Video Creation Tips For Fast Authority Traffic


Published on Find out how to crush it with video marketing and bring in tons of traffic to your website plus much more

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Video Creation Tips For Fast Authority Traffic

  1. 1. Video Creation Tips For Fast Authority Traffic
  2. 2. No part of this course may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever, either electronic, or mechanical,including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system without express written, dated andsigned permission from the author. All copyrights are reserved. DISCLAIMER AND/OR LEGAL NOTICES The informationpresented herein represents the views of the author at the date of publication. Because technologies and conditionscontinually change, the author reserves the right to change and update his opinions based on new conditions. Thisproduct is for informational purposes only and the author does not accept any responsibilities for any liabilities ordamages, real or perceived, resulting from the use of this information. While every attempt has been made to verify theinformation provided herein, the author and his affiliates do not assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies oromissions. Any slights to people or organizations are unintentional. EARNINGS DISCLAIMER None of the strategies in thisproduct will work unless you take action. Knowledge is useless without action. Reading these pages alone will producesimilar results to not reading them at all, if you don’t follow them and take action.You May Give This Report Away [Do Not Edit It]There are several advantages of creating videos, once you getover the technical and fear hurdle you may find that its yourfavorite form of promoting yourself and creating high qualitycontent which can be sold at a higher price, I explain more inmy free internet marketing membership site.Creating videos is one of the easiest and fastest ways to gettraffic online. The great thing about videos is that they areauthority builders... meaning that you instantly generate moreauthority with a video than you would with an article. Thereason for this is that viewers get to see who you are or at thevery least get a sense of who you are from your voice.Your first few videos may be shaky and you may be quiteuncomfortable like I was... but after you do them for a fewmonths youll find that they become easier and more fun. Agood way to get good at videos is to start off with screen
  3. 3. capture and then powerpoint or other presentation softwareand finally live action videos.For screen capture videos I recommend Camtasia for PC orScreenflow for Mac although there are some good free andlow priced solutions that you may want to start out with.When you move on to live action videos you should go witha simple video camera like a flip or Kodak Zi8, theyre fastand easy to use plus they can be easily uploaded to yourcomputer even YouTube within minutes.Finally, youll also want to plan out what you will say in yourvideos I like to start out with my name and website thenexplain 1 to 3 points and finally end by making a call toaction to go to my website to learn more about the topic.I have more information Id like to share with you aboutvideo marketing to get that information please go and sign upto get free lifetime access to my internet marketingmembership site at http://cashquickstart.comThanks, I look forward to hearing about your success! - Jeff Bode
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