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björn fries // daan font freide // jasper moelker
Boulevard side (north east)
River side (north west)
River side (south west)
Street side (south east)
Open perspective I
Open perspective II
Open perspective III
Stairs from boulevard
Public entrance
Entrance to sport domain
Section with exterior
Dwelling typologies in section
Roof garden
Wooden louvres represent dwellings
Aluminum louvres represent routing
Glass louvres represent sports
Louvre spacing distance reflects intensity of activity
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Living + Sport (educational project) - Maquette (Jan 2007)


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Assignment: Living+ is an exploration into possibilities for the integration of complementary
functions and housing. In a 40x40x40m volume the designer is triggered to develop new dwelling typologies through the mixing of functions.

Concept: Rather than cloakrooms the dwellings themselves should be the filter between the public domain and the sport domain. By positioning itself in the middle, the dwelling has new border conditions as an interface to both the public as well as the sports domain. This makes the program of the dwelling dependent of its adjecent domain so that new typologies arise: 'arena', 'stand', 'club' and 'window'. Subtile transitions between the functions are made through order of the intensity of an activity. This is also expressed in the routing and the facade - in the spacing of the vertical louvres. The program itself is reflected in the materialization of the interior and the facade.

This project was designed as educational project within the Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences master program (1st semester) at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

Team: Björn Fries, Daan Font Freide, Jasper Moelker

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Living + Sport (educational project) - Maquette (Jan 2007)

  1. 1. living+ sport björn fries // daan font freide // jasper moelker
  2. 2. Boulevard side (north east)
  3. 3. River side (north west)
  4. 4. River side (south west)
  5. 5. Street side (south east)
  6. 6. Open perspective I
  7. 7. Open perspective II
  8. 8. Open perspective III
  9. 9. Stairs from boulevard
  10. 10. Public entrance
  11. 11. Entrance to sport domain
  12. 12. Interior
  13. 13. Section with exterior
  14. 14. Dwelling typologies in section
  15. 15. Arena
  16. 16. Roof garden
  17. 17. Wooden louvres represent dwellings
  18. 18. Aluminum louvres represent routing
  19. 19. Glass louvres represent sports
  20. 20. Louvre spacing distance reflects intensity of activity