An Effective International Development Program


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Between October 2010 and October 2013 Central Asia Development Group (CADG) carried out the USAID Community Development Program in 19 of the most troubled provinces in Afghanistan. Over the course of the program, CADG delivered 257 projects. This short deck provides a look at some of the topline program results.

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An Effective International Development Program

  1. 1. Central Asia Development Group Toplines for the USAID Community Development Program October 2010-October2013
  2. 2. Two Program Goals Goal 1: Stabilize troubled districts in the South, East and West of Afghanistan by employing at-risk residents on infrastructure repair projects Goal 2: (After Jan 2012) Use infrastructure repair projects to improve relations between Afghan Government (GIRoA) stakeholders and local communities in troubled areas
  3. 3. Light Footprint 3 Years (Oct 2010 to Oct 2013), 19 Provinces, 257 Projects ~120 Expat staff members and 1,000 Afghan staff members (at peak) Staff members work directly with community members in the field without employing arm’s length subcontractors Local communities are responsible for security- no independent security contracts with Dyncorp/ G4S etc.
  4. 4. Where did the program operate? Image: 2,500+ project worksites drawn from 257 projects
  5. 5. How did CADG do over those 3 years? Afghan Residents Employed: 213,488 Person Days Of Work Generated By Afghan Community Members: 9,930,172 Canals Repaired: 1,188 Miles Sidewalks Repaired: 8,247,857 ft2 Karez Well Systems Repaired: 2,681 Roads Graveled: 380 Miles Water Gates Repaired: 817 Roadside Canals Repaired: 259 mi Flood Protection Walls Repaired: 17,726,020 ft3 Municipal Canals Repaired: 56 Miles Intakes Repaired: 241 School Buildings Repaired: 36 Check Dams Repaired: 44 Health Center (Clinic, Hospital) Buildings Repaired: 15 Reservoirs Repaired: 61 Other Buildings (Shop Stalls, Government Buildings) Repaired: 266
  6. 6. These are fairly big numbers. We put some of them in context on the next few pages…
  7. 7. Number of Afghan residents employed: 213,488 Clearing land leading to an intake in Sharana district, Paktika Province 2010 Population of Irvine, CA: 212,375
  8. 8. Women employed: 2,523 Repairing sidewalks at a Girl’s school in Nangarhar province
  9. 9. Miles of canals repaired: 1,188 miles Driving distance from New York to Kanas City: 1,193 miles
  10. 10. Sidewalks repaired: 8,247,857 ft2 Sidewalk repairs in Qualat District, Zabul Province Equivalent number of American football fields: 143
  11. 11. Water gates repaired: 817 Water gates used to control tides in the Everglades national park: 150 Restoring a water gate in Nimroz province
  12. 12. Flood protection walls repaired: 17,726,020 ft3 Repairing a flood protection wall in Khost province Equal to roughly half the volume of the Empire State Building
  13. 13. Farmland protected by flood control measures (est.): 842 mi2 Community members in Paktya province finish repairs to a flood protection wall as waters overflow in the foreground Size of Los Angeles, CA: 468.7 square miles
  14. 14. Roads Gravelled: 380 Miles Leveling a road near a displaced person’s camp in Zhari district, Kandahar province Equal to 74% of the streets in Manhattan, NY (508 mi)
  15. 15. Estimated number of community members who received skills training: 60,400 A master mason inspects concrete drain covers in Zabul province
  16. 16. Total number of buildings repaired: 317 Repairing the damaged roof on a bazaar shop stall in Naw Zad, Helmand Province Number of skyscrapers in Boston, MA: 336
  17. 17. This program succeeded by keeping itself simple and by focusing on execution The approach used in this program should be available to any development firm willing to work directly and in the field