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PPT presentation from Findability seminar presented at Mitchell College, September 2, 2012

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  1. 1. FINDABILITYGet Your Manufacturing Business Visible on the Internet Presented By
  2. 2. Agenda9:00-9:50 Manufactured in North Carolina9:50-10:00 Break10:00-10:50 Effective Websites for Manufacturing Companies10:50-11:00 Break11:00-11:50 Internet Marketing Strategies for Manufacturing Companies
  3. 3. A Free Listing Service and Marketing ProgramMANUFACTURED IN NORTHCAROLINA
  8. 8. MANUFACTURED IN NORTH CAROLINA 90% $4K - $12,000 Of all industrial The estimated cost buyers go online to to create a small search, qualify and website for a evaluate suppliers manufacturer 50% 0 Of industrial suppliers The amount of exposure are chosen based solely you may receive even on the supplier’s after spending that website much moneyReferences: (ThomasNet, ThomasNet, Parker)
  12. 12. MANUFACTURED IN NORTH CAROLINA• Catawba County EDC• NC Rural Center• NC State University Industrial Extension Service
  15. 15. MANUFACTURED IN NORTH CAROLINAN D J F M A M J J A S O N D 20 50 100 300 500 Site Expanded Site Expanded to Include to Include All Neighboring NC Counties Manufacturer Beta Site Launched for Goal of 1,000 Catawba Signed-Up County
  16. 16. MANUFACTURED IN NORTH CAROLINA• Provide a free “listing service” for North Carolina manufacturers• Strengthen your companys online presence and expand your visibility to the world• Better sell your manufacturing capabilities to prospects• Generate new leads and sales opportunities
  17. 17. MANUFACTURED IN NORTH CAROLINA Typical North Carolina Manufacturer
  18. 18. MANUFACTURED IN NORTH CAROLINA North Carolina Manufacturer with MNC
  19. 19. MANUFACTURED IN NORTH CAROLINA• Currently more than 500 North Carolina manufacturers listed• Fortune 500 to “Mom and Pop”• Since January 1st, more than 13,000 unique site visitors – 126 countries – All 50 states
  20. 20. MANUFACTURED IN NORTH CAROLINA How can you participate? Enroll online now Connections – talk it up, show it off MORE connections – link your existing website with or even their profile on MNC Suggestions/Improvements – you know what would best benefit your company
  21. 21. MANUFACTURED IN NORTH CAROLINA• Beginning to see individual MNC company "profiles" showing up on the first or second page of Google Search results• Searchers are beginning to make real connections with North Carolina manufacturers• Listed companies engaging with one another
  22. 22. Security surveillance equip. Composite watercraft Custom printing Custom manufactured signs Industrial/Automated Industrial/Automated Labels/Packaging machinery Industrial filtration machinery Architectural metals/frames Aerosol spray cans Custom cabinetry Custom upholstered Custom printing furniture Sport/Casual hosiery Plastic packaging Spiral paper cores Artificial flowers/treesHydraulic hoses Packaging/Bottling products Custom machine shop Upholstered leather furniture Custom machine shop: workholding Electro-magnet: Sheet metal fabrication workholding Water treatment chemicals Custom printing Extruded components Industrial/Automated Industrial wheels/casters Fiber optic components machinery
  23. 23. MANUFACTURED IN NORTH CAROLINA• Highly optimized site ranks profiles high on Google, Yahoo, Bing• Invest $400,000 in Internet advertising to promote the site and the companies listed
  24. 24. MANUFACTURED IN NORTH CAROLINA• Takes about 10 minutes to sign up and build a company profile on MNC
  25. 25. MANUFACTURED IN NORTH CAROLINA• Participation requirements: – Manufacturing or manufacturing-related company – Physical manufacturing presence in North Carolina – MNC does review all applicants to ensure they meet these criteria – Willing to expand the meaning of “manufacturing- related” to a reasonable degree, but will not include retail, restaurant or consulting services
  27. 27. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES10090 < $1 MM80 < $100 MM70 $100 MM +605040302010 0 2000 2005 2010
  28. 28. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES• The majority of manufacturing companies – even the very small ones – have a website• The majority of these website – even sites associated with very large companies – are Web 1.0 technology… an on-line brochure• Lead generation is the number one objective of most manufacturing and industrial company Websites…
  29. 29. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES• A vast majority of your site visitors are not ready to buy on their first visit• Visitors are not likely to interrupt their online activity to pick up the phone and call you• Very few visitors if any will take the time to fill out a complex RFQ form, or even a RYSM form
  30. 30. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES But, their existingWebsites have little to no lead generating capability
  31. 31. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES“Well, we don’t want towaste our time with tire kickers.”
  32. 32. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES• Studies show the vast majority of those “tire kickers” will go on to buy from someone else within 6-10 months• Have a mechanism in place to weed out unqualified prospects and move qualified ones into some kind of a lead nurturing program
  33. 33. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES• Add a “live chat” feature – This can be a static button throughout the site but should pop open when a visitor has been on a product’s page for 30 to 40 seconds – Do they need help finding the right part number? – Do they need assistance with an application?
  34. 34. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES• Add a big button to download your online catalog – Try to put this above the fold – You can make this content ungated (doesn’t require registration) to help visitors specify your products long after their first visit – Add a simple order form if you publish a printed or CD version of your catalog
  35. 35. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES• Use a mix of free and gated content to qualify and nurture your visitors – For example, product catalogs, datasheets and application notes can be ungated – Technical articles, white papers and case studies would require basic registration information – name, company name and email address – Online demos, samples, and webinars should ask for more information (progressive profiling)
  36. 36. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES• Try adding an option to your Contact Us form for someone to call them – Monitor how many visitors select that option – Test to see if your conversion goes down if you make that field mandatory
  37. 37. EFFECTIVE WEBSITESEngagement
  38. 38. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES“Can we do it ourselves?”
  39. 39. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES• Free or very low-cost Website options for small manufacturers – Google Sites – Surprisingly powerful and full- featured, but difficult to get professional-looking results – (HTML5) – Easy “drag-and-drop” design, good- looking, difficult to customize, integrated blog – 1and1 – Easy “drag-and-drop” design, very difficult to customize – GoDaddy – Easy “drag-and-drop” design, very difficult to customize
  40. 40. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES• Websites based on a dynamic blog content management system (CMS) – WordPress – Joomla! – Drupal
  41. 41. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES Building or redesigning a company Website as a blogsite is increasingly becoming the preferred method for many industrial and manufacturing marketers
  42. 42. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES• Creating a fully integrated blog site would mean maintaining and updating just one online marketing asset versus two or more• With a built-in content management system (CMS), it is much easier to add new content and pages
  43. 43. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES• On-site search engine optimization (SEO) is much easier to do by adding new posts using long tail keywords and deep linking to specific product pages within your company’s site• The value or authority of your domain increases whenever another site links back to the blog that is part of your main domain
  44. 44. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES• User experience is significantly improved when they can move seamlessly between your site pages and the blog• Monitoring, tracking and measuring is a lot easier when you use one set of Web analytics for both the site and the blog
  45. 45. EFFECTIVE WEBSITES• Organizing content in a searchable format is much easier using blog categories and can be set up to offer related content for more up- selling and cross-selling opportunities
  46. 46. The Engagement Approach to Effective Internet PresenceINTERNET MARKETING STRATEGIESFOR MANUFACTURING COMPANIES
  47. 47. INTERNET MARKETING Outside Sales Inside Print Sales Advertising Sales/Marketing Mix Online Customer Marketing Service
  48. 48. Internet Marketing• How is your Internet presence structured?• What are your objectives?• Who is/are your target audience(s)?• What Internet tools allow you to most effectively engage with that audience?• What role will SEO and PPC play?
  49. 49. INTERNET MARKETING Twitter LinkedIn Blog EmailFacebook Website YouTube
  50. 50. INTERNET MARKETING LinkedIn Twitter EmailFacebook Blog YouTube [Website]
  51. 51. Internet Marketing• What are your objectives? – General information source – Build your brand (confidence) – Sales – Customer Service (after-sale) – Investor relations – Employee relations/Recruiting
  52. 52. Internet Marketing• Who is/are your target audience(s)? – Based on your objective – Will most likely have more than one – Don’t forget industry sectors; not all alike
  53. 53. Internet Marketing• What Internet tools allow you to most effectively engage with that audience? – Blog (centerpiece or pointer) – Social media – Email marketing
  54. 54. Internet Marketing• Blog Tips & Techniques – Be sure your company has the time and talent before committing to a blog-centric Internet presence – Absolute minimum of one post (300-500 words) weekly; two recommended (2-3 hours) – Don’t forget relevant pictures – Process screening procedure – Edgy gets views; but edgy makes management well… edgy
  55. 55. Internet Marketing• Social Media Tips & Techniques – Not all types of social media are effective for all types of business – Most manufacturing companies will want a mix – Done correctly, not as time-consuming as you think – At a minimum, should be monitoring
  56. 56. Internet Marketing• Facebook – Most effective for manufacturers who are closer to the end-user – Can be effective for brand-building and public relations – Tends to skew younger and with less substantive content (lifestyle)… but that is changing
  57. 57. Internet Marketing• Twitter – Can be used as either a “broadcast medium” or as a tool for lead, prospect and customer engagement – Broad range of demographics – Short, concise entries; but needs to be carefully monitored – Visual capabilities improving, but still primarily a text-based format
  58. 58. Internet Marketing• LinkedIn – Has become the domain of choice (but not exclusively) for headhunters, job seekers and consultants – Best suited for individuals, not companies – Company profiles/Groups
  59. 59. Internet Marketing• YouTube – Most business people think of YouTube as a repository of music videos and clips of cats – Actually quite a lot of business-related content – Although there is some interaction; primarily a broadcast medium – How-to videos, Product demonstrations – Somewhat cheesy production is okay, where it might not be for a Website or sales presentation
  60. 60. Internet Marketing• Email Tips & Techniques – Can be a great automated lead nurturing tool – Can also be your worst enemy – Easy to do; Easy to do wrong – Constant Contact – Powerful, expensive – Mail Chimp – Good, free
  61. 61. Questions? John B. 704-657-7007
  62. 62. Thanks Your for Your ParticipationThunkTank Corporate Training is a joint venture of Mitchell Community College and Stateville Regional Development