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  1. 1. IsraelGives Online Donation SystemYonatan
  2. 2.  The IsraelGives Donation System is Israel’s mostpopular donation system, with over 1,100 clientorganizations. IsraelGives has been operating since 2009, and in2012 experienced a 66% increase in online revenue. The average donation through IsraelGives was 220NIS. The average donation from a US donor was $108,40% higher than the average US online donation($77, according to
  3. 3. A solution that serves the Israeliorganization and its international partnerorganizations together.
  4. 4. Israeli Donations USD Donations CAD Donations GBP DonationsIsraeli Amuta US Friends Canadian Friends British FriendsThe Problem: 4 separate donation systems• Expenses x4• Donor and donation data in 4 separate systems• No simple oversight process for Israeli amuta.• Donor experience is confusing and notstreamlinedDatabase 1 Database 2 Database 3 Database 4
  5. 5. Donation FormIsraeli Amuta US Friends Canadian Friends British FriendsThe IsraelGives Solution: A single donation portal thatserves all partner organizations• Donation is routed to partner organization viacurrency selected• Reduce expenses by 75%• Automated e-receipting on behalf of all organizations• Every organization receives access to donor details,while Israeli organization has full oversightDatabase
  6. 6. Countries of OperationIsraelGives Donation System can operatein 190 countriesThrough Cybersource Payment Gateway: 190 countriesThrough PayPal Payment Gateway: US, Canada, UK
  7. 7. Donor chooses to donate in US Dollars on brandedorganizational donation formIsraeli AmutaFunds are transferredinto the PayPal orMerchant Account ofUS FriendsProcess – Foreign DonationDonor receives instant e-receipton behalf of US friendsUS FriendsCopies are emailed toFunds are withdrawnto bank accountDonation Data isinstantly viewable byUS Friends and byIsraeli Amuta
  8. 8. Donor chooses to donate in Israeli ShekelsFunds are transferredinto theIsracard/CAL/Visaaccount of the amutaProcess – Israeli DonationDonor receives instant thank youemail with attached PDF receiptissued by AmutaCopies are emailed toFunds are withdrawnto bank accountDonation Data isinstantly viewable byUS Friends and byIsraeli Amuta
  9. 9. Fully Branded Donation Experience
  10. 10. Fully Branded Donation FormsProvided by IsraelGives, or organization-built using the IsraelGivesAPI. View Form Style 1, Form Style 2E-card (Honoree Donation)When donors choose to donate in memory or in honor of someone,the Donation System will create a fully-branded e-card and email itto the recipient of their choice. If they want the card sent by postalmail, the Donation System will create a card and email it you, sothat you can put it on your organizations letterhead and mail it outEmail ConfirmationsThe Donation System automatically sends out an email confirmationin your organizations name. Copies of the confirmation can be sentby bcc to as many people in your organization as you like.
  11. 11. International Fundraising
  12. 12. LanguagesWe offer donation forms (and email confirmations) inEnglish, French, Hebrew, and Arabic. We can easilyadd additional languages.CurrenciesDonors can give in at least 17 different currencies,and are always charged in their original currency (notconverted). So if a Canadian donates $100 CAD, thatswhat hell see on his credit card statement.
  13. 13. A Range of Payment Methods
  14. 14. MethodsDonors can donate either by credit card or by PayPal.FrequencyIn addition to one-time donations, donors can makerecurring monthly donations and yearly donations.This also makes it easier for you to collect monthly oryearly membership fees.Purchases and SalesThe system also enables your organization to collectfunds for ticket purchases, product sales, and more.
  15. 15. Multiple Platforms for Online and MobileGiving
  16. 16. BrowsersThe IsraelGives Donation Form works in all majorbrowsers.MobileThe IsraelGives Donation Form is optimized formobile browser viewing, and both credit card andPayPal payments work fluidly from iPhone, Android,and other mobile devicesFacebookIsraelGives offers a special Donation Form to collectdonations from your Facebook Page. Well also helpyou to install the Form as a special tab in your Page
  17. 17. Save time through instant e-receipting
  18. 18. InternationalE-receipts are issued in the name of the internationalpartner organization, and copies are stored in theonline account of the donorIsraelCreate instant PDF receipts and attach them to theEmail Confirmation sent to the donor. The original(makor) PDF receipt is stored in you and your donorsIsraelGives account to download and re-print at anytime
  19. 19. Online reporting and CRM Integration
  20. 20. Online AccountBoth you and your donor receive an online account thatyou can use to track your donations, reprint yourreceipts, and manage your recurring donation ordersConnectivity to CRM SystemsThe IsraelGives Donation Forms have an easy-to-connect-to XML or CSV web-service, that you canconnect to to export your donation, donor, and receiptdata directly and automatedly into your CRM system,like Salesforce. Alternatively, you can download thedata as CSV and import it into your CRM system.
  21. 21. Maximizing donations post-sale
  22. 22. Matching GiftAt the end of the donation process, the donor is invited tosearch whether his company has a matching gift program.He then can download the relevant form and contact detailsto qualify for the matching gift.Save My DonationSome donors try to make donations but do not succeed -Dont lose their donation! IsraelGives has a unique servicecalled "Save My Donation", where we present you withinformation about people who tried to make donationsthrough the Donation Form but did not succeed. We alsohave a supplemental service where well actually contactthe donors for you by email or telephone, and help to turntheir failed attempt into a successful donation.
  23. 23. Security
  24. 24. Https and PCI CompliantYour donation form is hosting in a secured (HTTPS)environment on the Tel Aviv-based IsraelGives server.The donation system is fully PCI-compliant and allcredit card information stored in the system isencrypted.Https and PCI CompliantOur full-time Israel-based tech team ensures 99.9%system uptime and full technical support and oversight.
  25. 25. Basic Costs 1000 NIS set-up fee (first organization), 500 NIS foradditional foreign organizations• Includes branded donation form and e-receipt template. 299 NIS monthly fee (Israel) + 199 NIS per additionalforeign organization• Includes customer and technical support, and secured hosting ofthe donation system and donation data. 2.5% transaction feeAdditional Fees $30 PayPal Merchant Gateway fee per month for foreignpartner (PayPal) or $50 CyberSource fee Associated credit card/Paypal fees