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Jack borden jb471909_testflight

  1. 1. App Analytics Jack Borden CS4561
  2. 2.    Free platform used to distribute beta builds of IOS/Android applications. Developers manage beta testing applications and receive feedback through the TestFlight dashboard. TestFlight is available through a free SDK (jar file) which allow users to monitor how the application is being used.
  3. 3.    AppBlade: Tailored tools to distribute applications. Knappsack: Mobile app distribution. Testflight: TestFlight allows developers to share their application with whom they wish, which allows for data to be collected on the app.
  4. 4.  TestFlight is free to use. In the future there may be a extra service fee, but users can choose to use the original service for free.  IOS/Android platforms are supported. ** Android will no longer be supported effective march 21, 2014  A maximum of 800 mb per application can be uploaded to TestFlight.   Your team (developer / testing teams) can range from 1 person to 1000 people testing your application using TestFlight. TestFlight is secure and your application and data is safe.
  5. 5.    TestFlight is free to use. Because Testflight is free to use, there is no downside to using this program to help improve your applications. Apple purchased TestFlight and you can count on them to maintain it.
  6. 6.  Create a developer / testing team.  Invite new people to test or develop.  Upload and distribute beta builds.  Teams can range from 1-1000 people.  Apps can be up to 800 mb in size.
  7. 7.    Create a team to gather UDIDs from team members. Upload your current build to TestFlight and distribute to all team members. Receive feedback, monitor activity and upload multiple apps for testing and distribution.
  8. 8.   Register devices for testing access. Once the build is downloaded to your device (from TestFlight), all information of your sessions are logged and sent to TestFlight and developers.
  9. 9.  Visit TestFlightapp.com to register an account.  Upload builds, once team is created.  Invite friends to join your team.  Download the free TestFlight application to your device from testflightapp.com
  10. 10.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcueNVIBl Xw
  11. 11.  Teams will be notified if any changes or new releases are available for use.
  12. 12.  TestFlight works with any IOS device
  13. 13.  Enable testflight with one line of code:
  14. 14.   Insert checkpoints to monitor how your application is being used. This provides the user with important data to see which parts of thei application are being used the most and what are not being used at all.
  15. 15. The developer can add logging events to further enhance the data received from testers.
  16. 16.  If the application stops working, or crashes for an unknown reason, the developer will be able to see where exactly the error happened so a quick fix can be implemented.
  17. 17. TestFlight sessions can be used to see how each tester spends their time on the application
  18. 18.  The developers can see what portions of the application are being used via this menu on the TestFlight dashboard.
  19. 19.  The developer can see a precise time log of how the testers are using the application.
  20. 20.   After using TestFlight, I have seen the benefits of using an app analytics tool. With tools such as TestFlight, you will be able to improve your application in just a short period of time. If you have access to many testers, TestFlight would be a great choice for any software team looking to release a successful application
  21. 21. Apple. "The Freedom to Build Better Apps." TestFlight » Beta Testing On The Fly. Apple, n.d. Web. 27 Feb. 2014.