must connect with other members once a month by posting messages, articles, blogs, etc… The team works extremely hard to create a model/platform geared toward quality and the success and advancement of it’s’ membership. Each member is expected to contribute to the development of the model in order to reap the rewards, benefit and profit from this unique and exceptional platform.Technical role of the robot:- Just to clarify, the robot is a surveillance/security device. Once the robot detects an inactive“Non-VIP” account, he secures the account for up to one month as if they were locked in analogfictitiously.During this month of security, the member must request and will be required to purchase a keysecuring their account. This is set up to deter individuals from taking advantage of thisextraordinary opportunity without contributing or paying back to the platform.(should there be 2 individuals with the same exact first name and surname, each individual isassigned a special identification number. This number is attached to the corresponding profilephoto in order to differentiate).Idle time exceeded:Once the account has been in isolation for a month, if there is no inquiry or complaint by themember, the robot will remove the account from the site permanently. After the account isremoved, it will no longer be possible to return or recover the account by registering using adifferent e-mail account. The full name of the member has been noted by the robot.In the event that a person who has been removed tries to re-enter the site (normally not possible
  5. 5. but certainly prepared for) the robot will identify it as “already a member”. It is not possible tosave an account with several different e-mails. All e-mail addresses applying to each account arerecorded immediately upon initial registration on the platform. The robot knows all of the e-mails attached to each specific member.Should you change your e-mail at some point, your previous e-mail address will forever remainregistered on file under the member records and can be referenced at any time if need be.Even in the event of a death, the account is manually deactivated by the team vs. the robot andremains in the records.3. Operation • Yoctocosmos prides itself in being the only platform where you are engaged in yourself and that will grow with you. It is under a GNU/GPL. These tools are available to you along the left column of the page and will be useful to you and effective as on linkedin, Viadeos, Ecademy, Xing. The synergy, sharing and exchange are taxed for a successful social network of high quality, rules for fair-play, discretion, courtesy, and politeness. The atmosphere on the site should make you feel as if you are in the library room in the Traveler’s de Paris. • Yoctocosmos is very complete, gateways will be available to alleviate the platform and make the networking more fluid. For example, some applications will be removed from the main platform and placed on https://almanachdegotha.yoctocosmos or another subdomain. These will not be accessible to nonmembers outside of the site. You must first be an official member and enter the access them through https://Yoctocosmos.com. • It is not possible to ask permission from anyone to open an account or not. Social networks do not exist. Many social networks are set up to trick individuals for their own benefit. On these networks, a program is inserted inside of a link that is sent to you by a false or “so-called” friend, who in reality is not aware of this himself. Once you click on this link, your whole address book is stolen. This explains the phenomenon of “false- success”.To further guarantee the quality of the site “by invitation only”; Yoctocosmos has disabled theprivilege of allowing its members to invite others. It was observed on numerous occasions thatthe best discretion was not being used to maintain the level desired. Of course we do notgeneralize or blame anyone; however, our goal is to guarantee the utmost quality of membershipwithin the platform as promised.Yoctocosmos proceeds like a “Who’s Who” and you just choose according to the settingsand information it provides after verification of authenticity.4. Some criteria of conditions and selection of entries. • E-mail types such as g-mail, yahoo, me, mac, Hotmail, aol, info@, contact@, support@, office@, admin@, president@, ceo@, …etc, will not be accepted without proof of legitimacy and authenticity by confirming that it is the member himself who manages the reception of his messages behind these e-mail addresses. Unidentifiable. When the individual is invited to join Yoctocosmos, events, meetings, etc.. it is not his agent, secretary or assistant who is invited. If the person wishes to have another member of
  6. 6. his team, spouse, or other party accompany him, he must personally request permission for this. This prevents the intrusion of freeloading, swindlers, etc…. It will be the same for “After Hour Yocto Events” (List registered) the member will be accepted. His friend, guest, spouse (s) will be refused is he or she is not a member of Yoctocosmos.Some consumers wanted exclusivity; Yoctocosmos is the only answer on all points and isadamant to enforce it. • Apart from the accounts “Semi-VIP” and “VIP”, collecting contacts is prohibited unless you know the individuals. Yoctocosmos monitors this closely and if they believe that you do not know one or several of your contacts, they will quietly cancel the connection and subtract points from your credibility. Yoctocosmos is not a fan club.Note that the true VIP does not need social networking as they have their own lives. However, a space Think-Tank has now been made available on Yoctocosmos, since it istheir main interest, along with the communication tools necessary to suit their needs. • Yoctocosmos opens multiple subnets for each professional field to provide a more targeted focus for everyone’s interests. Our aim is always to save you research time in terms of both high quality and professionalism: Dentistry, Medicine, Lawyers, Architects, Journalism, etc…. Currencies • Yoctocosmos 3 mottos: …. Sharing, Exchange, Synergy… The Union is Strength ….. To have what others do not.5. Status, Categories, Steps profileNote the difference in terms of Statute Category / Levels we use. There are 4 different categories: • Yacht Clubber (Part discovery that may apply to skip the teeth to move to the next category) Tool/Resource options are limited in number. • Jet Clubber (The professional with access to all tools visible) • Welcom, The Establishment (Member of Policy Network, Friends of Europe and the World Economic Forum, The Century, Bohemian Club, IFRI, Trilateral Commission, etc…) And Finally….. • Circle Clubber (These are generally the patrons) is intended to financially assist companies to develop in their professional endeavors. Circle Clubbers are not directly accessible, however, they have access to all network members’ profiles to examine your motivations and interests and determine whether they will review your project for further consideration or not Yacht, Jet, WL ‘Establishment, make sure that you sell and have the opportunity to be financially supported.
  7. 7. • Apart from the Ambassadors, Officers, General Admin (selected by Yocto), the Management team, the President, and the Honorary President, each member, no matter what class, is able to climb 4 steps up. For example, Yacht Clubber Officer, followed by Yacht Clubber Admin, Super Yacht Clubber Admin in Yacht Clubber Y (Yacht Clubber status is unique in that it is the only clubber who can switch categories to Jet Clubber in passing). • To climb a rung/step, a member must get 5 green butterflies. In order to obtain these, you create maximum blogs, articles, upload videos/photos, etc… In other words, be very active on the site. It is not easy to obtain these and the aim is to sustain/ retain the member. You will notice that each level you climb, other tools and avenues appear to open with small advantages (ask credentials for example). Optionally speaking, Jet Clubber category, Welcom the Establishment Clubber, and Circle Clubber are the same. These are just 3 different categories that do not intersect or basically 3 different worlds. Circle Clubber will in no case be considered superior to the Jet Clubber class. These are just steps that will make a difference, not categories.We emphasize that each category remains a category of its own. Basically, a Circle ClubberAdmin will never manage the Yacht Clubber category. Everyone stays in their own place. 6. Sponsorship and final selection of Blackboulle • Finally, once all 8,000 foundation members are together in place, the networks will close its doors and place a computer on a blackboulle 7. In other words, if out of 20 sponsors found, 7 or 13 to accept the candidate adjourned. 1. It only takes 14 of 20 in order to enter, 7 being a minority, 13 is not divisible by 7. Yoctocosmos does not change, but sacks, is taking leave or adjourns. Whether approved or not approved, an anonymous e-mail will be sent to the applicant including a form of computerized notes explaining the decision without justification. The person will be placed on a waiting list if approved, (subscription required this time) for the team to define the status based on the information presented to Yoctocosmos. The wait can be lengthy and depends on the number of candidates as well as how long it takes the team to review the profile. Yoctocosmos certainly does not base their criteria according to one’s portfolio and/or physical member. We have selected a few members with handicaps and also people from a more modest environment, all witnesses to our spirit. Yoctocosmos made sure to select its’ members regardless of their social environment and does not discriminate due to appearance within the platform. 2. Official Member of Yoctocosmos finally! • When your account is created, you will receive an e-mail from “unknown sender” providing you with your connection settings. Be sure to check in your spam/trash mail periodically, just in case, and try not to have your security settings and antivirus settings on too strong. • You have the choice to keep your account or delete it. Once the account is deleted, it’s not possible to return to the platform. (To give the paragraph “Robot”)
  8. 8. • Once within the Yoctocosmos platform it is up to you to complete your profile as you see fit, by passing the cursor over the tab and clicking on Profile detail.• Take the time to complete your profile to the fullest by including as much detail as possible during your initial registration vs. only completing the lines with a star that are required information. Allow yourself about one hour to make sure that you have enough time to properly complete your profile. Every detail provided in your profile/information is configurable to public or private viewing, not mandatory. Yoctocosmos only opens an account by giving you a username and password. We have no way of adding information for you no do we have further information. Our purpose is merely to ensure safety, quality and authenticity, while saving you research time and providing the avenue to build/grow your professional endeavors.• Yoctocosmos is also the Department of Exceptional Luxury. Given the quality of the majority of our selected members we cater topics and information to our discerning audience. Our intention is to offer benefits to the height of your wallets, to entertain, give gifts to the environment, and organize unforgettable trips after a journey of periodic hard work and efforts.• Yoctocosmos encompasses the spirit of the European Aristocracy by its nobility of thought and will remain in this state of mind. In other words, it is the first place to serve others and offer nothing but genuineness.