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2012 Summer Meeting


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Presentation by Michael Smith and John Marek at Statesville Regional Development\'s Committee of 100 Summer Luncheon

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2012 Summer Meeting

  2. 2. 2nd Quarter 2012• Working Several Good Opportunities• Existing Industry Activity Particularly Strong – Especially Automotive Sector• Continued Emphasis On Business Development Missions• Product Development Has Become A Priority
  3. 3. Project Activity3025 201120151050 J F M A M J J A S O N D
  4. 4. Business Development
  5. 5. Business Development• FONC Experience North Carolina Event; May 6-8• Brazil Business Development Trip with CRP; May 12-19• North Carolina General Assembly Reception; May 29th• NCEDA Annual Conference; June 26-28
  6. 6. Michael Smith Brazil TripWith Charlotte Regional Partnership
  7. 7. NCEDA Annual ConferenceMichael Smith Named Secretary/Treasurer Of The NCEDA Board
  8. 8. Product Development• Increasing Number Of Opportunities Which We Must Decline Or Submit Properties Which Do Not Fully Meet The Selection Criteria• Shell Building Sale Greatly Has Limited Our Ability To Compete With Neighboring Communities For The Most Desirable New Projects• At A Glance It Appears We Have Plenty Of Land And Buildings Available; But Land Is Not Developed And Many Buildings Are
  9. 9. Product Development• 75,000 SF Building With 20 Foot Ceilings Within An Hour Of Charlotte – What Are Our Options?• 50 Acre Developed Site With Electric, Gas And Road Infrastructure In Place Within One Hour Of Charlotte – What Are Our Options?• Last Week; Client Looking For 75,000 SF Existing Building With Minimum 18 Foot Ceiling, 20 Preferred – What Are His
  10. 10. Product Development
  11. 11. Product Development
  12. 12. Product Development
  13. 13. Product Development
  14. 14. Product Development Catawba County Rowan CountyCleveland County Regional Competitors Aggressively Pursuing Gaston County Community-Supported Product Development Chester County Keep Up Or Risk Being Left Behind
  15. 15. Business Development• Current Product DevelopmentOpportunities –New Statesville Site Near Statesville Business Park •Considering Certified Site Program –New Troutman Site Near Exit 45 •Duke Energy Site Readiness Program –Hawk and Cardinal Sites At Statesville Regional Airport
  16. 16. Business Development• Current Product DevelopmentOpportunities –Shell Building #2 •Location To Be Determined
  17. 17. 2Q - Announcements• Project Bar1 – Existing Company Investing $23 Million In New Equipment And Building Upfit; Currently Under Way• Project Real – Existing Company Investing $18 Million In New Equipment And Building Upfit; Starting Within 90 Days• Project Gavroche – Exisiting Company Received Rural Center Building Reuse Grant To Assist With The Re- Develoment Of A Former Textile Facility To Advanced Manufacturing; Starting Within 90 Days
  18. 18. 2Q Announcements• Summary – Continuing Positive Momentum ! – Three Major Announcements – $44 Million in New Capital Investment – 25 New Primary Jobs Created – 250,000+ Square Feet of New, Upfit or Re- Developed Space
  19. 19. 2Q - BR|E Highlights• 38 Visits to Existing Industry• Expansion Activity is Unprecedented• 31 Cases Referred to Local, County and State Partners• SHARP Award At Dixie Seating
  20. 20. Existing Industry Visits2520 2011151050 J F M A M J J A S O N D
  21. 21. Existing Industry Cases16141210 201186420 J F M A M J J A S O N D
  23. 23. SHARP Award At Dixie SeatingNorth Carolina Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry Presented Dirk BakerWith Prestigious Safety Award. Only 80 Companies In North Carolina AreSHARP Certified.
  24. 24. Marketing Highlights• Print Advertising• On-line Advertising• Media Relations
  25. 25. Charlotte Economic Development Guide Ad
  26. 26. Online PromotionPrint Ads Also Have Online ComponentWebsite/Social Media
  27. 27. StatesvilleRegion.com35030025020015010050 0 J F M A M J J A S O N D
  28. 28. Media Relations• Continue To Maintain An Excellent Relationship With Local Radio, Television And Print Media• Generally Positive Coverage Of Local Manufacturing And Distribution Companies
  29. 29. THANK YOUFor Your Continued Support
  30. 30. Today’s Guest Speaker Director of the EconomicDevelopment Partnership at NC State University Thomas J. White