Best Dashboard Dashcam Cameras


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Large Selection Of The Best Dashboard Dashcam Camera Systems and In Vehicle Video DVR Recorders.

Specializing in automobile cameras for cars, truck cameras and in vehicle video DVR recorders for RV's, Boats and all in car dashboard and windshield mount video cameras.

Large selection of dashcam cameras for car, truck, boat and RV. In vehicle dashcam cameras, black box recorders and DVR with GPS, night vision and audio capabilities.

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Best Dashboard Dashcam Cameras

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  2. 2. Quality_G_igs12 About Us • If you are looking for the best dashcam cameras to install on the dashboard of your car, we have several choices for you. In car camera systems with DVR are usually 720P or 1080P and HD or high definition. With a Digital video recorder for your car or other vehicle, you can capture whatever you can see around you or through the windshield while you are driving. • In the United States, police have been using dash cams for decades to record evidence at traffic stops. Now the technology has begun to catch on among civilians. Ever since the Russian dashcams captured the streaming meteorite and uploaded to YouTube, Dashcam cameras are in demand.
  3. 3. Quality_G_igs12 About Us • The dashboard-mounted cameras record the sights and sounds while the car is driven, providing actual driving footage to document what happens on the road or in the car. While no company yet offers an insurance discount for adults who have installed a camera, at least one sees the value in monitoring new drivers and has lowered rates.
  4. 4. Quality_G_igs12 The Future & Dashcams • In 2015, all vehicles being manufactured will be outfitted with these car dashboard video recorders, also called EDR (Event Data Recorders). Today, consumers are purchasing these as safety devices for use as eye witness accounts of any accidents, as well as capturing events happening on our roads and highways. • DVR is short for Digital Video Recorder & we'll show you choices and reviews for buying an in car digital video camera to mount in your car, truck or recreational vehicle, and what the benefits are to you in terms of safety, excitement, legal issues or just plain fun in showing others what was captured on digital video through your windshield while traveling.
  5. 5. Quality_G_igs12 The EDR & its Importance • Despite being called a "black box," an EDR is usually small and silver. It records data from a variety of sensors in a vehicle and is typically attached to the vehicle's floor. But EDRs can also be mounted to a car's steering column, firewall or other out-of-the-way location. When a crash occurs, an EDR captures and stores information about the incident. • A digital video recorder for car is the perfect way to ensure that justice will be done. With such a gadget you’ll never have to look for witnesses if you get into an accident — the record will show you were right! The car camera video recorder has become so popular, that drivers from all around the world buy them every day. They have seen all the benefits and don’t need any other reasons.
  6. 6. Quality_G_igs12 The Benefits • There are several benefits to installing in car video recorders. You can record whatever you see and upload it to your online account or YouTube. These videos can be used as evidence in any legal matters concerning accidents or crimes committed which are recorded live as they happen. If you are vacationing, digital video recorders on your dashboard make an excellent electronic video memory picture album of your trip.
  7. 7. Quality_G_igs12 The Benefits • The newest DVR cameras for vehicles are mounted on your dashboard , windshield or hidden, and can record 360 degrees around your vehicle. There is also an option on these DVR cameras for night vision recording and GPS tracking and locating. The popular black box recording camera systems have everything you would need for complete eyewitness testimony, including GPS tracking, time stamping, speed , distance and all vehicle movements, along with what is being recorded in the lens. The extra features can operate even without the camera in record mode.
  8. 8. Quality_G_igs12 Quality • The most important point is the workmanship of the lens which has direct relation to the quality of the car video recorder. Now the latest HD player only supports the resolution of 1920 x 1080 which means 2 Mega Pixel will be enough for your car DVR. Second point is about the shooting angle. When a car passed from the front the DVR may have no way to shoot if the angle is too small. Nowadays the shooting angle of a car DVR varies from 70, 90, 120, 140. A lens with 140 degree viewing is considered good. Sources:
  9. 9. Quality_G_igs12 Angles • If the shooting angle of the car DVR is larger, there is less of what is called a dead zone to record. This is why a wide lens is used. The dead zone is black space recorded after the image has passed out of the range of the lens. If you want to make sure that you are recording every angle, you should investigate the 360 degree angle DVR systems.
  10. 10. Quality_G_igs12 How EDRs are used Today • Mention the term "black boxes" and most people think of airplanes — and, unfortunately, airplane crashes. In the wake of a crash, the event data recorder (EDR), which is the technical term for a black box, gives aviation authorities clues on what went wrong. What many people may not realize is that an EDR is also present in most modern vehicles, where it also records crash data that's used in various ways.
  11. 11. Quality_G_igs12 To get the BEST Dashcams… Visit us! http://bestdashcamcame /watch?v=YSWLBZWZeSQ /watch?v=f6EYWgHd-pg