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WP Media Startup Culture


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This is the Vision & Culture of WP Media

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WP Media Startup Culture

  1. 1. Vision & Culture
  2. 2. Our Vision Why we exist? What we do?
  3. 3. OUR VISION WHY We are building a great company, that helps people create faster websites do we exist?
  4. 4. OUR VISION WHAT We build software and services which improve website performance to ensure that websites load fast or for some people on slow connexion simply load. we do?
  5. 5. OUR VISION Why we do that? ie Why a fast website is important? For website owners Loading Time is valuable and we are helping hundred thousands of people accomplishing their goals: ● Having more visitors ● Better user experience ● Higher conversion ● Better sales ● Growing their business
  6. 6. OUR VISION Why we do that? ie Why a fast website is important? For website visitors Time is valuable ● We are giving time to millions people who are visiting faster website. Which is the most valuable thing. ● We are providing at the end access to websites to people with very poor connexion. Websites which couldn’t be loaded could be loaded thanks to us
  7. 7. Our Values How we work? How we achieve that mission?
  8. 8. Committed to Transparency #1
  9. 9. Committed to Transparency There is no place for hiding information from our team and our users. More information leads to better decisions.
  10. 10. Always be fair (and nice) #2
  11. 11. Always be fair (and nice) Fair decisions, actions with our team, users, partners and competitors.
  12. 12. Users first #3
  13. 13. Users first We always do what is the best for our users. We provide exceptional support to our users.
  14. 14. Team Trust #4
  15. 15. Team Trust Our team is the most important key to our success. Each voice is important. WP Media trust you to take the best decision. No need for policies/rules for everything.
  16. 16. With Trust comes liberty #5
  17. 17. With Trust comes liberty You can work from the place you want, we don’t count hours and holidays. We trust you.
  18. 18. We are all Owners #6
  19. 19. We are all Owners Trust, and liberty comes because we have responsibilities which require accountability.
  20. 20. We are all Owners Act as a leader and an owner Be an example for your teammates
  21. 21. We are all Owners Act in WP Media’s best interest When it comes to the company expenses, spend it like if it was yours.
  22. 22. We are all Owners Transform yourself, your teammates and the company Train yourself, learn, help your teammates to grow, and contribute to transforming the company
  23. 23. It’s ok to fail #7
  24. 24. It’s ok to fail We can make mistakes, we always fail at a point. It’s important to recognize that we failed and to not do the same mistake twice
  25. 25. Better done than perfect #8
  26. 26. Better done than perfect It’s important to ship and produce, even if sometimes it’s not perfect.
  27. 27. Be serious without taking ourselves too seriously : let’s have some fun! #9
  28. 28. Be serious without taking ourselves too seriously : let’s have some fun! We are and we aim to be A players. But that doesn’t mean our job and attitude need to be boring.
  29. 29. Be humble #10
  30. 30. Be humble Yes we are a great company with big goals but we don’t need to be arrogant.
  31. 31. You are important #11
  32. 32. You are important Diversity Matters We strongly believe that diversity of sex, sexual orientation, culture, religion, etc is a good and an advantage for our company. Whoever you are, you will always be welcome in WP Media
  33. 33. You are important Life work, balance Matters If you are not good in your personal life you won’t be good in your work. Take time for you and your family.
  34. 34. You are important Wellness Matters We have only one life and one body. Take care of you and your body.
  35. 35. It’s always a team effort #10
  36. 36. It’s always a team effort There is no place for ego.
  37. 37. OUR VALUES Committed to Transparency Always be fair (and nice) Users first Team Trust With Trust comes liberty We are all Owners It’s ok to fail Better done than perfect Let’s have some fun! Be humble You are important It’s always a team effort