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Runaway presentation (Educational project) by Jasper Moelker (March 2006)


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'Runaway' is a retail design embodying the shopping process and experience of the running shoe, which is reflected in the shop layout and its facade.

The concept of movement is translated into fluent lines in the facade guiding the passing public inwards where they experience the latest developments in running shoe technology. New shoes can be tested and the performance can be reviewed in the store on the indoor track, which also guides the customer through the building.

This project was designed as educational project within the Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences bachelor program (6th semester) at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

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Runaway presentation (Educational project) by Jasper Moelker (March 2006)

  1. 1. Exterior The façade captures the dynamics of the running shoe as well as the move- ment of the passing crowd. Concept 2790 5230 5500 The strokes in the facade are primarily used for bringing sunlight into the back of the shop. At the same time the In the running shoe branch becomes more and more strokes can be seen as shelves which important. Most brands try to image the feeling of run- ^ A‘ function as great displays for the shoes. ning, while at the same time brands are developing Where the strokes stop on the street new materials and technologies. Runaway provides a level the façade opens, linking interior solution in this quest by combining the feeling and pro- and exterior. totyping in a running shoe shop. On the upper floor strokes stop and The dynamic façade attracts the people passing by. widen on eye height allowing sight to Then the prototypes draw the attention getting people penetrate the façade. Therefore the inside, where the tartan floor and video screen spread strokes dissolve on 1.70m at the dis- the feeling of running. Being in this new environment plays, on 1.20m in the seating area and the customer is able to look at products, try them on on 0.70m height at the end of the test and test them. For an expert opinion from the staff a track. customer can test the shoes on an inside test track where the winding of the feet is recorded. The cus- Lounge Exterior impressions tumer can review the take with an employee, get addi- Storage Kitchen 3750 tional products and eventually leave feeling like a real athlete. Clothing display Shoe display TV Fittong Administration Room 5000 4500 Wardrobe B B‘ 4000 ^ ^ 3500 3000 2500 2000 5100 1500 1000 500 Clothing display Shoe display 0 East facade 1:50 South facade 1:50 Runaway as a mental escape - feeling of running ^ ^ A Upper Floor 1:50 N 5000 4500 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 Facade as interior Test and Review 1500 Plans Interior 1000 500 The program is divided over two floors. The The primary function of the shop is to show it’s 0 ground floor provides an open space in the products. The first products the customer will center as meeting point, enclosed by displays. find are the prototypes in the windows. Proto- Runaway into the future - innovation & technology The register marks the pivot point of this floor. types like Nike Free and Adidas_01 possess Section AA’ 1:50 Section BB’ 1:50 The desk turns into a stroke which moves up- the newest technologies. These displays show stairs guiding customers along the displays all the backgrounds on the innovations on pla- 7 where the stroke eventually merges with the teaus hung by wires. façade. On the upper floor the visitor will find The gadgets an miscellaneous are displayed 3&4 6 8 admin 8 relax clothing displays, a seating area, shoe dis- plays and a test track. A separated area on this on a wall on the ground floor. The aluminum plane brings them to front. The same trick is in Detail As the running shoe prototypes in the displays, the elements of floor is reserved for storage and staff. used for the clothing sets on the upper floor. the shop are designed using high-tech materials and the latest 5 try on The running shoes are placed on the aliminum technologies. The use of metals like aluminum, plastics and profiles against a grey wall and in the facade. glass give the building a futuristic image. The tartan floor is video screen By using a print of the shoe on the profile with 5 test useful for testing the products and is also a reference to outdoor spots on product information the customer will automati- sunlight and display video screen sunlight running tracks. TL light cally place the shoe back in the right position Reflective aluminum façade profiles allow sunlight to reach into and thereby keeping a tight interior. spots on the back of the building. In parts remaining relatively dark spot- clothing spots on sunlight display lights can be used to set the focus on the products. The video shoe display Void downstairs Void upstairs screen in the void spreads light in the back of the shop. 1 The aluminum profiles can be carried over the entire façade, 2 2 without the need of balusters, by using constructive glass. The sunlight wind load is passed on to the floors. spots on display A nylon pin connects the outer profile every 2 meter, through a sunlight video screen pre-drilled hole in the glass, with the inner profile where it is 2 mounted from underneath. When the load on a pin exceeds video screen sunlight 200kg it breaks, preventing any further damage. spot lights 4000 5550 4000 A‘ ^ sunlight streets spot spot lights lights artificial light sunlight spotlight look outside Runaway program - functions and their relations and at products 1) Experiencie area – Image running shoe: 40m2 5) Testing area: 18m2 detail A: facade profile 1:2 Lightstudy • Healthy, Purifying and Relaxing • Seats • Technology and Innovation • Fitting room • Movement, Passion, Competion • Test Track • Camera, TV • Mirrors 2) Experience area – Promotion brands: 30-40m2 6) Register Desk: 6m2 Miscellaneous display Prototypes display • Nike, Adidas, Brooks, Asics, New balance • Register, Pin, Chip • space for prototyping and promotion • Wrap, Bags Storage Miscellaneous detail A 3200 • Phone, PC, ADSL • Services control • Bin get glimpse of 3) Product – Shoes: 15-20m2 7) Storage: 10-12m2 the upper floor • Running, Amateur and pro Shoes, Spikes • Shoes, Clothing, Misc • Shelves and displays • Maintainance supplies • Supply via main entrance 4) Product – Miscellaneous: 22m2 8) Staff Area: 14m2 • Assecoires: Socks, Laces, Spray • Administration B B‘ ^ ^ detail B • Gadgets: (pulse) Watches, GPS, Glasses • Relax: couch, table, tv • Food: Sportdrinks, -bars, bidons • Kitchen • Clothing: Suits, Thermowear, Gloves • Toilet • Wardrobe 2500 artificial light Miscellaneous display East entrance closed look at prototypes 3200 ^ ^ A Ground Floor 1:50 N Facade Fragment 1:20 detail B: facade meets floor 1:2 Materials Runaway: leave an athlete - shopping process South entrance closed Prototypes display Jasper Moelker | 1178466 | TU Delft | Faculty of Architecture | BSc-6 | Retail | Running Shoe Shop | March 2006